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Hey everypony my name is Silver Shield and Im a rookie writer in MLP:FiM huge fan of the show and I did liked the movie Equestria Girls


After the defeat of Madara and the Juubi Naruto gets sucked ina vortex onto a different dimension by the last breath of a jinchuuriki madara, stuck in a land unknown and nonsensical to him how will Naruto cope with his new life in the land where ponies roam

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Interesting enough read, the only things I can point out for you to improve on would be getting an editor or proof reading a little more. I don't really see why Kurama would care about gems, as he has no use for them. And I believe his main points were cynicism and rage, not greed. There were a few typos, not many but a few that stood out, below is one. :twilightsmile:

*gave hima headache that threatened his head to split in half. - gave him a headache that threatened to split his head in half.

I hope you continue this, and don't be to discouraged by the lack of views. A lot of people wont even look at a story unless it has a few chapters on it. Too afraid of investing their time in something that might never update again.

Another fun read, and I must admit to being curious about the time setting. If this is your second language I guess the amount of typos isn't all bad, guess it'll be like reading 'Rebirth of the Damned' in that I'll ignore a few words outa place and just focus on the story and plot. Here's hoping you have some interesting characters to introduce to us. :pinkiehappy:

This is what happens when Naruto is involved with this.

Well it was an interesting transition chapter, and you did a good job of describing the ponies looks and personalities. Good luck with the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Lets shed a tear for our brother's in ramen famen!

Cool new chapter can't wait a minute

Magic + Tailed Beast Bomb = Wasteland created

so when is he going to ponyville ?

From what we're seeing in this story so far, Naruto has arrived in the time before the three pony races united and the Celestial Sisters came into power. So from that, I don't believe that he'll be going to Ponyville anytime soon.

Holy crap, a fifth!

Nice chapter you have here. Naruto finally learns the basics of magic, and he will most likely discover more about the creatures of the world. And what's this? Kurama turning into a dragon perhaps? Interesting, will gladly wait for the next chapter to come. :moustache:

so naruto is basically starswirl the bearded right? if that's true will he appear in cannon equestria?

Holy Crap! Naruto as Star Swirl? That's a first. If he does make it to the future and meets the Mane Six, he's going to have a fan girlish Twilight to deal with! That should be good for a few laughs! Awesome story so far. I believe that this is the ONLY Naruto XFIM story there Naruto is a unicorn. I love it!

4330992 Maybe Naruto then ends up with a fake beard because he needs to counter-act the girly name, with a manly beard....

4331830 Naruto meets Twilight.... 'Now I know why Sasuke always ran away from his fangirls, in the academy...'

4333228 I would say that Twilight would be more composed about meeting her idol, but that would be a bold faced lie! Also if the comics are going to be involved in this story, Star Swirl and Princess Celestia have history together! Double comedy!

About my earlier comment, this story is the first to show a MALE Naruto as a unicorn. The first FEMALE unicorn Naruto story in my opinion would be The Truth of Bonds and Friendship by Gadman85.

oh you clever... :trollestia: Naruto is Star Swirl, i did not see that coming :pinkiehappy:

fangirl Twilight, now that's a scary thought, Naruto is going to need all of his ninja skills to evade this one :twilightblush:

:moustache:.....brilliant *puffs on pipe as I adjust monocle*

so is this going into modern equestria?

I know that this is an Alternate Universe fic, but I still have to wonder if Star Swirl (Naruto) will have a different reason for not completing the spell that Twilight will eventually complete (if there even is a spell he can't do). Also, from what I read in the comics, Star Swirl and Celestia were pretty much best buds. I don't know if that fact will be present in the story, but it would be interesting to see how these two interact with each other. I can't help but think of these two doing pranks together, lol.

Twilight and Bonbon are related?:rainbowhuh:

Hmm, a fun read but there are some typos. Nothing to bad, though I do recommend the use of more commas to both indicate breaks in the sentence and the end of spoken sentences that would otherwise end in a period. :twilightsmile:

Is it just me, or does Apricot look like a bit like Applejack and Apple bloom? And she's an earthpony to boot. :rainbowderp:

Um, is Twilight going to be related to Arcane Glyph? Their both unicorns, magic related cutie mark, and both are crazy about books! And their manes look similar! :trixieshiftright: and you AN (author note) says he and Ironblood and Pale Fire are important, wait, is Ironblood and Pale Fire related to a charter from cannon too? :rainbowderp:

cool idea with the star swirl naruto unicorn guy person thing.....what the fuck am i saying? :derpytongue2:

so since star swirl is naruto does he become discord?

Can't wait till he meets Princess Celestia and Luna.

soo much euphoria...

*foams at the mouth*


I like this chapter but when is Naruto going to meet the mane six

love how you made Naruto star swirl the bearded are you going to make him like discord later on? please at least try to have him meet the mane six

5302355 he is not, this is before the unification of the pony tribes

Yes! Perfect! More!

This story is so freaking GOOD.

the fact you made naruto starswirl BLEW MY MIND!!!

so please continue as soon as possible :pinkiehappy:

:ajbemused:it just suddenly hit me but how is Naruto(star swirl) going to live up to the point of modern equestria? :trixieshiftright:

that would make him older then Celestia...FREAKING CELESTIA.

you know....this pony ->:trollestia:

Dispight what I said before PLEASE make the next chapter as soon as possible I'm dying to know what happens next :raritycry:

It seems that this story is for a long time forgotten? In very a long time!

Anyone else wondering what will happen when Naruto meets princess sun-butt? :pinkiehappy:

Cool naruto as starswirl it will be cool if the mane 6 want to the past and meet naruto

RIP in pepperoni, never forgetti. -Ramen

I wish the author could hear me.

"pls fkn update..."

4507931 Could be their ancestress or something.

messy reddish orange mane, her tail was just as messy and she had a black pot with steam as her cutie mark "possibly her talent is cooking"

for some reason I think this pony might be related to pinkie pie

Is Kurama becoming discord?

Oh man, I can't wait to see if Naruto bumps into the real Starswirl or if there isn't one and he takes on the role as Starswirl and then meets Celestia and Luna too.

I LOVE this story!!! I am worried for the old fox though.... Dude has a spike in his skull!

Plz dont stop, please take the stage and continue its amazing

... Well this is an intriguing turn.

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