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Frenemies Talk: What About Discord · 7:01pm Nov 10th, 2015

Frenemies Talk is a series started by Prane and Gulheru to deconstruct an episode and give their best impressions on it. They've been doing it for countless episodes and are an absolute pleasure to read. This time, they've invited The Sexy Assistant to give more philosophical thoughts on it. You may read all

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Thanks for adding my short story, Unto Greener Pastures, to your favorites :twilightblush:

Worth a favorite, its well done. :twilightsmile: Keep it up!

Thank you very much for granting 'An Apple for Ya Trouble' with a favorite! :raritystarry::heart:

Luna always needs more screen time. It baffles me why she doesn't get more.

You can honestly spoil things for me. I really don't mind. My mind will just start following two or more paths of thought as I read through the story. And I could potentially link the flaws to other things in the last volumes.

I think I am still near the bottom of the list but I can always email him about it. Don't really want to cause he had his house burn down and lost his two pets. That shit is real hard.

Luna totally needs more screentime.

Well, to me and a few of my friends, they're flaws...however I won't ruin it for you. Finish the Volume then tell me...if you really want, I'd point out a few things. But I rather you try enjoy it first. I'm being nice :scootangel:

Er. You're not the first to say that about commissions from Dave :rainbowlaugh: You sure you haven't budged in the list?

  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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