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Far, far away from the Equiss system, the queen of blades is readying the launch of her newest weapon. A ship designed to infest an entire planet in secret, readying it for the eventual zerg invasion and softening up even the hardest target, Korhal. Unfortunately for the queen of blades, the untested zerg biotechnology is more difficult to master then she thought and the infestation ship vanishes after launch.

Untold eons later Twilight Sparkle is preparing for her entrance exam for Celestia's school for gifted unicorns only to stop when she sees a star fall into her new treehouse. The young pony sets out in the middle of a storm, intent on seeing this fallen star for herself.

What she finds inside will change not only her destiny but the destiny of all on Equiss prime.

Make sure to check out the sister story to this one.
Trigger warning, parasites. Starcraft Crossover!
Updates twice a month!
The story so far!

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>insert joke about kerrigan's "massive dark organ"

I'm very confused and conflicted about this.
Is the terrible writing and ubiquity of spelling and grammar errors like... intentional?

continue please:fluttershysad::pinkiesad2:

Jest #5 · Aug 18th, 2018 · · 3 · Harmony ·

You know I was a little insulted, then I checked out your stories and I just gotta say, hypocrisy thy name is Starlight.

Now begs the question. Will twilight take control of the parasite. or will it control her?

poor ponies they have no idea what's coming.

I don't think you know what hypocrisy means.

Oh. Ignore them. They got triggered by my Ugandan Knuckles story crying 'racism'.

Also, did you seriously unironically put 'trigger warning' in the description? I should slap you with-a da fish.

So, a small suggestion is to add the Starcraft series tag.

Jest #11 · Aug 18th, 2018 · · 2 · Harmony ·

the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.
I dont think you do to be entirely honest.
Your right, I should have put a trigger warning for trigger warnings, because it seems as though its triggered you. :P
Will do.

Interesting story so far I wonder then she will be completely if she will start infesting Equestria when she gets all the Elements, it seems that Luna will be part of the story, I can wait to see Twilight converting her nation into infested Zergs. My main gripe with Star Cast 2 was that they completely removed the mystic surrounding the Zel, Naga and all their other creations. It was a bit diapointing to see that Tassadar was in reality one of them and I feel that it diminishes his sacrifice and all he did in uniting the Protoss together again.

Yo, nice to see you here too Psycho:pinkiehappy:

I admire your ability to make nice new stories but i will let me self to complain a bit. I'm waiting for end of "The First Law of Magic"

A different start than most go for this.

I get the need for the info at points, especially the nature of the zerg.

Good luck, and hope you can avoid needing those.

from all honesty it seems like kerrigans psionic power isn't strong enough to force her will onto an infested pony, this may lead to a whole different off shoot of the zerg from what we can see.

Psst, Keep this as a secret between you and me but I actually have the next 22 thousand words ready for that story and it will likely be out next saturday. I also dont intent on updating these stories regularily untill one or both of first law and born in light are completed. Untill then they will be back burner projects only. First law takes priority.

Or they end up creating a third personality that is the combination of the two.

The parasite is not an entity onto its own.

Except it wasn't Kerrigan trying to impose her will on Twilight, it was the nameless queen that crash-landed on Equis aboard the mini-leviathan. The first chapter made clear that Kerrigan had lost psionic connection with the queen that warped.

The parents sighed in relief, watching as their filly stopped making faces at her reflection and turned back around. “Does this mean I can shoot laser beams out of my eyes?”

That is the appropriate first response any young child, male or female, would have to finding out they have glowing eyes.

Thank you, i was wondering if I didnt make that explicit enough.
Thank you! I was really channeling my inner kid while writing her dialogue and I had just played god of war and had gotten to the part where he admits to his son that they are gods and the kid just asks. "Can I turn into an animal?" and that really stuck with me.

You are going to LOVE the ending of the main story. Are you a mythology geek/buff? so many hints dropped throughout the game...

You know it dog. I dont think theres a mythology that exists that I have not studied at least in passing though I am less familiar with south america/african mythology.

Well... the moment everything clicks into place is going to be a magical and jaw-dropping moment for you.

Also, the music in the game is friggin AMAZING!

Cool cover art. Do you know what font was used?

Custom. Check source.

Finally a story type I had been searching for for quite some time while I respect you wanting to finish what you currently have going I still want to see more of this one, so please don't divert too much attention away from it allowing it to fall to the side and be forgotten like some other books on the site.
Keep up the amazing work!

oh ok that made my day xDDD

Great concept so far, this is turning out to be very interesting indeed

Dude this is awesome so far, I cant wait to see what will become of twilight now...Or even how she will look later on. Everything is so up in the air right now its downright terrifying xD

Will Twilight embrace this? Will she become the nameless queen? Will she overthrow the nameless queen? Will she completely control Twilight and take over Equestira? Will pinkie pie randomly save the day? None can truly know...UNTIL NEXT TIME :P (couldn't help myself, so many questions)

I'm dying for more already. This is exactly the kind of story I've been looking for. I realize it might be a bit before you come around do this (based off a comment you made a bit ago) however I think a story like this will be more than worth waiting for.

Also, this is definitely the best start I've seen to a star craft cross over on this site. Very exciting, energetic, and leaving me with the good kind of questions that are keeping me on the edge of my seat.

I look forward to reading more!

Love it, definitely has my vote.

This looks definitely promising, unlike some fics filled with "ewwww" things for the sake of it.
This mare seems quite centered on getting published... She better not see Twilight as a guinea pig more than as a pony.
It's great to finally see a GOOD MLP/Starcraft crossover fanfic. I pray this one will not be left unfinished.
I am very eager to see more. Instant favourite. Take all the time you need, Jest!

PS : Hail Twilight, the new Queen of the Swarm!

Edit : Looks like this story has made its way to the feature bar! Another proof that it's an excellent story in the making.

i am so glad i came across this. it was fascinating to see how you blended the shows events in with your tale. i look forward to more ^^
not sure what it is about zerg and mlp that i just love so much.

looks like i could be interesting :trixieshiftleft:

I Want More Please Continue

I like it! Needs more Abathur though, I'd like to see him get ahold of some changelings and just start ranting about whoever decided to make them dependent on external life forms.

I cannot wait to see what effect the parasite's presence has on Twilight's magical development. last we saw, it was trying to cut of her Lambda system's connection to the horn. One wonders if this will cause the magic to saturate the rest of her body instead? To be sure, faux earth pony strength would certainly appeal to the parasite on an instinctual level...

I have an image in my head of a grown up Twilight, with wings like Kerrigan's, her mane and tail replaced by flowing, chitinous zerg thing (I forgot the word) as well, looking down at a legion of Zergs awaiting her command...
(I had drawn a rough art with MS Paint from a pony generator vector to have an idea, but it isn't terrible so I didn't post it anywhere)

awww thanks! I hope to have one of the other fics done soonish and have this one take its place in my monthly update schedule so heres to hoping!
Ditto, hoping to inspire more zerg mlp cus thats what i wanna see.

I have to ask, when you say "Dark" do you mean "generally dark themes" or is this one of those stories where a lotta named characters die?

moreso dark themes, but also possibly the other one.

I'm all about well written crossover entertainment.
I would really look forward to seeing Ms. Sparkle slowly infest Equestria~

If you ever decide to continue this fragment, you have my viewership.

Its in the cards, just not sure when.

wow two stories on the front page at the same time

I was gonna release another one at the same time but it just seemed unfair, gotta let someone else have some space on the front page. :P

Considering most fics in the feature and popular bars are generally fics about sex and porn, I think it wouldn't be bad.

Alright, mate. Ya got me there.

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