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Was given permission from the original author, Raja-Ulat, to revamp his original idea from Fanfiction.net. I didn't want to see it die. When Naruto makes a true wish, one from deep down in his heart, a little bit of magic pulls him from his world into another. In the new world, the child will form bonds that transcend realities. FEATURED! 8/30/15

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Interesting. If you actually wrote this, it has decent potential. You should get a beta/editor, though. There were some errors, but still, for the most part, this is good. Fav'd and liked, I want to see more.

I hope Celestia doesn't take out Kurama....I like him.

3404357 Same here if you can prove to him you don't want to use him for your own purposes he is quite a nice guy.

Comment posted by sonicfan21 deleted Oct 27th, 2013

would it be a possibility to make Kurama female? i would love to see a fanfic like that! allso iv added it to the anime crossover group

I kinda want to see more of this. How often can you do updates?:unsuresweetie:

Ah I remember this from FF. Very sweet, and not a complete overkill on "Naruto-kicks but-mane six harem-END". So did the previous writer put in on hiatus, or he let you have the reigns?

Yay :yay:, I can stalk this fic on BOTH websites now. :pinkiecrazy:

and now we're just waiting for their reaction to him being an omnivore:derpytongue2:

3492042 Or the reaction to a demon that can deck Canterlot with a flick of a tail or a Biju-Dama (If he feels like it)

I like this story, but hopefully you update faster next time :P

3492077 I plan for Kurama to have an important, yet limited role in the story. The best way to describe it is...intricate.


But! A few things just to clear things up;
1- Is Naruto going to go apeshit and wreck shit?
2- Please dont tell me that Kurama is going to be sealed away from Naruto forever?
And 3- I like this story :twilightsmile:

Bwahaha, adorable Naruto is adorable! :scootangel: I know the version of Naruto your working with is younger than most, is he not going to know jutsu like transformation and substitution yet?

So this brought mixed reactions from me. I like the fact that this story updated... but it took you nearly a month for such a short update. And a short chapter with - I wouldn't say horrendous, but it was worse than just plain bad - grammar. Still, a couple questions are floating around in my mind:

1) How is Naruto going to learn to be a ninja? Not like anyone in Equestria knows how to perform anything close, nor do they know exactly what chakra is.
2) How is everyone going to react to his sharp canines and fox-like appearance? His teeth alone say predator, and I can just FEEL the backlash coming in from ponies screaming about the little pony eating monster being raised in Ponyville.
3) How is the Kyuubi going to come in to play in all of this?

Oh, good, I remmenber this story in Fanfic, is in where the young Naruto is adopted by fluttershy, right? I really get dissapointed when that story stop updating :ajbemused:, but seen that a new version is up in here make me exited :pinkiehappy:, good job and in the personal I dont care at all about grammar and all that stuff, If I can understand it it´s fine :ajsmug:
By the way, it´s a Little different from the original version, right? they are some things that I dont remember watching back then :applejackunsure:

So... MOREEEE!:flutterrage:

Now you have me intrigued for the future. The relations between Luna and the Kyuubi will be something I look foreward to(romance maybe? :pinkiehappy:)

As for anything else...we will see.

I think that if Naruto by himself can get rid of Kurama's negativity in less than three or four years than being in a world of pastel colored ponies that preach the joys of the magic of friendship will make him be a nice "person" in a year or two.

Well good stories are always worth waiting for.:pinkiehappy:

I'm glad I was patient, cause you delivered with this chapter.

Kurama is best pony/tailed beast.

Hoping Kurama only did a transformation jutsu to look like an alicorn instead of becoming a full blown alicorn. I like Kurama as a giant fox.

As a said on fanfiction.net, SO glad to see this story again. Its not often we get to see a Naruto fic were he's a kid, it'll be nice to see him grow up in a positive environment for a change. :pinkiehappy::heart:

3771448 i think bijuu are technically energy monsters so form and flesh means little to them i mean kuruma used to be HUGE until he was split in half and even then he was still big so i don't think changing their form is a big stretch. though I agree 9-tailed fox form is the best.

3771480 Yes, but maybe it's an actual transformation and not just an illusion... What about Naruto's transformation jutsu? I think it should be just that, an actual transformation.

A how cute -w-
Very good kind Sir ;) Please more!
N: I actually prefer kurama as a fox

Just for a nice heads up, I'm hoping to have the next chapter done and up by next week, maybe sooner. And to the questions about Kurama, He is still a fox, but by definition, he is an energy construct, and should be fully capable of changing shape, especially on the mental plane.

I can't wait to see what happens.

Maybe Kurama Mode Naruto??? :pinkiehappy:

Please have Fluttershy notice Kurama's pain from being imprisoned so many times please, all he really needs is a friend, it was proven in the manga that was what he needed.

Heh, Diamond and Silver are going to learn not to mess with Naruto. Gotta wonder though, did Naruto already know any of the beginner jutsu at this time? He could have a lot of fun with the henge.

Hell yeah, some Jiraiya screen time! You don't see that too often. I wounder how things will go when Fluttershy confronts Kurama. Nice work :moustache:

i agree there isn't much of jiraiya but if you look there also isn't a lot of rock lee either in most fics ive gone through I would really like to at least see rock lee go there just to grow along with naruto theky both need it

You know, my biggest dislike of this story is that it is going to be another human bashing fic. Other than that, it's okay.

4002212 who the heck said anything about Human Bashing. The only one doing any of that is Kurama

Holy shit, I almost forgot about this story. Glad to see it still lives.

Yay for unexpected updates! :yay: Kinda wondering what the fox has planed... fox ears and tails for Naruto, or will it be something more sinister? Oh, and I can't wait for Luna to hear Kurama's story. She'll be able to understand his cynicism afterwards, the biju have been dealt a seriously crummy hand in life. :eeyup:

Fox would not force her hand. - Fox would not force her hoof.

3406941 I'm waiting for the day I see a Naruto/Star Fox/MLP story.

Looks like [REDACTED] is on to something.:ajsmug:

I started laughing when they thought that Madara would help them.

4732577 Let's just hope they don't summon him in any way at all, all of the tailed beasts working together couldn't kill him I doubt that the Mane Six could even stop him.

4766793 Nothing like that, I assure you. I have something much more interesting planned, and it involves Luna, and the moon of the Elemental Nations.

4768780 Nononnonononono, not the Infinite Tsukuyomi, not that!

4769825 again, nothing like that. What I was saying is that she can channel the power from the moon. And remember what is (or was) sealed within the moon of the Elemental Nations...

4769954 The Gedo Mazo/The Shinju's husk... (Don't blame me for thinking about the Infinite Tsukuyomi that is the first thing you think of when you think of using the moon in the Narutoverse)

Can't wait to see where you take this story. I love it! :scootangel:

Dat ending do.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh






Butt.............butt, glitches.


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