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I'm mostly here to comment on other people's work, although I admit I read very slowly. As for myself, I am an animator and I live in South Africa


After Chaotic Neutral · 11:36am Mar 16th, 2015

My brain is seriously dying on me, but let's see if I can at least attempt to make a coherent blog post. :twilightblush:

So I finally finished Chaotic Neutral! Holy crap! :twilightoops: a full year and a half and I've finally finished it! I've written fics of similar length for other fanbases before, but it has never taken me that long! However, I can say that the fics I wrote before were not as polished, edited or worked on as Chaotic Neutral is.

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Why real life is slowing stuff down · 8:36pm Nov 25th, 2014

Hey there readers and... others? Maybe?

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Impact of Season 4 on story · 12:08am Nov 4th, 2013

Hey to those following my "Chaotic Neutral" story!
It's been revealed by now that Discord is going to be in Season 4 and by the sounds of it, probably one of the early episodes. This is great but it also means I have to think about how my story which is still being written will work in relation to Season 4.

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Just the facts · 1:58pm May 22nd, 2013

Hey there story people! :D C-Puff here.

So this is my FIMfiction account. I'm mostly here to read since I draw more than I write. Check out my dA thingy link if you want. :D

Well... that's it really. Just using this blog as a shoutout corner so I use my dA journal for... you know.. actually blogging.

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