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I am a small time story-writer trying to get his stories published. If I can get any of my fanfictions or original stories published I'd be one happy pony! Look for J. X. Wheeler in a library soon!


Trigger Warning: A displaced fanfiction

A stray bullet, that's all it took for Christopher to get ripped from the life he once knew, and get thrust into a new life as the Big Daddy from Bioshock 2. Upon finding two fillies being chased by a manticore, Christopher was in for the biggest challenge of his new life.


Would you kindly explain how to take care of two alicorns barely in control of their power?

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ill just leave this here

Before I read: What class of Big Daddy is the Main Character?

i would think.. subject delta I beleave..

Comment posted by DisplacedWriter deleted Jan 18th, 2018

yay new bioshock fic maybe this one will be finished unlike all the others (looks at previous work of the author) Oh ... oh no.

The second figure, however, was a giant dark blue diving suit, that looked more demonic rather than a simple suit a deep sea diver would wear with a giant glowing red glass circle in the middle of the helmet, a crescent moon symbol on his chest, and a spinning drill for his right hand. On his back was an oxygen tank that served little purpose aside from adding to his intimidating look.

I think those also help with drill dashing, or maybe drill dashing works by having the drill suck air as it spins and expels it at the back? I don’t really know but I’m good at making theories.

Ok so I have some ideas, just spitballing
1) I think it was said that big daddy's need some ADAM to stay alive (one of suchong's diaries in burial at sea two) so what if when he was displaced he found some ADAM slugs in a pool in the crystal caverns under canterlot, it would make perfect sense the dark would be perfect to replicate there deep ocean home, plus the plants in bioshock 2 seem to not need sunlight and they make perfect food for them.

2) displaced fall into two categories they ether
A) don't do anything to help in most cases and leave the world as a whole alone to keep the timeline intact as possible .
B) they destroy the timeline as fast as they can and do what they want.
What I want is for a displaced to help elevate the characters while still helping it progress down the same path and by that I mean (assuming that the first suggestions taken into account) Twi could experiment with ADAM because let's face it If anyone could use it effectively and fight off the side affects its her, Plus in ifanet there aren't any splicers so I thing that suggests that there are ingredients that can slow down if not stop the mental destruction that comes from ADAM.

This takes place decades before the mane six.

Its the one you play as in Bioshock 2

If you must know, the next chapter is about 15% done. I have been trying to keep my focus, but I am constantly bombarded by ideas for other stories so its hard to organize my thoughts. Im hoping focusing on this story only will help with that.

That's Subject Delta, who is an Alpha Daddy, which are the first functional 'generation' of Big Daddy.

It's what I wanted to confirm before I got into it, so I could properly visualise the correct helmet.

Isnt the title picture an Alpha Daddy?

Now that I've read it, I have to ask, does he have the tethered Drill, like in Buried at Sea, or is it just the standard used in-game in Bioshock 2.

It is.
Rosie Daddies have similar helmets, though, but they're not QUITE the same, and Bouncers have the iconic spherical helmet with the cage-like wires around it.

Standard drill is what I am going for

Ok so the rest of the story will be a flashback? He talked like he was planning for the future, so that was kinda confusing.
I think the crystal cave ADAM slugs would still make sense, or you could have a plotpoint be that the giant creature that made the ADAM slugs could be mutating other sea life and the big daddy could have to fight the other mutants.

I will have to look it up, but if ADAM really is needed for the Alpha Daddy to survive then I will have to make a substitute to take its place. I have no plans on adding any Bioshock enemies yet unless a crossover allows for it to happen.

Well these wouldn't really be bioshock enemies they'd be normal creatures mutated by the mysterious mass, like giant crabs or giant squid, but I see your point. I still suggest a small supply of ADAM slugs in the world though even if there just for him or only accessible to him I’d be interesting to see small parts of one world bleed in to the other and how he'd try to limit their impact while still allowing himself to live. Well now I’m hooked on the bioshock idea and will probably search the wiki and play the games for a few days until I tire by self out.

The Bioshock world wouldnt be able to bleed into it since this is a displaced story. He isnt from Rapture.

However, I could use that idea of needing an ADAM substitute to live.



I looked it up and it is Subject Delta that I planned on using. If his drill is tethered then I will use it as that. Its been a few years since I last played it.

His drill has never shot off that would have been awesome, but no it was just removable.

I looked it up and it said nothing about Subject Delta needing ADAM to survive.

The best displaced stories try to blend the words together Headless not heartless gave gave each civilisation a different power from his game, The Mighty Warrior of Epicness had a bunch of enemies appear from the games, and I Will Hunt You Down had a displaced accidentally make the umbrella corporation and try to stop them. The point is that with ALL the other stories, one unique thing I have never seen in them is someone actually find where the where the world bleeds over and try to contain it and the fact that no one else did that just screams opportunity to me.

You could even justify it in the story as him being displaced destabilized the magical field around the planet and allowing small portals to open between the Bioshock world and equess not large enough for a splicer but maybe a a slug or two. Before you say “he's not really from raptur” I think that the merchant copying delta would be close enough to count.

The tethered drill was never used in the games set in Rapture. Their respective canon is that the ones making it couldn't get it to work properly.
It's canon is in the Burial at Sea DLC for Infinite, where in part one you look out a window to see a Bouncer Daddy and again when you fight a Big Daddy as a boss.

It was all big daddies and it was stated in burial at sea in suchong's coded notes.

Who said I was going to use a merchant? All I mentioned was stray bullet. Also, im going to try and not copy what other displaced stories did. There will be original villains in this, but not from Rapture. Since he needs ADAM to survive as stated by the note in Burial at Sea, I will have to find a substitute of sorts for it. All he will have is the drill, and a few select plasids he had hooked to his belt for a custom design of sorts before the displacement. I am undecided on the syringes. I havent made an ADAM substitute yet that would require them. Its in the works.

So, to be completely clear: You're using the Burial at Sea canon of them needing ADAM to survive, but not using the Burial at Sea canon for the drill?
That seems contradictory.

I DO read other comments, just so you know.

Subject Delta never had the tether drill. You forget im using the protagonist of Bioshock 2. Lore is canon no matter which game it is. In Bioshock 2, Subject Delta aka Johnny Topside never had a tether drill. That doesnt affect whether he needs ADAM or not to survive.

Except that the Lore for Bioshock 2 is that the Alpha Daddy didn't require ADAM to survive, only regular proximity to its designated Little Sister, via what is essentially forced telepathic life-support.

Bioshock: Infinite and the Burial at Sea add-ons are only semi-canon to the first two Bioshock games by the primary principle enforced in Infinite of Constants and Variables. To follow this line of reasoning, the ADAM reliant Big Daddies are a Constant in line with the tether drill, but is an inevitable Variable to the contradictory lore of Bioshock 2.

To summarise, you can't have an ADAM reliant Alpha Daddy and say it's Subject Delta from Bioshock 2. It would only ever be a Variable OF Subject Delta, which would then NOT be from Bioshock 2, but Burial at Sea.

Well the mental bond would account for the insanity that some Alpha go through, but they also claim that without his little sister his body would shut down which might mean that the raw ADAM from any little sister would keep him alive but the mental link would still make him go insane witch would explain why there are so many Alpha’s alive, alex the great was giving them ADAM to keep them alive but in a crazed berserker state.

Right got it no ADAM slugs, but my suggestion for a mostly forgotten plasmed would be the Aero Dash plasmed from the multiplayer, I know you probably won't use it, but I just think it would be hilarious for delta to make a pair of song bird like wings, use an aro dash and, Well he wouldn't really fly he would act more like one of those flying fish where he'd just gliding above the ground for a distance.

Since that is cleared up, screw ADAM reliant, im making him reliant on the pre-princesses.

Cleared up indeed.

Now the question becomes, "How did he become bonded to the Princesses?"
Magic is an obvious probability, but it's always good to explore other potential explanations.

Maybe I can give him one vial of raw ADAM he had as decoration (Originally liquid lime jell-o). If the fillies (little girls) ingested it... well it was said to mess with genetics, so maybe that could be the bonding effect? Impromptu little sisters.

That could work.
Or it could be that he needed to use the raw ADAM to save their lives, somehow.
Possibly it could work as an imperfect bonding method, which would result in why he needed both fillies, which in turn could explain why he turned Nightmare, with him spending less time with Celestia in an effort to comfort Luna, leading to the instability that the partial Nightmare that he had acted as compensation for.

You just solved a roadblock for me saying all of that. I deeply thank you. Your knowledge of Bioshock might have just saved this story. Now to look up some stuff on Statswirl.

Glad to help.
Can't help with Starswirl, though.

Long updates: Yes
Is it dead: Not at all

Life has just been unfair to me and I haven't been having a really good year. Im still writing it little by little though. I have at least 1k words written down despite my depression killing motivation, and seeing the horrible truth about some of my family members that shook me to the core.

Sorry... Didn't know you were having this, really sorry...

Its okay, the readers should know why im stalled.

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