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Changeling Panic is a forum game based on the infamous party game Mafia, but adapted to fit the MLP universe. Players are divided into two teams: the Townsponies and the Changelings. The goal of the game is to eliminate the other team. However, only the changelings know who their teammates are; the townsponies don’t know anyone else’s identity. With everyone’s identity a secret, it becomes a mad dash of paranoia to find the changelings before they can wipe out the town. Deceit and treachery abound in this deadly struggle for survival!

*This is a recreation of an old group under the same name that was deleted by the owner for some reason.

First and foremost:
The Introductions Thread: Whether you're a CP veteran from the time of Scootaloser or a new member who's yet to experience the joys and/or agony of Changeling Panic, feel free to tell us about yourself here.
The Rules: These are the rules for games and for the forum in general.
The Role List: Get to know your role well, because any detail could be the key to victory or disaster!

The Off-Topic Thread: Keep discussions unrelated to Changeling Panic here.
The Graveyard: If you die in a game and there's something you want to say that doesn't spoil said game, here's your chance!
Game Mode or Role Suggestions: If you think of something that could spice up the game, feel free to share it here.

We also have a Changeling Panic Discord channel.

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didnt even realise the original was deleted
glad i checked
now im back

Wow it's great to see this group still exists! Hopefully can join a game one of these days!

Oh it's good to be back! I thought this awesome group was going to be lost forever! Thanks for bringing it back guys! :heart::pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:

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