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just a brony who got started in the fandom with grimdark


Being the Deity of Time is tough work. You've got to protect the timestream, save ponies that tamper with time and get stuck in infinite loops.

There's also a lot of experimenting one can get done with the ability to reset the universe each time.

a lot of experimenting.

Point is, she's done a lot, for a LONG time. So, after her latest experiment goes very wrong, she decides to take a vacation.

Back to where she was once known as Twilight Sparkle.

Also, Discord does some things too.

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This is interesting. Tossed onto my tracking shelf.

Well, you got me hooked!

Wasn't quite sure how my own version of Twilight would work. Especially not even calling her that for most of it. I should put this in an artist note, but most of the deities refer to themselves by their domain.

I like the basics of this story a lot, but I think it needs a solid editing for grammar and punctuation.

I actually reread the story multiple times each time I change things. I was rather sure I got most of the grammar errors out of it. maybe I should have read it one more time. but at that point, I was tired of working so hard. I spent far longer on the latest chapter than any of the previous two. I never felt I got the descriptions of her artifacts right. the encounter with celestia went through about five different forms as well

Well, I gotta say this story is interesting me. I have a high view of neutral powers and you are doing it right and I want to see more. Time doing extreme evil with equal to extreme good is what true neutrality means to me. Can't wait for more chapters.

I think twilight should give the tome of ice magic to luna,

I like that comment. more shall maybe be explained about her alignment. Also, that image of dash made me laugh. its so awesome.

Discord infecting the timelines gives me the willies.

Imagine being the mare in charge of fixing it.

No thank you!

Also just imagining if Discord had access to alter my past. Is Twilight immutable now, or is Discord gonna find a way to mess with her personally? >.<
Totally aware that my be a spoiler if it IS something you were planning. But jesus does that give me the creeps.

Yes and no.
The other deities are immune to discordification, and Time exists in a weird state, she both becomes Time in the past, but was also always considered Time. even if Twilight sparkle dies in the current timeline, it won't mess with her ascension, since from Time's perspective, that's something that happened in her past. Was about to say Times age here, but I think I"ll save that reveal for another time I couldn't resist the pun.
I may have to put a passing remark explaining why Time's not affected when the timestreams are changed in the next chapter. its one of those weird paradoxes that form an infinite loop.

One reason why i have this picture.

sorry guys, accidentally hit the publish button. chapter's only 1/2 written and hasn't been checked for grammar errors yet.

Welp non the less good read so far, wont say anything but i´d say that first they should complete what was important and then do that wish they want to do.

mind clarifying what you mean by that? I don't understand the second part of the comment.

well that the whole point of being vague ;b but in any case im speaking of clover

Another great chapter, I has me wondering what effects will occur with time interfering? Heh

It would be nice if I could get some art for this story. I may have to look through some images to find how I depict Twilight in this story.

Interesting... I would recommend a program like 'Grammarly' or something similar. Even with the free version, it will help a lot.
I shall await the continuation of this, for you have peaked my interest.

Why is this M rated?

BUt good story so far

There will eventually be mature themes. no sex, but possible death.

dark magic isn't to be trifled with. there are reasons it's not been explored as much as Light magic.

I've decided to Move the rating of the story over to teen. I'll simply watch how I word things that invoke pain. There are many reasons for this, but I don't think this story qualifies as 'Mature' at this point. and since I won't be referencing anything horrible It should be fine.

I surprise that time did not look to see if she is related to Clover

8770598 Well technically speaking an entity like time could be related to any or no one.

This is dabbing into the a god creates themselves also the amount of things that are and will go wrong is baffling, and I fear this.

Go wrong? Whatever do you mean? :twilightsmile:

Well, Clover has fucked up.

You're magic is a mixture of Dark and Light now.


You put "see's" a few times, and that is bad grammar. It's not "see is" and "see" isn't a noun that something can belong to.

well time, you now got to fight the sun it self

I can help if you wish Im not the best but i can spot most pesky flaws and I love this story enough to dedicate some of my time to it :D

Guess clover got spooked...

fixed. thanks for spotting that

If you can show me where that takes place I can fix it. Thanks for caring enough about my little story to mention it to me.

...Clover. Why?

Comment posted by Fireeaters deleted Mar 21st, 2018

would appreciate a bit less sarcasm. I just ask you to be respectful here.

Nah I wasn't being sarcastic. You wouldn't believe the number of people I've encountered who haven't bothered to learn keyboard shortcuts. Suffice it to say, it's a lot.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clover heaves a great sigh of relief as she leaves the cave of harmony. Her friends had asked questions about her changed appearance, but she was able to reassure them it was simply a side effect of learning ice magic. Walking back to the clearing where she met Time all those years ago she looks around.

A hundred ~'s aren't necessary just center the text and type three.


The text to speech function says each and every Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda Tilda


the problem with that is it is not a new chapter, its a break within the chapter, meant to be a clear distinction between sections that don't go together

also its funny you use the text to speech, its a bit too slow for me when I'm reading.

Yeah that's how it's used in most stories I've read. To indicate a scene transition within a chapter like a cut away to later on. Some people use more than three, some use other symbols, and others use picture breaks.

Sunset smiled and snuggled closer to Twilight. “Yeah, okay.”I know I have you girls. But for how long?She suppressed a sigh.Just tackle the future one day at a time, Sunset.She closed her eyes, letting Twilight’s subtle aroma of lavender lull her back to sleep.One day at a time.


“All right, you two. Best get up before Rainbow goes and eats everything,” a voice drawled somewhere above Sunset.

It's slow for me too but I use it while I'm working with my hands and can't stare at my phone.

I Have never want to read some thing so much form just a description ever in my life

Time Beta simply huffs at him and conjures a scrying mirror to watch the commotion Time Alpha has caused. "Do you think she'll do it? I don't even know if I would do it, but I've been separated from her for so long I'm not sure what her motivations are anymore."

This line gives me Déjà vu something fierce for some reason.... I swear i've seen it before in a fic....

She probably already knows and is so old she doesn't care

Holy shiet, the quality of the story has gone down since the start! Or maybe the grammar was always this bad, and it's the story itself that has become boring. Either way, it's a single dislike from a perturbed, anonymous reader!

I really want to like this story and I'll continue to read it, but the description doesn't match what's going on. I've seen one experiment so far, but so far it just looks like preparation. I hope something slice-of-life like happens soon. I want to like this story, I love the concept.

The issues mostly come down to time. I don't have the time to reread each section till they are perfect, a lot is going in right now.

Its why I've been asking for help with the grammar, it's a bit too much for me to do alone.

if ANYONE is willing to become this story's editor I would greatly appreciate the help.

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