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Twilight Sparkle is undeniably a prodigy and has the skill and knowledge of a unicorn five years her elder as well as the power of one as well. This knowledge and power has drawn Princess Celestia's attention, with the alicorn beginning to wonder if the young unicorn will be the one to fulfill an ancient prophecy that would save her sister. A prophecy that would have come to fruition, had the alicorn's own checkered past not come back to doom the filly to a life of fire and brimstone.

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Don't normally read dark fic, but I love the mystery and potential for expansion that this story has. I'm particularly fascinated by the emphasis on the bandages--Twilight didn't seem to be hurt that much, so I can't shake the feeling that they've got some sort of corrupting magic in them. Or that there's something more to them than meets the eye. Either way, this story is definitely ripe for reader theories.

Good work--you've certainly piqued my interest!

Damm. So annoyed I have to choose between this one and the other. They're both so good!


Why thank you both. Though I will do as I said and only give a sequel to the one that wins, that doesnt mean I wont eventually do both.

I'm not that good on commenting but I want to say, the story is too good for me to forget. Keep it on with the hardwork. It will be definitely worth it.

Wow, high praise. Thank you very much. Make sure to vote and ensure that it gets a sequel

“What happened your highness?” asked the brave mare.

“He happened,” Celestia whispered.

The Pronoun game. Fantastic.

Hmm... this is good too, but i'm just not feeling/sensing the same as i felt/sensed with the other one.
So my vote still goes to the other story:twilightsheepish:

Hnnng, i want both to continue! But alas, if i must choose, I'll go with the first law of magic.

Oh come on I only used it once in all my stories cut me some slack Jack.

Don't worry; my irritation was more towards Celestia than it was towards you.

Despite the fact that you wrote her that way.

I would normally give a story of this quality a thumbs up and add it to my tracking list, but I want to make it very clear which story I would prefer had a continuation. So, I am going to give it a dislike just for good measure.

.... I am not using the like dislike system as a way of gauging which story was more enjoyed im using the voting system that I added in the description of both stories.

I want to give it a like but I can't :fluttershysad:

Ehh why? IM using the vote system i mentioned in the descriptions as the judge, not the upvote downvote on this site.

I think this would be a cool long story to read.

Hey this seems like a great story :twilightsheepish: and would love it if you would continue it:fluttershysad:. The only problem is I can't find a link to this voting system you have mentioned.:derpytongue2:

As much as I liked this story, I voted for the other. Perhaps it's because it had a more fascinating effect by exploring the inner-mechanisms of magic; however, it would be a shame if this wasn't continued so I hope you get 500 votes for each.

Fortunetly I said 500 between the two of them and thats already happened.

*sees cover photo* :rainbowderp:

*fans self* :twilightblush:

Voted for the other one. That one was far more intriguing. This one is just a blank pony and thus not really Twilight.


Cool story so far. I voted for this one over First Law but it looks like First Law's upvote count covers the both story option alone so that's cool.

Will she be given a different name later on?

I like how this Tirek is still a massive a ****** in the face of Twilight's adorableness. It makes the work feel more realistic. I cannot wait for more!

Nice, though I have to actively remind myself that Dog is Twilight. Not now of course, but in the future I would give her a name that isn't Twilight, but a similar name so it can be easier for readers to follow.

Other than that i really enjoyed this chapter and can't wait for more! keep up the good work!

She will get a different name eventually but that isnt now.

Love your consistency with the dark themes and bringing me harshly back down to earth tartarus despite Twi's cuteness, crushing all hope :pinkiecrazy:
Looking forward to both of these upcoming stories! Keep it up!

I get that. again, amazing story so far. keep it up!:twilightsmile:

Oh i so hope tireks plan falls apart and twilight gets some pay back

At this point I just want Tirek to genuinely love Twilight

her hind hooves and jump up in order to sit down.

If her whole body is covered in burns, how is sitting and hopping even pleasant?

Secondly, you are to refer to yourself in the third person as Dog.

Ugh, I hate third person speech. Ex-Twilight is going to be just like Trixie.

This is how you kill a character a suppose, brainwash them from a young age.

Twilight Velvet must be absolutely furious with Celestia. Princess' policies get your daughter kidnapped or killed, mama bear ain't gonna be happy.

I do hope to see Twilight become vile, but also totally willing to backstab the fuck out of Tirek. I see it as how the Siths work; pupil eventually murders the fuck out of the master.

Well... First Law, convinced me to give this story a chance... not my cup of tea tbh; but I'll put it on tracking anyways, for now.

Personally, I hope Tirek's plan backfires on him; and hopefully it will be in a manner that is both fatal, and suitably painful.

while I do like first law better, this one is intriguing. hopefully we can see more of both!

If she even is down there no-one knows.

Well, I think the reason is magic. (As always)
Twi came there in time of great magical event, so, I think rainboom also qualifies as one, no?
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just thoughts.

And Ironic.

I'm pretty sure he'll come to like her in some twisted way.

My guess is that the Sonic Rainboom brought her down there.

If Celestia lost a second future Element Bearer her chance of rescuing her sister is even slimmer. Would be interesting to see how that plays out when Twilight gets something like a friend there.

Keeper of secrets heh. If I would be in Twilights (Dogs) place I would choose to be a space marine.


Why choose a Space Marine when you could be a Necron. No pain and you can't die.

I wonder if Tirek will be raising all of the main 6? If that is the case Equestria is screwed.

I can so see Twilight (Dog) becoming one of the Keepers of Secrets.


It'd make the story pretty boring in my eyes if he did, I think he should just stick with only Twilight.

This was good and is getting even better with each chapter.
Keep up the good writing ^_^.

Flipping the words around didn't help, what would Rainbow Dash even mean? Unless they meant...

I don't want Twilight killing Rainbow Dash. I have read too many stories shipping them together.

So the cleaver has the ability to rust other weapons it comes into contact with? That'd be useful if that was the case.

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