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This story is a sequel to Story Time With Zecora or How Twilight Turned Every Pony Bald

The Cutie Mark Crusaders think that Discord has a pretty easy life. Zecora tells them otherwise, in yet another story.

Third story of the Story Time series.

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5737239 Good to hear from you again Milord {Bows}. It's been awhile.

Wow! This was incredible and fun to read. Thanks for a great rhyme, which you do on a dime. :yay:


You are most cordially welcome, :pinkiesmile:
believe me, it's not easy, :applejackunsure:
to come up with rhymes, :rainbowlaugh:
both punny and cheesy, :derpytongue2:

but to make readers happy, :twilightsmile:
I'll work without rest, :twilightoops:
two days on the popular list?!? :rainbowderp:
You guys are the best!!! :raritystarry:

5741462 Thanks so much, I appreciate it a bunch! ^_^

This fic has been popping up on my sidebar for days,
So I finally gave it a chance and was truly amazed,
Never have I laughed so loud, long, and free
(The only downside--I was reading this in a library :trollestia: )

Beautiful, hysterical, adored it! :rainbowlaugh:

Finally got around
to finally read this story.
Of all your rhyme-stories it's paramount
it's glory.

Letting them rhyme in the end
as Zecora's wish
was incredibly humorous,
it was outlandish.

and once again
you have proven humour and skill
writing excellent short-stories
with Zecora's quill.

Fantastic short story, my friend. It's a shame these gems of you didn't get featured and I really think you outdid yourself with this one. :twilightsmile:

So she doesn't have to rhyme anymore? :derpyderp1:

5853203 Not forever, just for a week. Until Discord challenges her again.

And yet you still have to disappoint, just waiting for new stories is a pain in the joints!

Soz for de waits,
new story is flowing,
but when I think I'm near finished,
the darn thing keeps growing,

it was going to be short,
just 4 or 5k,
I'm now 17k in,
and there's more on the way,

but it can't take much longer,
at least so I think,
as soon as it's up,
you'll see the link.

Silver rhymes with chilver- female word for lamb
Circle rhymes with hurkle- to draw ones limbs in
Orange rhymes with Blorenge- a hill in Wales
Purple rhymes with hirple- to walk with a limp

Shall I compare thee to Luna?
the ebon equine,
who in a form long since banished,
stole Celestia's sunshine?

Neigh, I shall not,
for thy words ring true and fair,
and at the end of the day,
I'm just full of hot air. :trollestia:

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