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Night is the cruelest time of day
In the light, the draconequii dance
And spread their chaos
In full view
Not caring who knows

And so night is the cruelest time of day
For in the dark, the draconequii sleep
And the Nightmares awake
Spreading their poison through ponies' minds
Sowing distrust and hate in secret

For night is the cruelest time of day.

Chase your dreams,
and when you catch them,
don't stop running!

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Comment posted by NuclearPony deleted Jun 27th, 2023

Apparently you're a pretty cool cat.

I'll write most subjects if handled with respect. This feels like a conversation better suited to DMs, though. :twilightsmile: See you in a brief moment.

Before I send any ideas, I'd like to know if there's anything you absolutely won't write about

Oh hey! Sorry for the late response. Due to finding a family and other changes in my life, I'm not on Fimfiction very often anymore. I'd be happy to chat if you're still interested—especially if you're willing to consider commissioning a story. These hands get pretty loose when the money's this tight, haha.

  • Viewing 454 - 458 of 458
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