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I'm mostly here to comment on other people's work, although I admit I read very slowly. As for myself, I am an animator and I live in South Africa


Things are hard in Ponyville for Fluttershy and Discord; mainly because of Discord. But when magic starts to go on the fritz and eventually starts failing altogether, it's up to the main six and the Draconequus to find out what's causing it and, more importantly, how to fix it.

This would be a lot easier if anypony trusted the King of Chaos to begin with, but with bigger problems on the horizon, some things will have to wait to be dealt with. Like trust. Or loyalty. Or friendship.

Of course, sometimes what we think isn't important to deal with right now, is exactly what's needed to prevent things from getting far, far worse.

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:pinkiehappy: This is really good so far! I had an idea to write a fic that went along the same lines as this, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. :twilightsheepish: But this is really well written and you write the characters very well for your first time! Keep up the good work! I can't wait to read more! What did Discord do??? :twilightsmile:

...I like where this is going.

More please!

i just have one complaint:MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz.

I could see Discord giving Twilight the middle paw !:trollestia:

Wow, that was actually...really good!
I think this will be one of the greatest Discord story on this website, and I can tell you, I read them all.
Also these chapters seems rather long, so I'm guessing we will only get two chapter a month or something ?

Thanks for all the nice comments guys! :heart:

Luigiluc. I'm not sure about updates. My life isn't too hectic right now so I'll have some time to work on this so it really depends on how my week goes. Updates might be a little erratic but hopefully I can keep it flowing pretty smoothly and quickly. That's ok right? It won't be too fast? :twilightblush:

may read. seems like it may be good so when i have time i might. also *steals art for collection* :rainbowwild:

That is some god damn good cover art. By mine, did you mean a piece you commissioned, or a piece you created?


I drew it myself :) I'm more of a drawing artist than a writing one :pinkiehappy:

3270770 Well, your art is amazing at any rate. Once I find the time, I shall read your story, but by the looks of it, it's probably fantastic.

Oh dear! Well, this magic loss certainly is a problem! And Twilight sure isn't happy with Discord yet. XD :twilightangry2:

THX for the ultra fast update! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Experience was starting to teach her that coincidences didn't really happen that often though.

There is no such thing as "coincidence". As Twilight said, if one being started having a specific problem then it could be something that being did on accident. If two beings have the same predicament then there is a very very slim chance that they both did that same thing to cause the same result, the chances become infinitely slimmer due to the fact that they are two different species reacting the exact same way to said stimuli. The fact that they are "immortals" with magical potential infinitely* greater than any other being (with a few exceptions) losing said magic means that there is NO coincidence whatsoever, and that some outside force is affecting them. If the super-powerful immortals are having their magic affected then all magic should be unusable to every being that is affected by magic, and that would cause mass panic. The immortals specifically seem to be being affected. At the very least, the immortals living in Ponyville, anyway.

Nice start to the story it is going in a interesting direction i can't wait to see where you go with this

Ah! So intense! Also, even I got a little frightened when Discord stood up to that lady. Seeing as he never takes anything seriously, she must have really, truly angered him. I want more of this story!!! :raritystarry:

Ogham Augur, is the leading researcher in the field of occult studies. He is the expert's expert on the subjects of peculiar cults, rituals and alternative worship within Equestria. If there is perhaps some connection there to what is currently happening to Equestria, he would be the pony to know.”

Why am I suddenly thinking in Call of Cthulhu?:twilightoops:

3265521 knowing Discord, he would have more than two paws

Okay, theory time. Ogham is (with the information we have) the only plausible villain.
Even if it's not him, here are a few possible reasons for the culprit/s to disrupt Equestria's magic:
1. Leaving Equestria vulnerable for an invasion.
2. Making Equestria a pure country, not relying on magic.
3. Feeding of the magic of everyone. (resurrecting evil beast)
4. PLOT TWIST: TRIXIE STEALING TEH MAGIC "I'm better than all of you now muahahahahaaha"
5. Un artifacto. Maybe cult using it with a machine?
6. ???
7. I'm out of ideas.

7 hypothesis. Your move internet.

3419880 I will reply to your theories like this:
Heh heh heh heh :pinkiehappy:

Really, really liking this. There are not a whole lot of "Discord post-reformation" fics that I think handle him the way he'd actually be; there's a lot of "he gives up chaos entirely" which, no, and a lot of "love completely derails his life" which, maybe, but not in the way it's usually portrayed, and some of "it's all an evil plot", which makes no sense, because if Discord wants to not get turned into stone all he has to do is NOT STAND STILL FOR IT; seems like the biggest threat to him is not the Elements of Harmony but his own overconfidence and general ADHD failure to observe details. :-)

In your fic, he's smart; he's an a-hole, but a useful one who knows what he's doing; he hasn't given up causing chaos, just on destroying people's lives with it; he doesn't actually really care that all of Ponyville hates him except to the extent that it impacts Fluttershy... in other words, he's not really a good person just because he's become a "good guy" (I use person rather than pony because he's not a pony), but he's not a bad person, just a jerk who's nonetheless loyal to his friends.

I also *really* liked the mental image of him struggling for two hours to make the spell work to allow him to ride in the luggage, because it gives us a picture into a very different character than how he presents himself. Discord behaves as if magic is mindlessly easy for him and as if he does everything he does on impulse; but actually, in your fic (and in how I see him), while he really is absurdly powerful, he puts a lot of knowledge and thought into his stunts, and then just makes it look like he didn't. I'm hoping to see more glimpses of "Discord the highly experienced mage" under his facade of "Discord the guy who just thinks of stuff off the top of his head and then snaps his fingers and it happens". Since everyone else's magic is mostly kaput and his works intermittently with effort, it seems like a perfect situation for us to be able to see more of that kind of thing.


Thank you so much for all the compiments, a lot of what you commented on was exactly what I'm trying to get across with his character, so it makes me really happy that you could pick up on those things :pinkiehappy: I sometimes feel Discord has a lot more potential for complexity than what people do with his in stories which is partly why I wanted to write this fic in the first place. Thanks for reading and I hope, if you decide to keep reading, you'll enjoy where this goes. :twilightsmile:

And that goes to every-one else who has been kind enough to read and comment so far too! :heart:

“One the one paw” ... Huh? You meant on the other paw I presume.

3443200 Actually originally it was "On the one hand" after which he says "But on the other." But seeing as its all ponies and stuff I used "paw". Sometimes I find the terminology a little tricky :twilightsheepish:

Yes, we totally have cicadas. :-) The year my son was born you couldn't drive a car without getting cicada guts all over your windshield. They were everywhere.

I don't see Discord as being too nice so much as maybe a little too subdued. He's actually been very calm throughout most of this story, but in the show he's kind of manic, even when he's supposedly in the process of being reformed. Maybe he's toned it down because now that he actually likes Fluttershy and wants to be her friend, he doesn't want to upset her, but he seems just a little bit too relaxed unless there's an explanation given at some point.

I actually could totally see the scene in my head where Discord is chasing the chipmunk all over the place and ends up with his muzzle in the tree. That's a very, very Warner Bros. image there. I take it he was going to shapeshift or warp physics and forgot his magic isn't reliable enough to make that happen on short notice anymore? :-)

Being inside his head is good for making sure he doesn't come across as "too nice", because we get to see at least some of the stuff he *would* have done if he'd had the power to do it, so it shows not as niceness but lack of opportunity.

Yep, we have them.
Discord is well done. I enjoyed this chapter. :yay:

3466818 Ah! yeah I think you're right and the problem is he's been too calm. There ARE reasons for it, but I think I've been overdoing it. Probably because I myself am not a hyperactive person, nor are any of the people I spend time with :twilightsheepish: That's probably why he felt strange to me in the last chapter. Maybe he just tried to behave himself in the palace :raritywink:

But thank you for pointing that out! I'll make sure to pay more attention to that from now on. Not so much as to derail how he's been acting or anything but I'll keep in mind he's different to how other characters I've handled are in that respect. (this is my first MLP fic after all so I'm still new to all these characters)

Thank you very much for the help!

....it's not too bad though right? It's not a complete train wreck right? :twilightoops:


Understood. I have an advantage there in that I'm not hyper myself but I know a *lot* of people who are, including my father, my brother and my son. :-) Discord might be feeling the effects of the magic drain more directly than the others; unlike ponies, who have magic, Discord more or less is magic and a lot of his excessively high energy levels under normal circumstances may, literally, be high energy levels. Being constantly infused with inordinately high levels of chaotic magical energy could make someone kind of manic. :-) So he may actually have been feeling kind of off since the story began.

But it's actually very good. I think that, aside from the issue with him being more subdued than normal, he seems very much in character, and everyone else seems fine to me. I also really liked how you handled the interaction with Pinkie. Some writers make the mistake of having Discord be thrown off balance by Pinkie, so something like her shoving cookie dough in his mouth would discombobulate him... which is entirely wrong; the master of *chaos* isn't going to be thrown off by Pinkie Pie. So when in your story she surprises him by stuffing cookie dough in his mouth, and he rolls with it and behaves like that was a perfectly reasonable thing for her to do... that seems absolutely right to me. :-)

Urgh, here in France, it's starting to get very cold. (so much wind)
I love how fast you write these chapters, while still keeping a good lenth/quality for them!:pinkiehappy:

Talking about Discord: I think you portrayed him well, as in the show, he seemed 'addicted' with his powers (seriously, he uses them every time he's on screen), but now that his powers are the same as the others (aka: 0), he must feel weak and depressed, so...more or less calm. (if that makes sense :twilightoops:)
Like usual awesome story, and don't worry about Discord, he really feels in character.

3468686 3469602 Thank you guys! :twilightsmile: It's really helpful! I started the next chapter and it's already going much smoother! Thank you very much for the support and input! And of course, thank you more than I can even say for reading my story in the first place! :applecry:

this is not a bad story im loving it so far! but can we take a brake and pay attention to celestia owning a book bound in leather.

such a great story! i am dieing to read the next chapter soon! and i wonder if at one point Discord will come to the rescue of someone :D

3481244 HAHAHAHA!! XDD omg you're totally right! I didn't even think of that! hahaha! Ok I'm keeping that in just for the hilarity of it!

Something tells me a giant insect shouldn't be doing so hot what with the lack of magic and all.

Square Cube Law is back with a vengeance!

3488490 3488671 I have a confession guys.... I love writing cliffhangers. :pinkiehappy:

dun dun dun!
oooh i wonder if changelings will come in at some point now :D

:raritywink: loven the story.

Well, this is interesting. "Discord is bored" has been done to death, but this is the first time an author has actually made me care about it. Probably has something to do with how you showed us through Fluttershy's POV, and how it's paced properly instead of being a quick and cheap way of setting up shenanigans.

2's an anomaly. 3's a trend. Rule 89 Twi.

I'm loving how Discord isn't completely without magic like the others. It just wouldn't seem right having him, a guy who can rise the sun and moon then set them in mere seconds of each other plus break all the laws of phisics, be TOTALLY powerless for this situation. Also you seem to have them all be very much in character for what they're doing which makes this all much easier to read as a fan of the show. In fact, it almost feels like I'm watching an alternate season 4 opener in a way. It's nice! I'm off to read the rest of the chapters now. Ta-ta.:pinkiecrazy:

Wonder why Discord was staring at the rainbow-less waterfall for so long instead of making a snarky comment about it right away?:rainbowhuh:

3543807 Thanks for the comments! I hope you like how this story goes. As for Discord's weird behaviour... he's putting a few things together. ALL WILL BE REVEALED! :raritywink:

3521269 Thank you for taking time to read through what I've done so far. I've recieved your e-mail and I'm working on the points you mentioned. Hopefully after smoothing it out and going over it a few more times I'll get it up to standard.
In the meantime, thanks for making the time to look it over :raritystarry:

Fantastic chapter! I eagerly wait for more. WHY AREN'T MORE PEOPLE READING THIS!?!:raritydespair:

And then she didn't turn to stone because the basilisk is just as affected by the lack of magic as they all are.

Really, you'd think they would have thought about that.

“Huh? Where?” Twilight slid to a stop to turn to her.
“Uhmmm....” Pinkie rubbed her chin, looking around the area before pointing a hoof. “This way! It was this way!”

Immediately thought of Dory from Finding Nemo :derpytongue2:

I can totally imagine that happening to Rarity! :rainbowlaugh:

Freaking cliff-hangers. :flutterrage: Why must you do this to me?! I was on the edge of my seat too! :fluttercry:

I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter! :pinkiesad2:

I would have suggested that it's a grown cockatrice, and that the one found in the Everfree Forest was just a baby.
Would have made the explanation less confusing. But I guess showing off Discord's knowledge of the wild was to be done somewhere.

Also, if you have some issues that keeps you from writting, don't worry: it really doesn't bother us to wait! :pinkiecrazy:

3641430 Aaw, you thought it was confusing? Really? :applecry: I actually didn't go with cockatrice because I wanted to do something a little different. :)

3638113 I suppose it's kinda hard when you've been conditioned to believe the world works one way to then keep in mind when things completely change :pinkiesmile:

3638024 I dunno man. I guess I'm just not cool enough :twilightblush:

Thanks for all the feedback guys! :heart:

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