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  • TRot
    Discord's power was something that always frustrated Twilight. All that power, with no effort, no cost. So when Discord offers her a chance to learn his secrets, Twilight quickly agrees. Unfortunatly all things come with a price.
    Mister E · 5.6k words  ·  1,505  20 · 20k views
  • EGrowth
    Twilight Sparkle re-emerges from her seclusion. Her studies of the powers Discord forced upon her complete. Now as a newly formed creature of Chaos, how will she contend with daily life in Equestria.
    Mister E · 24k words  ·  599  22 · 7.4k views
  • TThe Longest Night
    Apple Bloom is finally old enough to be allowed to stay on the farm during the Long Night. A night that all ponies traditionally lock themselves inside before dusk. She's excited to be considered grown up enough to stay. Soon she will wish otherwise.
    Mister E · 22k words  ·  83  0 · 2.3k views
  • EReaping Ponies
    Twilight's latest mistake lands her and her friends in the afterlife. It was NOT what she expected.
    Mister E · 3.3k words  ·  144  5 · 2.7k views