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I am a small time story-writer trying to get his stories published. If I can get any of my fanfictions or original stories published I'd be one happy pony! Look for J. X. Wheeler in a library soon!


Summoning Tokens · 9:19am Jul 10th, 2020

This has been bugging me for WAAAY too long! What is even a good item to use as Delta's summoning token anyway? I honestly can not think of a good one. Can anyone help?

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Thank you for the fav!

I didn't read it yet, but I intend on doing so eventually. I favorited it because you are the only author that made Equestria into a video game setting and didn't cancel the story. There was another named Equestria RPG but the author cancelled it.

Here's hoping your story is what ive been looking for. If not, im sure itll still be a good read.

Thanks for the favorite on "My Little Game: Friendship Is Glitching". What has been your favorite part of the story so far?

Thanks for taking an interest in and adding Crossing the Trixie Bridge to your favorites. Updates are published every other Friday, between 5 AM and 6 PM Eastern Time (Still trying to iron out my schedule). Also, check the Writers Notes at the bottom of each chapter for more info.

And as always, comments, questions, and critiques are always welcomed at any point you're reading along. I do my best to answer all of them and look forward to you enjoying the story along with me.

  • Viewing 92 - 96 of 96
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