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Wtf is an update lol


A night at Freddy Fazbear's isn't the most enjoyable thing. Sometimes, it's worse for the animatronics who work there. Foxy's nights are always like that. His happiness is done . . . or is it?

P.S. More than five nights. This follows canon for the most part, but some parts are a bit different.

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That's against the rules. I have reported you.

5097095 wait you can get banned for that sorta thing hm I shall report who ever does it next


:eeyup: Go ahead. Also, read the rules and stuff, it explains it.

Gotta admit, when I first clicked this story I kinda expected it to be pretty crap. But as I read, I found I was actually enjoying it :twilightsmile:
Well done, I look forward to future chapters!

Technically this isn't the first crossover from the game, however, it's the first time a character been introduce in this fashion so it can be consider the first crossover. Anyway hope I get to see more!


I meant my first crossover with it. Sorry if you thought I meant literally. :twilightsheepish:

100/10 it's okay.

What I be doin'? Go! Foxy urged himself on, but he just couldn't bring himself to. This again? Am I really . . . shy? The moment brought back memories of when he was first introduced to the other animatronics. . .

"Okay you guys, here he is!"

Shouldn't there be a line break here, to show that it took place in a different time? And if it's a flashback, try making it in all italics.


Yeah, I was thinking about adding a break, but I didn't want something to split the story. I'll get something done with it. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for reading. :twilightsmile:

5174506 So... Not trying to be rude or anything... But when is the next chapter? I am really enjoying this already, and would love to see what happens next, when Foxy can speak again and everything.


I'm glad you liked it! And the next chapter will be here soon, I'm over halfway done with it.

OH GOD MY SIDES! FOXY, SCARED?! :rainbowlaugh: this is awsome! MORE I SAY, MOOOOOOOOORE!!!


now that im finished my laughing fit, several questions.

1. is foxy still going to have an occasinal glitchy stutter

2. exactly how strong is foxy going to be, considering hes an animatronic?

3. The other animatronics?

4. hes going to need a new power source soon, how will that porblem be solved?

5. Your headcannon on the Bite of 87?


Those are all very good questions. :twilightsmile:

1. Yes, he will. That's been in my plans all along.

2. Now that one I haven't thought about. Probably very strong, because really; he's a robot and besides, all of the animatronics can drag a guy to another room and stuff him into a suit. :pinkiecrazy:

3. The other animatronics? I'll have them in the story, but not in Equestria.

4. I'm sure Twilight will figure that out . . . as soon as he goes dead. :trollestia:

5. The Bite of '87, I think he just glitched. He didn't mean to do it, but it happened. He still blames himself and everything. That is, after all, what this story is going to revolve around; Foxy coming to terms with what happened and getting past it. :pinkiesad2:

It's okay, and considering Foxy froze that somewhat expected since he's been hiding behind the covers in the game. Still I hope to see more.

5219217 also, where in the MLP timeline does this take place? hopefully before the end of season two, because i would like to see how Foxy deals with changelings.

alas, I can see him avoiding the crystal empire, as unless hes actually a repurposed military andriod, he isnt ment to handle such temptures.

for some reason, I forsee him losing the hook, and gaining another paw instead...

as well as him being forced to witness the murders (due to being accidentally left in debug mode)


This takes place later in season 1, after Green Isn't your Color.


Wait, you wanted more? All you said was "Good or Bad?"

5219217 So, if this takes place after Green Isn't Your Color, then this takes place before...

I'm interested so far ATM, if it ends well, my folder of best reads shall be welcoming another cast of the FNAF crew!

5237232 I was thinking of an answer more specific, like for example, before The Cutie Mark Chronicles.

Well, it appears shit is getting real now...

“Maybe the new security guard’ll get fired ‘cuz of it. H-how great would that be?”

5237232 Wait a minute... I just remembered something... If this is before Discord... Then this means that this is before Nightmare Night... Which means that Luna wouldn't be fully recovered from the nightmare... And Twilight wouldn't know what Luna's magic aura looks like... Whoops...:facehoof:

I can tell one or more of the other 'people' appear. It's either that or it should happen.

being a pirate, I think foxy will approve of Pinkies party cannon... to the point that if he ever returns to the pizzaria, he might make his own!


Wait, are you serious? *has freakout moment* *checks episode list*

S**t. :facehoof:

Uh . . . hehe? :twilightsheepish:

Not baby, more like young teen that tries to rebel against authority.

This fanfic.
I like it.
ANOTHER CHAPTER! :flutterrage:



Dude I wish it was out on mobile. :applecry: I'm just sitting here in crippling sadness and agony, waiting. :raritydespair:

Nice chapter, dude.
If only I could be bothered to finish my fanfics...

5278657 maybe later on in the story he could somehow actually be affected by poison joke so he can look his age? Only reason i ask is cause of this picture i found. Not mine though so, yeah.


Cute, eh??


That is pretty cute. I really wish Bridle Gossip was later in season 1 or 2 so I could have Foxy in the episode! :derpytongue2:

Maybe I can add it in there somehow . . . :ajsmug:

5282489 cool, anyway what season is mlp in now?? Obviously not after 3 since twilicorn is not there.


It's set in late season one, after Green Isn't Your Color. :twilightsmile:

It's pegasi magic, fluttershy doesn't have to obey physics X3

this hapter was good... but what im wondering is what happen back at the treebary

Aww an ending.... man i dont like cliffhangers

No No Luna is best pony... For the New Lunar Republic :pinkiehappy:

Luna is best Princess, don't deny it.

And hmm, Celestia, stop being a troll. :trollestia:

Oh noes! Now I don't have anything to read while I play FNAF 2!



Nope. Troll-I mean Mol-I mean Celestia is best princess. :trollestia:

Will FNaF 2 be cannon in this? I can imagine the puppet giveing freddy and the gang the mission to kill mike and foxy slowly unlocking his memorys from FNaF 2 (hes unlocking becuase the data was partially currupted due to his broken state, but gets resored along the way.) about the toy models and the few conversations he had with them and the puppet and questioning if he should even listen to the puppet or something like that, and the flashback of his introduction could be explained as takeing place at the original freddy fazbear diner whatever with the diner and the FNaF 2 pizzaria opening and closeing in the same year.....


I don't think I'll include anything from FNaF 2, seeing as I didn't know there was one at the time of submission. :applejackunsure:

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