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Five Nights in Equestria - RandomHamster33

Luna's job is to help her subjects. Will Foxy be able to be helped?

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Our Little Horror Story

The hands spun her around and Twilight came face-to-face with a monster. Glowing white eyes met her own violet ones, and there was a stench that could only be described as absolutely atrocious as it invaded her nostrils. She coughed, yanking her head back. The grip on her shoulders didn't lessen—if anything, it only strengthened.

“Are you an animatronic?” Twilight asked quietly, hesitance clear in her voice. She tried not to think about her heart pounding in her chest, or her slightly erratic breathing even though she tried to keep calm.

Even so, she thought the thing holding onto her was an animatronic, because it did have the form of one. The large frame, glowing eyes, wires, and metal.

However, it just stared back at her, hollow, half-lidded white eyes seeming to study her. It panted like a dog—not as heavy—but still easily noticeable. Every breath allowed a wave of sickly and stale air to wash over her, and Twilight had to refrain from gagging. She tried to pull away from the firm grip, but she was jolted as it shook her.

“Stay still,” it said plainly. Its eyes were no longer on her, but looking sideways. Twilight noticed that he—as she had deduced from the voice and form (even though it was decayed and broken as it was) that it was, indeed, a male—had an accent, and she believed it was from across the ocean. She couldn't identify the exact origin, however.

“Did you forget about me?” he asked suddenly, eyes on her in an instant. Twilight blinked, taken aback. Fingers squeezed tighter into her flesh. Briefly, she considered casting a spell to push him away, but decided against it. He might turn hostile if that happened.

“Did you hear me?”

“Uh, y-yeah,” Twilight replied shakily, “I heard you. And I don't know who you are, so how could I forget about you?”

He stared at her, looking—if Twilight was correct—as if he was offended. Then, he suddenly released her. Twilight stumbled back, hands rubbing at her shoulders. She was sure she was going to be bruised.

“I've been waiting. Why did you never come?” he asked again.

“What are you talking about?” Twilight retorted, confused.

“I'm talking about our game of hide-and-seek, duh!”

Twilight blinked, mouth falling open slightly. All this over a game of hide-and-seek?! What a delusion!

“You are supposed to try and find the hider as fast as you can. You do know that right?” He tilted his head at her. “But no matter. I am the seeker now, and you are the hider. I shall count to thirty.”

Twilight stared. “I never said I wanted to play . . .”

“I never asked.”

Realizing she might be in a bit of trouble, as his tone slipped into iciness, she carefully considered her next words. “Okay, okay, I'll play . . . If you tell me your name.”

He stared at her.

“Please? I'll tell you mine, too!” Twilight bargained. The decayed animatronic watched her for a moment, and at first she thought he wasn’t going to answer.


Twilight looked back up. “Springtrap? That's nice. Uh, my name’s Twilight Sparkle.”

Springtrap stared at her again. “You are a sparkle.”

Twilight shook her head, a slight smile crossing over her face. “No, no, that's just my name. I don't sparkle in the slightest—just like you're not a spring.”

“I am not a spring.”

“Of course.”

“Can we quit this awful small talk and get to the hiding-and-seeking?”

“Um, okay. I did agree to play if you told me your name,” Twilight admitted. At least Springtrap didn't seem that bad, if a bit mysterious. He had really frightened her at first, but he seemed to be fine now.

I should take care not to upset him. I don't know what he's capable of.

“I am going to count now,” Springtrap said. He turned to face the wall and began a very loud count. “One. Two. Three . . .”

Twilight frowned, then glanced around the rectangular room in which she found herself. She didn't think she should go out into the main part of the pizzeria, as Springtrap might not be able to go out or get upset over it.

No, it's probably the best option to stay in here for now. I've already been in here a while; Freddy has most likely already gone to get the girls. They can help with this odd animatronic.

So, without further ado, Twilight scurried over to the old party table and crouched under it. It probably wasn't the best hiding place ever, but it's not like there was anything else. At least she could prove to Springtrap that she was at least trying to play with him.

“Twenty-eight. Twenty-nine. Thirty,” Springtrap finished counting. She could hear him beginning to move. Twilight didn't look up, not wanting to move in case she gave herself away. The ratty tablecloth that still covered the table hung a few inches from the ground, concealing most of her form. She thought briefly about using magic to conceal herself but decided against it and just kept still. She couldn't tell what Springtrap’s intentions were.

I have never wanted to not offend someone as much as I do now.

Springtrap’s feet scuffing quietly against the ground soon vanished. Twilight paused, still crouched under the table. Maybe he was looking down the hall? Very carefully, Twilight lifted the edge of the tablecloth and allowed herself to scope out the area. The dark room was bare, as if nothing was ever there. Twilight frowned, then turned her head slightly to look down the hallway. It was empty as well.

Huh, I wonder where—

Twilight’s thought was cut off abruptly as a hand clamped down over her mouth. Eyes widening, her hands flared with magic just as something slid across her throat. A thin line of pain became known as she was dropped down. Her hands shot out to keep her up, and through her blurry eyes red dripped, coating the floor in the slick substance. She gasped desperately, trying to get air into her already burning lungs. A hand reached up to try and stem the flow. Her throat alit with burning pain and she lacked the strength to keep herself off the floor. She dropped into the pool of blood—her blood. Twilight vainly tried to use magic to help her, but there was no spell—one that she knew, anyways—that could heal this. Her body began to go limp and something shadowy lurked at the edge of her vision.

I win,” Springtrap whispered in her ear.

Twilight’s eyes fluttered closed.

Freddy tapped his foot, checking the clock at rapid intervals. He fidgeted, fixing his bow tie for the third time.

What's taking her so long?!

Freddy frowned, then approached the “wall” that was apparently there. He could feel a slight tingle running down his circuits, and decided against going any closer.

Maybe I'll get the other ponies.

The animatronic turned away and padded down the hall. He could hear voices—primarily Pinkie Pie’s high pitched squeals of “Ooh, ooh, manticore! Hydra! Timber Wolf! Zebra! Winona!” and so on and so on. He rolled his eyes and entered Pirate Cove, where they'd taken up residence again and were continuing their games.

“Oh, hi, Freddy,” Fluttershy greeted, looking up as he walked in.

“Wanna join our game?” Pinkie asked happily, pausing in her frantic and frankly annoying guessing. She turned to Rainbow Dash, who was making motions still. “Steven Magnet!”

Applejack sighed. “Pinkie, that's the fifth time ya’ve guessed that. It wasn't right that time, and it will never be.”

“Well, maybe she changed her mind!”

“That's against the rules.”

“Do you know where Twilight is?” Rarity asked, standing from her seat.

“Uh, you see, that's why I'm here,” Freddy started. “She went into this room or something and hasn't come back out . . .” He awkwardly gestured over his shoulder.

“What? What room?” Fluttershy asked immediately. She approached him quickly, looking up into his face.

“I don't know, some secret room!”

“Why didn't you come get us?”

“She said she was fine, and that there wasn't anything to be concerned about!”

“Why didn't you go in with her?”

"Because I can't even see the room, let alone go in! Something with my programming.”

Fluttershy put her hands on her hips. “You should've known better than to listen to Twilight saying everything’s fine.” Her tone was scolding.

“What? I—” Freddy stammered, flustered at her sudden change in attitude.

“Come on, have more sense than that.” Fluttershy frowned, then looked over her shoulder. “Come on, girls. Let's go.” She walked towards the door after one of her brief and rare displays of control, then stopped as they all rushed past her. Freddy watched carefully. “Sorry for snapping like that. I'm just . . . frustrated and stressed out,” she admitted. Her teal eyes cast off to the side and she let some of her hair fall into her face, rubbing an arm.

Freddy hesitated. “Mm, it's fine. I guess I could have come to you ten minutes ago when she first entered.”

She's been gone ten minutes?!”

“Well, yeah.”

Freddy’s head snapped to the side abruptly, a loud metal crack! ringing out. He squeaked in an expression of pain, a pout appearing on his face a moment later.

Ooooow, what was that for?” the animatronic whined as he rubbed at his face. Fluttershy put her hand down, shaking the sting away.

“You’ve let Twilight run off for more than ten minutes! What do you think that was for?!”

Freddy huffed, keeping his hand to his face. “Geez, not even Chica slapped me that hard. And she's a robot; that's really saying something. What's your hand made of, stone?” Fluttershy was already turning to walk down the hall. Freddy was beginning to follow her, and she glanced back:

“Do you want another to see?” she retorted. Freddy backed up a step, eyes widening slightly. He shook his head—still rubbing his face, mind you—and Fluttershy smirked slightly to herself as she padded forward.

“Whoa, has this been here the whole time?” Rainbow Dash’s voice drifted down the hallway. “I wanna go in!”

“Hey, hey, hold on,” Applejack warned, “we don't know what's in there. If Twilight hasn't come out yet, there's a chance somethin’ dangerous is awaitin’ for us on the other side.” Her tone gained a sense of foreboding.

“Applejack is right,” Fluttershy said, emerging from the hall with Freddy close behind. All eyes were on her. “We should be careful.”

“Yes, Celestia knows what's on the other side,” Rarity moaned. She smoothed out her skirt. “Who's going first?”

“I will!” Rainbow cheered, throwing her arms up. She kicked her feet and dove towards the entrance before her foot was snagged by a familiar blue aura.

“Now Dash, I didn't mean right this instant.” Rarity frowned, sapphire eyes glittering.

Rainbow sagged in the air. She came back to the floor, wings drooping. “Come on! I wanna see what's in there!”

“We will see. But first, we've got to make sure it's safe,” Fluttershy said.

“Twilight! Twilight, are you there?” Pinkie Pie called into the darkness, a hand near her mouth. There was an echo that launched itself back at them, but other than that, nothing besides the occasional sound of water dripping onto the floor from some loose pipe.

“Oh, my.” Fluttershy hunched her shoulders slightly, afraid.

“It'll be okay, Flutters. We can do this!” Rainbow declared.

“Do what?” came a mysterious voice.

There was a cacophony of shrieking as the group of six all but leaped backwards, hair on end from fright. They ended up in a bunch, all of them very close to one another, even with Rarity in Freddy’s arms. He didn't even seem to have the will to snark something back to her as he stared at the strange animatronic.

“Oh. Don't give me that look,” the animatronic continued, waving a hand nonchalantly. “But what's going on? I mean, I'd like to know.”

“Who are you?” Fluttershy stammered, heart fluttering in her chest. She was partially hiding behind Applejack.

“I already told the sparkle that, and she didn't make it very far—I don't think you want to know.”

“Twilight? You know where she is?” Rainbow Dash asked, her tone growing hard.

“Why, yes.” The strange animatronic grinned. “Want to see what I used?” He held up a hand and showed them what he was holding; a bloody knife.

“You son of a-!” Dash shouted and hurled herself forward, swinging her body around to deliver a kick worthy of the gods. The animatronic stood silently, a grin still on his face. When Rainbow’s foot was inches from hitting him, he dropped to the floor with unnatural speed. The pegasus’ eyes grew wide as she collided with the adjacent wall, sticking there for several moments before peeling off almost comically. She groaned and a wing twitched in a spasm.

The animatronic on the floor suddenly frowned. He began to sit up, his torso doing a full 360 turn so his hands could get under him, and then his legs followed suit, allowing him to stand quickly and fluidly.

“Oh, pardon me. I didn't mean for that to happen,” he said, tilting his head.

“Yeah, right!” Applejack snapped, speaking up for the woozy pegasus still splayed on the floor behind him.

“What? Don't believe me?” He looked puzzled. “Why not? I may have killed the sparkle but I do not know what you have against me.”

“Oh my Celestia,” Fluttershy sobbed, putting her head in her hands.

“You actually killed Twilight?” Rarity asked, eyes big.

“Well, of course. I had to win the game, you see,” the strange animatronic explained as if there was nothing wrong with that.

“What game?” Freddy retorted, feeling his eyes flickering menacingly.

“Our game of hide-and-seek! Why don't any of you remember? That's just rude.” The animatronic stalked forward, causing Freddy to put his arms out protectively over the ponies. “Come on, calm down, I'm not going to hurt you.” White eyes flashed at Freddy.

“Tell us your name.”

“I told you, you don't want to know.” The animatronic turned, hands clasped behind his back, and casually walked away. “Oh, and by the way, what you did to Fredbear just wasn't fair.”

Pinkie Pie frowned, looking up at Freddy from where she was crouched under his arm. “Why'd he use your nickname?”

“Stupid pink one, that's not my nickname,” Freddy sighed, caring enough to roll his eyes.

“He's right, you know. But don't worry, I fixed the poor guy,” the other animatronic continued. He put his fingers up to his mouth and whistled. Suddenly, a broken figure limped forward.

“Goldie?” Fluttershy gaped. They all stared at the yellow animatronic.

He was beyond broken, his jaw hanging open and right leg halfway gone. His microphone hung from one hand, barely in his fingers, and his hat was tipped dramatically to the side. An ear was gone and his eyes had no pupils, not even the tiny white dots. Burn marks streaked his body. How he was standing, they didn't know.

“You see, before I confronted your little group, I searched for my long lost buddy,” the creepy animatronic started. “And I found him—in worse condition! I just had to put him back together.” He patted Golden Freddy’s shoulder. “Of course, he has no sense of who he is or what he's doing anymore, which unfortunately I cannot fix, but he's still useful. I mean, he can still take orders!” An evil grin spread further across his face. “Sic ‘em, boy!” He pointed at the group.

The group scattered as the broken animatronic dashed towards them. Golden Freddy pulled to a stop, looking around like a cornered animal. He pounced at Rarity, who screamed and desperately tried to throw up a small magical shield, but she didn't have to as a brown blur smashed into the incoming animatronic.

The two Freddys rolled across the floor. They ended up a few feet apart, dazed. Golden Freddy yanked his head up, turning his focus immediately on his darker counterpart. They both jumped up and the two forces met in a clash of metal.

“After him!” Applejack shouted, pointing at the escaping animatronic racing down the hall. He moved quickly, vanishing into the darkness.

“What about them?” Pinkie Pie asked, casting a glance at the two animatronics brawling. There seemed to be no clear winner so far, neither looking defeated yet, although Golden Freddy had the other in a fierce headlock.

“They'll be fine! Come on, we need to stop him!” AJ glanced around and swept up Rainbow’s limp form. The pegasus’ limbs swung in her grip. With that, the group raced down the dark hall.

Springtrap grinned as he beheld the small pouch in his hand. It was soft and he could tell there were items of worth inside—to the strangers, at least. His raspy breathing was very noticeable to the otherwise quiet back room as he studied the pouch.

Heheheh . . .

Springtrap’s head jerked up, pupils contracting. The dark laugh echoed in his head, fading away into nothing. He looked around fervently.

The kids . . .

“No,” Springtrap groaned, dropping the bag to grip his head with both hands.


And that was the end of that. Springtrap pulled his head back up and glanced around quickly before deciphering he was still alone. He quickly shook his head and picked up the small items scattered across the floor. They were little sparkling gems. Springtrap decided they were valuable and did what any sane individual would do in this situation:

He picked them up and threw them down a nearby air vent. Metallic clinking met his ears as they fell, and he couldn't help but grin in content, looking as if he was a kid in a candy store.

His grin turned malevolent as he heard the strangers’ footsteps nearing him. They were in the room.

“My friends, I'm so glad you could make it,” Springtrap crooned. He stayed in his position with his back to them, crouched down slightly by the vent.

“We're not your friends, you monster,” the one with purple hair spat.

“Then I don't see what the point in running after me was.” Springtrap stood up, turning around. He drew the knife from his hip and brandished it casually. “After all, it just gives me more opportunities to kill you.”

“You're disgustin’,” the blonde one growled.

“Me? I'm disgusting?” Springtrap put a hand over his purple heart. “That's so rude. I would never say something like that to one of you.”

“You don't even know us! You big meanie!” the irritatingly pink-pink one snapped back.

“You hardly know me, either. No need to be a hypocrite.” Springtrap waved a hand nonchalantly and leaned against the metal table. “Now, what do you need from me?” He watched them with half-lidded eyes, same relaxed smile on his face.

“We’re here to put an end to ya!” Blondie exclaimed. There was a small chorus of ‘yeahs’ following her statement.

“End me? But I haven't done anything wrong!” Springtrap refuted, standing straight up again. The group of strangers recoiled slightly, seeming surprised.

“What? Of course you've done wrong! You killed Twilight!” Violet retorted, pointing at him and looking a bit sick as she did so.

“Me? You think I killed your sparkle?” An incredulous laugh bubbled up in his throat. “Me?”

“Yeah, duh!” Pinky groaned, rolling her eyes.

“And you said you did,” the not so irritatingly pink one pointed out quietly. She saw the look Springtrap was giving her. “Or at least, that's what I'm pretty sure you said.” She tried to avoid his hollowed gaze.

“Well, I can hardly say I'm not offended,” Springtrap scoffed, looking to the side momentarily.

“Shut up, ya devil!” Blondie ordered. “Either surrender or we’ll force ya to.” She slammed a fist into her palm, green eyes burning. Pinky hissed like a cat and made a scratching motion from the side.

Springtrap grinned, a small laugh working its way forward as he waved his hand nonchalantly. “O~oh, assorted beings, don't make me laugh any harder than I already am.”

Freddy grabbed Goldie under his jaw and hefted him over his head, throwing him across the room. The broken animatronic didn't make any sounds as he landed, even though his head lolled at an awkward angle as he stood up.

“Oh, come on!” Freddy groaned. “Goldie, it's me! Freddy!” There wasn't time to say anything else as he found himself on his stomach with an arm twisted behind him. Golden Freddy yanked it harder, and they both heard metal cracking. Freddy hissed and tried to shake the other from his back, but Goldie’s grip was true, even if he did only have one leg.

“Look, if this is about ripping you apart and burning you all those years ago, I'm sorry!” Freddy added, rolling over and pinning the other animatronic under his weight. He cuffed Goldie over the ear, then delivered several hard punches to his face, snapping his head back and forth. The completely black eyes stared back at Freddy with seemingly no emotion. It was a little disconcerting, to be honest. Usually there were angry glares, or at least winces of pain during fights—even some laughing, at the event which he'd just been vainly apologizing for moments earlier in hopes of staving off the attack—not a blank stare.

“Come on, work with me here! I don't like beating the circuits out of you!” Freddy exclaimed, nearly rolling his eyes. Apparently, fate wasn't working in his favor, as Golden Freddy reared forward and brought his jaws down on Freddy’s snout. The receiver of the bite cried out and fell back, allowing the other to get back up again. Freddy shook his head, getting to his feet. He glanced around, but stopped in confusion when he didn't see the other animatronic.


A hand broke through the metal on Freddy’s chest, cutting off his sentence and making him cry out. He gasped and slumped down slightly a few moments later, eyes half lidded. Goldie placed his other hand on Freddy’s shoulder to detach the animatronic. His circuits emitted a metallic screeching as he was pushed to the ground. His blue eyes stared forward for a few more moments before they faded to black.

Golden Freddy shook his arm, flinging small bits of metal and wire onto the floor. The appendage was scratched in several places from the sheer force of punching the other animatronic straight through the back, through his circuits, and out his chest. He briefly glanced down at the dead animatronic splayed across the floor. Golden Freddy blinked, cocking his head.

“What ‘ave ye done!?”

Golden Freddy twisted his head sharply to acknowledge the voice. The pirate fox stood at the entrance, looking frightened. He pulled his golden gaze off of his defeated comrade and stared Golden Freddy in the face.

“I though’ ye were dead!” he barked. He wobbled slightly and had to stick an arm out to balance himself. Golden Freddy tilted his head. He wasn't sure what kind of intentions this animatronic had. There wasn't any sort of angry body language; then again, it was hard with him leaning like he was. Better safe than sorry, Golden Freddy presumed as he closed the distance between him and the other animatronic. He figured this one would be easy.

But what he wasn't prepared for was the hook under his jaw that had him at the fox’s mercy. The pirate took a step forward, teeth bared in something resembling a pained snarl. Golden Freddy found himself being dragged. He tried to dislodge the hook from under his jaw but was stopped as the pirate dragged him around and got his arm around his neck, effectively pinning him there. He was dragged into another room behind a set of swinging doors. It was the kitchen.

There, the fox hit something; what it was, Golden Freddy couldn't tell, but he did hear the hiss-like sound of water. Then the sensation of burning as his head was stuck under the surface of it. He desperately shook his head to keep water out of his circuits, but it was a lost cause. Both his hands reached up to latch onto Foxy’s arms—

Wait, since when did he remember the pirate’s name?

Speaking of the pirate, he could tell he was getting electrocuted as well, from the tingling of his metal and the trembling of his limbs.

It’s all coming back to me! I remember!

Golden Freddy tried twice as hard to fight back, frantically trying to signal to Foxy he was back to his regular self. It seemed to work, for the next thing he knew, they were on the floor next to each other.

“Goldie?” Foxy wheezed, sitting up.

Golden Freddy coughed, water spraying from his suit. He sat up and pressed a hand to his head, wincing.

“Y-yeah, it's me,” he stammered. He looked up at Foxy. “How did you know that would work?”

“What would work? I jus’ wanted ta stop ye.” He shook his head. “What was up wit’ ya?”

Golden Freddy leaned up against a cabinet. “S-Springtrap happened, that's what.” He frowned. “We need to stop him.”

Foxy nodded, then paused. “’Ow did that water bring ye back?”

“I think that the electrocution you put both of us through activated my previous wiring. Springtrap, of course, had to shock me back to life, but it was only a small one.”

Foxy just nodded in reply. The two animatronics sat in silence for a few moments. Golden Freddy shifted, wincing as a small shock zapped him.

“That actually hurt a lot.”

Author's Note:

Five nights left to find you, one last thing to tend to. You fear what I can do, but you'll never run. Ghosts warn of my actions, but I'm the main attraction. You'll bring my satisfaction; our little horror story's just begun.

Please don't hate me.