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Adda le Blue

Close your eyes, dash your twis, and let the ponies kiss.

Night is the cruelest time of day
In the light, the draconequii dance
And spread their chaos
In full view
Not caring who knows

And so night is the cruelest time of day
For in the dark, the draconequii sleep
And the Nightmares awake
Spreading their poison through ponies' minds
Sowing distrust and hate in secret

For night is the cruelest time of day.

Commissions are Open!

I'm far too inexperienced at accepting money to have a system down, but I have a Paypal account and I'm happy to chat if you're interested.

Progress: The bar shows how close to completion the story is. If the X is red, it is ready to be published but hasn't been for one reason or another; the X is green for published works.

1: An entry to the Three Tribes universe for Multiversecruise
Progress: IIIIIIIIII X Too human for Fimfiction
2: Open


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Chase your dreams,
and when you catch them,
don't stop running!

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*scrunchie scrunch* Unexpected visitor! Hi, hon. How goes life?

Well, that's a question! My memory's not the best, so I found myself having to dip into my early blog posts to remind myself of certain details. I'll drudge up what I can...

A large part of it was a craving for an innocent world, where good is easy and villainy is reformed. I was in a fairly dark place at the time, and watching nothing but darker media about cancer-stricken meth kingpins or serial-killer-killing serial killers didn't help. What I saw and heard about the show reminded me of the cartoons I used to watch – Merry Melodies and the like – in its simplicity and execution, and I could tell even from screenshots that it was the work of talented artists and animators.

When I finally gave it a chance, the personalities and the chemistry of the main cast were a lot of fun but it's the deep history of the world that really kept my interest. There's something so fascinating about the idea of manually wrapping up winter or raising and lowering the sun and the moon. To be honest, I haven't even finished the fifth season of the show, since I feel that the writers have lost sight of much of what made the universe around these characters so special. I've reached the point of preferring to see my favorite ponies in well-written fanfiction than in the series itself.

What about you, though?

2441794 Honest question: What drew you in to Friendship is Magic (the show)? Was it the characters or was it something else about it that caught your attention?

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