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He is the Spirit of Chaos.
She is the sole survivor of her world.
He is something new to her.
She is a lonely, creative soul.

During a simple chaotic stroll through the multiverse, Discord finds a sleeping girl in a space pod drifting in the void of space. A girl with a tragic past and nowhere to go and not a friend in her beautiful, lonely world; the reformed draconequus decides to give her refuge, by taking her to the one place that she'll be able to make all the friends she desires. The land of Equestria.

In a world where magic is real and she has no control over what happens, how can one lonely girl cope in a new environment not of her making, and her memories of a past she had long since forgotten.

Shelter/MLP crossover (though, there will be other universes added as well, with MLP being the main focus, obviously.)
And what inspired this story is this

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 91 )

I like where this can go, I'll have to watch for a while :)

Ha, a jackie chan adventure reference, nice. Lets see how this end up :pinkiehappy:

Obligatory musical reference GO!

Nice job so far. Eagerly awaiting more!

Very nice. I think I'll read this later.

Interesting, I'll keep an eye on this one.

Excellent start into the story so far. Curious to see how this goes. Discord will probably will surprised by Rin'so imagination if anything. Hmmmm maybe she won't believe he is real either like everything else in her simulation fantasy.

Man, you got my attention and my hope. Don't u dare burn them down.

wow. this is good. Keep up the good work.


I like where you have gone with the story so far, and I am looking forward to seeing where you are going to take us.

Here is a thumbs up and a tracking Arrow from

The Monk

I'm really enjoying your story so far, the only problem I have is the grammar. That's the only thing that needs work.

Alright I'm hook and looking forward to see this story advance.

How dare someone dislike this story!!!

If you Thumbs-Down a story, the least you could do is to leave a comment as to why. Also, I'n my opinion, if someone doesn't have the courtesy to leave a comment as to the reason, the Author should be able to delete that vote.

It only fair

And to be clear, Im not the Author

The Monk

So glad i found this! Such a great story so far. Can't tell you how many times I've watched Shelter, such beautiful animation. I'm curious to the other crossovers you said were gonna be in the story. Also curious with is which season does this take place in? Obviously it's after or during season 3 cause Discord is good, maybe season 6 with good Starlight Glimmer. Just a hunch but please keep writing!


Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy. As for your question, I really have no idea what season I'll have this take place, all that I know is that its after season 3; I'm making this a sorta multi-crossover, with most of the story happening in the MLP universe, since it is an MLP fic. The next chapter is in the works, as well, so be ready for that:pinkiehappy:

7992741 Awesome man. Don't over work yourself. Can't wait!

This story looks like it has potential.

May I ask, I can't really read this unless I know what you mean by using the tragedy tag. Are you referring to the tragedy in her past? or are you stating that the story will have a tragic end (The traditional meaning of the word)?

The story sounds interesting at a glance, but I don't like tragedies, could you please clear that up for me?

8029000 Watch this video, it is why this is a crossover and a tragedy.

8029071 ... Thank you, that was beautiful, no joke that was one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen, it was creative and wonderful in the most bittersweet sense.

...Although it kinda doesn't answer my question, I understood from the description that her backstory would be tragic, I am generally fine with this. What I was asking is if this was a tragedy in the traditional sense, that is it will have a tragic ending. An example of a traditional tragedy would be Romeo & jueliet, as both main characters die, The movie Titanic is also a tragedy in the traditional sense. I sometimes feel that a lot of Fimfiction users don't understand this distinction, and use tragedy where sad would have been adequate, so when I find an interesting looking story marked Tragedy, I feel the need to ask for this distinction.

Although after watching that, I feel the need to read this anyway, and just hope this ends somewhere happy. But some clarification would be nice.

Reading this, so far I like it, although I have a small quibble.

Didn't anyone notice the holes in her back? some of those wires and tubes were pretty big in the video, I'm surprised she wasn't bleeding.

That... that video made me bawl like a child. Thank you for that sir.

I haven't read this yet but I'm glad it was made.

EDIT: Because I posted this on the story page it ended up on the latest chapter, when I said I hadn't read it yet I meant the story.

Nice to see this story back.

But poor Rin, 2539 days, that's almost seven years she was enclosed inside her VR pod. No wonder she is confused, not only she is decrepit, but, even if the machinery feed her at minimals to maintain her vitals, she must have physically change in contrast of her mental perception. In fact I wonder if she is now an adult rather than a young teenager.

Found a couple mistakes.

whenever she read one of her sifi alien books


I don't even want to imagination.


All the power in the world is nice and all but she showed that being alone sucks the fun out of it like and emptying tub.

She has described the downside to immortality. Over time you distance yourself from other people until you feel alone. And you live on throughout all of eternity like that until you find someone else like yourself.

Thanks for pointing out the mistakes, it always helps to have another set of eyes:twilightsheepish:

I am very glad that the Author is continuing this story. It truly is a unique take on the HIE story. Please keep up the great work.

The Monk

What series is Korin from, is it the same series that Rin is from?

first rule of Mr. Popo's training: Don't talk about Mr. Popo's training.

As long its the Korin from DBZ abridged, this is ok, and funny.

Can someone tell me what series the girl is from


If memory serves, she's from this short anime-style film:

Thank you for this.

I could never get over how "Shelter" ended.

But now I will be at peace, with this as my official headcanon. :rainbowlaugh:

The Discription

...all the friends she desires. The land of Equestria.

should probably be turned into:

...all the friends she desires; the land of Equestria.

butbutbutbut BUTT
this is a suggestion, and should not be taken seriously
Just a nitpick I felt like sharing
because it bothers me

“Okay ...I guess it would be bad itf he got wet.”

Redheart is doing a really good job with Rin. Her condition isn't so far away from someone waking up from a long coma and so the first day are really hard on her body.

Anyway you surely picture Discord in a really kind way that Fluttershy would be proud of. And holy cow did you make me laugh when I realize you're crossing with the Dragon Ball universe for Discord finding a cure.

Found some mistakes.

I going to undo your gown

I'm going to undo your gown

her hid-legs


the relaxing message lull her


expect the message and her breathing

except / massage

And sudden everything got quiet


last time she shampoo in them

last time she had shampoo in them

she turned to her


and a unnecessarily large calendar


I like it how you are justifying Discords largely selfless behaviour under the pretext of fun.

I do wonder how much help senzu beans would be, it might cure her malnutrition and muscle atrophy, but she still grew up like this, so she will probably still be physically frail. Even after the senzu, if I was her doctor I would prescribe lots of exercise and good food for quite a while before she could be considered healthy.

Lets just hope that when she is allowed in the big bright world she doesn't get too overwhelmed, she might wish for the control and solitude of her home.

It is a shame that she doesn't have the powers of world sketching anymore (except possibly if discord decides to throw her another bone), but still what we have here is nice.

But enough of my pointless conjecture, this story is sweet, and I hope you keep at it.


I feel like that should be definitely. Just a thought. :twilightblush:

Great story so far! :twilightsmile:


Thanks for pointing all that out, I always do an after edit, so I hopefully would've caught all those after a few read overs.

Wasn't expecting a new chapter today yay! Poor Rin though hopefully the senzu bean can help her body. Also liked how you addressed the holes in her back and the back of her skull, hopefully the bean can fix that but doubt it. Like how Discord cares for her well being and lastly loved that you're bringing in Dragon Ball, that's awesome!

Redheart's seen The Matrix! Yeah!

First rule of popo's training, don't talk about popo's training

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