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Spore is a game where people create their own race of creatures and modify the game to fit their liking. Most of these creations are weird and bizarre, as they come form the imagination, but did you ever think... how would they see us if they were able to meet us? Or maybe they would react better to a group of technicoloured ponies?

When Princess Twilight finds research suggesting that they aren't alone in the universe she decides to continue working on the project, but she doesn't do it alone. With the help of her friends and a mysterious visitor, will she find the answers she wants? Or will Equus get conquered for all it's resources? Read to find out

I made this to hopefully redeem myself from the other story I made... That was a horrible project.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 52 )

Looking good! More please!


Jesus Christ Celestia... Your paranoia is beyond Twilight. Oh... And project d... I see what you did there.

Thanks for all the support, I think I might make the next chapter come out to night


well if you had to deal with war for over 1000 years and chaos for the remainder before freedom i think you to would be as paranoid

You can do waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. But you'll get there.

really Voltz your my first dislike wow... i don't blame you but owww.... but i will try to do better then


I gave you a thumbs up. :P


but then who?... and now i feel embarrassed... umm can we continue this in PM's instead of public comments?


Maybe we should. To the tome of faces

sorry for the caps but its hard to find Spore fics these days..

If you need a proof-reader, drop me a PM.
Also, Great chapter! Although holding three different perspectives in such a short space is very confusing :derpyderp2:.


True True but I didn't want to skip their "preparations" because that's one of the things that other stories always seem to skip

This is actually really good.

Guys i'm so sorry for the massive chapter delay, but school started again and it's kinda interrupting my regular uploading sched so i hope i can at least upload new chapters weekly

Aliens will certainly put a monolith. :pinkiehappy:


They might... they might

4579766 Now the question is: ponies will going in space? :unsuresweetie:
Don't respond, i hate spoilers. :scootangel:


ok i won't tell you but here's the thing: I rely on reader feedback for the next chapters and events that take place, keep that in mind


I rely on reader feedback for the next chapters and events that take place

The Groxs will appear !? You know: the aliens warriors in the center of the galaxy.
Please make a reference. :rainbowkiss:


Wow... ok I know who the Grox are but wow...

4579999 :yay: HELL YAY :yay:
That's gonna be 20% more cooler. :rainbowkiss:


So... since I depend on feed back... please leave a comment suggesting what you want to happen next(only for the next chapter)

"Shining Armor?! your here?"
Should be You're

"Yeah Twi, the princess said for me to bring you strait to Canterlot Castle because she wants you to help with the preparations for the Gala tonight"
Should be Straight

You should capitalize "I" when a character is referring to themselves

There are a few more grammatical errors, but so far I like it


Thank You... oh my god I was waiting for the first critique... I will most definitely use all your suggestions and corrections

I love the story so far. Other than a few grammatical errors I have noticed, it's coming along very well. :pinkiesmile:


I'm glad that you like it FreezeFlame, but when you say a few grammatical errors pls. enumerate. Thank you

Wow, it seems that someone else plays Spore besides me. Nice. :rainbowkiss:


There are many more like us...

4648541 I ate everything in that game, if it was made of meat I ate it :3 in tribal stage I was peaceful just to mess with them, in city I blew em all up, in space I just messed around to no end. :rainbowlaugh:


wow... and I actually tried to get rich, I am rich in space stage now... but still wow... Imma try messing around with people

Spore was one of my favorite games since 2009, and although I spot plenty of grammar mistakes, the story is still thrilling and I look forward for more. :twilightsmile:

Gosh, it's been a while since I played spore. I always liked to make uo lore for the new empires I made. :pinkiehappy:But please keep up your good work.


You know it's people like you that keep authors like me writing, I mean if it weren't for the positive feedback I would've never written chapters 3 and onwards.


I appreciate everyone of you, and I will try to correct my grammar but I don't put much thought into it, and also I haven't fixed the issue with my proof reader.

I would also like to thank Sectoids for inspiring me to write this story, I would also like to give him a small poke. Sectoids... If you see this please... keep on writing bro...

looks interesting... added to my read later list until hopefully I get to it sometime soonish.
How long do you plan on making this?


Hmm... I never really thought of that... but I think it would be safe to end it when both races come to an alliance... but we'll see what I intend to reveal... I also plan on doing a World of Warcraft story but that for a later date

Ok halfway through reading right now,and something is kinda bothering me... but if the project if 50 years old, why was Luna around back then? Would have she been on the moon at that time?

Alright, I read it. First reaction to the story: Grammar issues. The first few chapters are the worst. Later chapters seem to be a lot better. The Gala stuff and really the first few chapters have some of the scenes explained several times over, as well as is in some of the later chapters... like that cut scene when rainbow dash actually flys up into her room to check on stuff after she finds out discord did some house cleaning... it is short and unnecessary.

Ignoring that stuff now, and I would say the actual storyline that seems to be present is pretty good. Not sure how I feel about twilight fainting... Equus has a very diverse sentient life sample, so such an encounter I think would be a lot less dramatic event than is portrayed. What is up with the Grox pony-like name, Terminal Velocity? Grox I think should be more Groxyer in their own naming conventions.

I think thats most of my first thoughts and issues with this. I hope it does not sound too discourging, because I would like to read more.

I feel like im reading a story written by a kindergarten. No offense but its to simple. Of course im going still going to read it.

rarity wished she made the right choice

Don't we all.like if you're playing a tell-tale game

sigh :ajsleepy: twilight faint's from an alien but this dosen't :fluttershysad: i am dissoponit

>Birdie Empire
I had a species which I called the Birdy Empire.
That's either an awesome coincidence, or you snuck into my house and onto my computer.

Judging by how I imagine them using your details given to us... I'm starting to lean further towards you sneaking into my house, you sneaky bastard.

6490214 well I really don't care. just don't take my stuff.

Im hurt good sir, I would never do such a thing

6493368 you better not touch my pinkie plushie either!

speaking of which, can we be expecting a new chapter fairly soon? i'm kind of antsy.

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