• Published 4th Oct 2014
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Five Nights in Equestria - RandomHamster33

Luna's job is to help her subjects. Will Foxy be able to be helped?

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Not Giving Up

“Alright, we’re nearly into town.”

Apple Bloom’s country-accented voice cut quietly through the still night air. There was a shuffling of movement from their guests in the wagon.

“Thank god,” Freddy growled irritably. “Now hurry up. I’m dying back here.”

“How and why would ya be dyin’?” Apple Bloom retorted in a hiss, sounding annoyed. Secretly, she thought Freddy—his design, that is—was incredibly cute for some reason. To her, he wasn’t menacing at all. And Applejack had gone on just a few times about what they’d experienced. What the specifics were, she had no clue, but her older sister had described him as “evil and a no-good bully with no better thing to do then get angry at others ‘round him” and to Apple Bloom, that didn’t seem close to right. Sure, he was a bit rude and huffy, but rather calm and levelheaded for the most part.

“Because I’m sick of this uncomfortable position and—Bonnie I swear if you jab me with your elbow one more time it’ll be the last thing you ever do!”

“Sorry, I’m not doing it on purpose,” he replied.

“Just watch it.”

“Will you two shut up? I see a few lights on in houses,” Scootaloo said. She glanced around. “At least the library is up ahead.”

“Speaking of that, uh, have we thought about our excuse for this situation?” Sweetie Belle asked, raising an eyebrow.

“There ain’t any way to lie ‘bout it,” Apple Bloom muttered. “We’ll just have to be honest.”

“Great. I’m so looking forward to it,” Scootaloo huffed. “Whatever. At least we’ll probably be involved after this.”

“Hopefully. I still want to meet Foxy. Rarity keeps talking about him,” Sweetie complained. She flicked her tail, swishing it around her body.

“Alright. How should we approach this? Knock?” AB questioned as they came to a halt at the Golden Oaks Library’s sturdy door.

“Duh. I’ll do it,” Scootaloo said. She wigged herself out of the harness and scurried forward the last few steps. She lifted an orange hoof and rapped several times. Movement sounded from inside and whispers heard. After several long moments, the silhouetted face of a certain farm mare became visible as the upper half of the door swung open.

“Howdy?” Applejack greeted hesitantly. “Scootaloo? Apple Bloom? Sweetie Belle? What’re ya fillies doin’ here?” She cocked her head to one side to get a better view of the wagon. “What’s in there?”

“It’s us, sis. We really need to give ya a hand,” Apple Bloom said.

“Why are ya up at this hour?” Applejack narrowed her eyes and opened the full door. She emerged farther from the library. “Ah said Ah’d be home later.”

“AJ, listen! We’ve brought ya very important cargo.”

“What could be so important—?”

“Just let me explain. See, we kinda maybe sorta heard Twilight telling you guys about the ‘others’ and we wanted to help? So we kinda maybe sorta went into the Everfree and found them . . .” Taking that as a cue, Sweetie Belle tugged at the blanket and allowed Applejack to see the two animatronics in the wagon. They sat up, blinking their blue and maroon eyes at her.

“Land sakes!” AJ exclaimed, mouth agape. She immediately faced Apple Bloom with a furious glare. “Why would ya do that?! Ya coulda been hurt!”

“But sis! We saved ‘em from Timber-wolves!”

“Timber-wolves?!” Applejack gasped. “That’s even worse!”

“AJ. There’s more pressin’ issues at hoof! These two need to get inside.” Apple Bloom met her sister’s gaze with a level stare.

Applejack blinked, mouth closing. She nodded. “Right. Thanks, you three. Come on, let’s get these fellers into the library as quick as a jackrabbit.” Apple Bloom smiled in relief and unhooked herself from the wagon. She looked to Freddy and Bonnie.

“Come on. Everythin’s fine,” the yellow filly assured. Without speaking, the two animatronics got themselves out of the wagon and onto their feet. Sweetie Belle took Freddy’s hoof-made crutches and trotted inside. It would be impossible to use them now anyways.

“In ya go,” AJ directed, waving a hoof. She stared at them as they came in, her sister and Scootaloo coming in last.

“Freddy! Bonnie!” Chica cried, racing from a closet where she’d hidden when knocks were heard at the door. She latched onto Freddy, earning a cry of pain as she rudely assaulted him. Immediately she loosened her hold, looking up at him with worry clear on her face. “What happened to you two?” She noticed their ragged appearances.

“Timber-wolves,” Sweetie Belle answered for them.

“Yes, and you’ve just re-aggravated my nearly falling off leg, if you don’t mind letting go now!” Freddy groaned, still in the grasp of his companion. Chica gasped and jumped back. Freddy was unable to hold himself up and fell almost instantly. He landed in a crashing of metal, sighing as he stared at the wooden floor.

“Those would probably be useful now,” Apple Bloom said, signaling with a jerk of her head to the crutches Sweetie held in her hooves.

“Oh, yeah,” the white unicorn said. She let out a nervous laugh and watched as Pinkie Pie appeared out of nowhere to help Freddy to his feet. The pink mare swiped the crutches from Sweetie and handed them over to him.

“There you go, Fredbear!” Pinkie declared with a grin.

“Don’t call me that,” Freddy deadpanned. “Get this annoying pink one away from me.”

Apple Bloom laughed. “It’s alright, Freddy. That’s Pinkie Pie, and my sister over there is Applejack.” She pointed to the orange mare standing off to the side.

“Howdy,” Applejack said evenly. She tipped her Stetson at him.

“I thought you said there’d be more of them,” Freddy said, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, there are,” Pinkie started, “but they went out again to find our fine-feathered friend, Rainbow Dash!” She giggled briefly.

“So what are we supposed to do?” Bonnie asked, confused. “Why are we here?”

“Princess Celestia and Princess Luna brought you all here. It was none ‘a our choices,” AJ stated, “so don’t ask us what the point ‘a ya bein’ here is.”

“Yes, because that’s helpful,” Freddy retorted sarcastically. He moved over to a chair and took a seat.

Applejack narrowed her eyes at him. “Don’t be complainin’ now.” She arched an eyebrow, scrutinizing the pair of crutches by him. “Where’d you get those?”

“Uh, Ah made ‘em,” Apple Bloom admitted, raising a hoof slightly. Applejack turned her head to look at her sister.

“Really? That’s mighty impressive, AB.” She ruffled the filly’s reddish mane.

“Aw, thanks AJ. But it was really nothin’.” She blushed lightly, moving closer to Scootaloo.

“What should we do, then? If the other ponies went to find Rainbow Dash, we’re stuck here,” Sweetie Belle started. “And it’s not like we can fix these guys.” She allowed her eyes to rove up and down the three animatronics.

“We’ll just have to be patient and wait for ‘em to come back,” Applejack said. “Meanwhile, we can just, Ah dunno, play a game.”

“I heard the call of my people!” Pinkie Pie cried, falling off the ceiling and onto AJ’s back. The farm pony let out a loud grunt, limbs splayed out with Pinkie laying on top of her. “I wanna play a game! Applejack, do you want to play a game?”

Applejack pushed the party pony off. “Not very much. Ah think Ah’m content to watch the proceedins.” She stood up and shook herself. “You all do whatever. Ah’m gon’ go check on Foxy. Maybe he’s up now.”

“Can I come with?!” Chica squealed, eyes pleading.

“No. We’re goin’ to listen to Twilight’s suggestion of waitin’ ‘til everyone’s here.” AJ shook her head.

Chica’s shoulders drooped. “Fine.” She turned away. “I hope they get back soon.”

Twilight held up the device. The blue dot signaling Rainbow Dash’s location was getting progressively closer to their group. She glanced around, violet eyes searching the undergrowth for a sign of their brash friend. She could hear Fluttershy and Rarity shuffling behind her, most likely doing the same thing she was. Rarity lit her horn, casting a soft light spell. Her head tilted directly up to look at the dense layer of branches.

“Twilight, darling, I think I see something,” Rarity said evenly. Twilight turned her head, then followed the other unicorn’s gaze upward. In the branches above, many were broken and hanging attached to their spots by only a thin layer of bark.

“A sign of a crash?” Fluttershy asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Most likely, judging by the angle at which many are hanging; if she was crashing, the velocity at which she was would have”—Twilight saw the expressions on her friends’ faces—“I think you’re right about the crash, ‘shy.”

“Well, a negative and a positive,” Rarity commented grimly.

Twilight blew air out her mouth. “You got that right. Come on, let’s see if we can find a crash site. Judging by the angles of the branches, she was going this way.” She started walking forward.

“Or the fact that if she had been going the other way, she’d be going out of the forest.”

“. . . That too.”

Rarity smirked and the trio continued onward. Twilight found her thoughts drifting to Spike, who she hadn’t seen for a majority of the day. She’d sent him to her parents’ house so he wouldn’t get hurt. The situation they’d been in for the weeks Foxy was here weren’t the most pleasant and kid friendly—he was a baby dragon, after all.

“Look,” Fluttershy’s voice broke Twilight out of her thoughts. “I can see where she crashed. There’s mud . . .”

“Everywhere! Ew, don’t let it touch me,” Rarity moaned, backing up. She accidently bumped into the yellow pegasus behind her, causing Fluttershy to give a little squeak.

Twilight smirked slightly before observing the damage. Then she hovered the tracking device closer to her voice. The blue dot blinked several times. Twilight frowned, glancing about.

Where is she? The scanner is showing that the tracker is somewhere around here . . .

Rarity bumped her with her flank. “Twilight, hoof prints. They lead that way before they vanish—presumably when she flew away.” The snowy unicorn pointed at the tracks, which led back in the opposite direction.

Twilight blinked. “Oh, yes, I see them. Good job, Rares. Let’s go.” The three mares followed the tracks and then the trail of destruction that showed them where she’d flew in from. Branches were snapped in half, there were hoof prints on trees, and a final scattering of tracks allowed the mares to see where she’d last been.

“What happened here?” Fluttershy asked, ears pressed to her head. Her teal eyes widened in fright, pupils shrinking to dots. A strange feeling tingled under her skin, making the fur down her spine stand on end.

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t look good,” Twilight muttered. She observed the scene, trying to deduce some sort of answer.

“Goodness me. This most certainly was not a good thing,” Rarity commented, shuddering.

Twilight stalked forward, eyes narrowing at a spot on the ground. It was partially hidden underneath a bush and was shaped rather oddly, almost as if some animal had been injured and limped away . . . The unicorn’s head jerked up, eyes snapping open as a shrill beeping filled the air. She backed away, nearly slamming into Rarity. The device in her magical hold was signaling her of Dash’s location changing.

“Twilight, darling! What’s the matter? What’d you find?” Rarity inquired swiftly.

Twilight stammered a few times. “R-Rainbow Dash! She’s in danger! We’ve got to follow the signal!” Twilight didn’t wait for an answer as she leaped forward, eyes studying the trail. If one looked closely, they could see slight hoof marks, but they were so faint in the grass and dry dirt that is was nearly impossible to spot them. She floated the locater to one side of her head. Rarity and Fluttershy galloped after her.

Doll cast away her doubts and knocked on the door to the manager’s office. She waited politely to hear an answer. When she did, she immediately walked in and was faced with the owner of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

Taking a quick breath, Doll began, “Hello. My name’s Doll. I think you know the rest.” She tried to stay calm. The man leaned forward in his chair, fingertips pressed together. He straightened his lips into a line and glanced up at Doll.

“Yes, I do know. And I’m afraid I can’t help you,” was all he replied with.

“You can! You have to tell me what happened to Mike!” Doll yelled frantically, putting her palms face down on his desk. He leaned back slightly, eyes narrowing. “You know what happened to him, and I demand to know as well!” She huffed, crossing her arms. “There was no body found and I highly doubt there was even an investigation in the first place.”

“I can assure you, we had police in here—”

“Then they haven’t done jack squat!” Doll shouted back, cutting him off. “Whoever took all your robots took him too, and I won’t stand by and let it go!”

The man glared at her and stood up, towering over her. Doll took an intimidated step back, fearful. “Look, sweetcheeks,” he started, “I don’t know where anything went. But I don’t have the time nor the patience to have a bunch of moron police in here investigating. I abhor everything they stand for and I am not going to have my reputation ruined by your little boyfriend. If he couldn’t even protect a children’s place, I don’t think he’s worth it, anyhow. I’m sure you could do much better.”

Doll gasped, mouth dropping open. How dare he say that about my Mikey!? “You are a heartless man. I swear, even if it takes the rest of my life, I will find Mike, and I will make sure you rot in jail.” She cast one more cold glance at him as she walked towards the door. “And you’ll find that I’m not a woman to give up easily.”

Twilight, Rarity, and Fluttershy sprinted as hard as they could. Their limbs burned with exhaustion, from the night’s endeavors and the rest they desperately needed, but they wouldn’t—couldn’t—stop in their race. Rainbow Dash was in trouble and they all knew it.

“She’s just changed directions! Let’s try and cut her off,” Twilight directed. She turned slightly, heading left instead of straight. The mares behind her followed. Twilight pushed harder; they were so close. The dot was getting closer . . .


Twilight tackled down the blue figure. Rainbow Dash collapsed on impact, no resistance at all. She lay like a puppet whose strings had been snipped under the purple unicorn’s body.

“Rainbow?” Fluttershy asked, face already in the other pegasus’. “Twilight, she’s not waking up.”

“I can see that,” Twilight replied, voice thick with worry. She rolled off the pegasus, who still lay still. Carefully, she nudged Rainbow onto her back. Her wings splayed weakly under her, broken feathers scattered across the forest floor. “Dash . . . ?” Twilight set down the tracking device and instead used her magic to lift one of Rainbow’s eyelids up. Instantly, a golden light filled all their visions. Instinct taking over, Twilight threw up a defensive shield around her and the two others. The light seemed to retract and fall back. There, it morphed into a shape.

“What . . . is that!?” Rarity’s voice screeched. Fluttershy’s mouth simply gaped open.

“I . . . I don’t know!” Twilight cried back. The light took a form, coming together as a familiar shape.

“Is that F-Freddy?” Fluttershy finally squeaked. She shrank back, belly scraping the ground. The yellow bear sat limply against the truck of a tree. It stared empty-socketed at them, white pupils gazing at them. The mouth on it hung open, dirty teeth exposed.

“I don’t think so. I-it looks different.”

“I agree. Isn’t Freddy more . . . brown?” Rarity stammered.

Twilight felt frozen under its stare. Thoughts wormed into her skull—what should she do? It had seemingly possessed Rainbow Dash, so it could most likely do it to them as well. Perhaps my magic is keeping it out? Very carefully, Twilight summoned a magical containment. It hovered in front of her face; its shape was cube, magenta energy swirling in a pattern on its outside. The cube was no bigger than her hoof, but it would work. Acting quickly, the unicorn tossed it through her shield and it landed at the bear’s feet. Seemingly confused, it stared down at it . . . only to be sucked in in a brief flash of golden-and-magenta energy. There were collective sighs all around her.

“Thank goodness . . .” Rarity sighed. “What was that?”

Twilight took in a large breath, tired. “A magical containment. New spell I picked up this week. Thought it’d come in handy.”

Fluttershy nodded. “I think it worked.”

“Good.” Twilight stumbled forward a bit. “Come on.”

Author's Note:

*ominous music playing* . . . *non-intentional ship sailing*