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Five Nights in Equestria - RandomHamster33

Luna's job is to help her subjects. Will Foxy be able to be helped?

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Foxy on the Loose

“Hmm . . . that’s odd.”

“What is?”

Twilight spared a quick glance over at Fluttershy, who was sitting on a nearby stool watching as she was fixing Foxy.

“His circuits are all . . . cold. I can’t even move some of these wires—they’re so stiff.” Twilight’s horn brightened as it tugged on a particularly tough wire, her face one of concentration.

“Intriguing. Perhaps a heat spell would loosen them,” Luna commented from across the lab. She was examining some of Twilight’s inventions, her eyes narrowed in scrutiny.

“I’d melt the plastic and rubber in here if I did that, but thanks anyway, princess.” Twilight managed to get a small spark off a collection of panels using a switch, but nothing happened beyond that. The unicorn sighed, letting her head drop. “I just don’t get it! Why’d he freeze up so bad? I thought we were making some progress.”

Fluttershy blinked. “Luna probably just startled him, that’s all. I was scared to death too when I met”—the pegasus caught the princess’ glare—“came out of nowhere! That’s why. She came out of nowhere.” Fluttershy gave a quick laugh, avoiding eye contact with the lunar sovereign.

“I really wish he had some sort of manual that came with him. Maybe one on how to fix him,” Twilight said idly. She burrowed her purple hooves into his controls, tongue sticking out as she attempted to fix something—

“Yar, me mateys!”

The three beings in the room started in surprise. Twilight leaped backwards on the tips of her hooves, her tail high in the air.

“It be Foxy! And welcom-welcom-welcome to the Pirate’s Cove!” Foxy declared, his second outburst no longer startling the ponies.

“Twilight, what’s happening?” Fluttershy asked, now hovering in the air above her friend.

“Freddy best be gettin’ back to the stage, or I’ll be fo-fo-fo-forced to fo-fo-fo-forced to make him walk the plank!

The three equines were frozen to the spot.


“Twilight?” Fluttershy hissed.

“You best be gettin’ b-b-back to the stage, landlubber, because these little ones are now part of the pirate c-crew!”

“Seems like some sort of . . . programmed response. I must have activated it when I was tinkering with him,” Twilight responded after another moment or two.

“When in the Pirate Cove, remember to adventure safe, kiddies; no runnin’ around the Cove. Or else ye be ye be walkin’ the plank!”

“Must be a very old one, too. There’s so much stuttering,” Fluttershy commented softly, hearing the numerous skipping beats.

“Aye, is it swashbucklin’ adventures that ye be seekin’, la-la-lads? Or-or-or’s it that or-or-or is it that you’re not akin to the seven seas?”

“I should record this!” Twilight squealed quietly, getting her clipboard. She began jotting down every word from that point on.

“All pirates, give me an ‘arg’ an ‘arg’ an ‘arg’! Ahh, harhar-ha-ha-haha-haha! AARRGG . . .”

“A very broken laugh . . .” Fluttershy heard Twilight mumble almost incoherently.

“I be seein’ ya’ll already walkin’ all abou-abou-about with your pizza in hand, and your s-s-so-sody pops like proper sea-ea-ea pirates!

“And like proper sea pirates, we will be having ourselves a sea shanty!”

Twilight perked up. “Ooh, he’s gonna sing!” She shook her pegasus friend in excitement. Luna, meanwhile, was frowning in silence.

“Ooohh, what do you d-d-d-do with a drunken-ken-ken sailor, what do you do with a drunken s-s-sailor, early in the morn? Put him in the l-longb-oat ‘til he’s sober, p-put him in the longboat ‘til he’s s-s-sober! . . .”

The three ponies shifted as Foxy’s tone and speed got slower and deeper.

“Put him in the . . . longboat . . . ‘till he’s sober . . .”

Foxy’s words became a low keening groan. His jaw hung open, his eyes both half lidded and dimming from their light yellow glow.

“Yeah . . . let’s shut it off. We have work to do,” Twilight said slowly, her tone oozing discomfort. She trotted carefully forward. She let her magic search for the control to fix and in a final moan, Foxy slumped forward from where he sat on the table. A blank, dead stare met their gazes.

“That was quite . . . something,” Luna broke the silence.

“Perhaps something to study in more detail another day,” the violet unicorn added.

Why do I feel so . . . odd after hearing that? I shouldn’t, but I do. Maybe Luna and Fluttershy are feeling it too . . .

Fluttershy broke the silence after a few minutes of Twilight working on Foxy.

“So . . . can you get him working now?”

“I think so. After that, his circuits are looser now. I think I’ve nearly got him . . .” Twilight’s voice trailed off, her tongue poking out from her lips as she squinted in concentration.

“Gah!” Foxy let out a surprised yell and Twilight nearly had a heart attack. The pirate looked around wildly, his eyepatch having flipped down over his eye.

“It’s alright, Foxy. It’s just us,” Fluttershy announced, hovering before the fox.

“Oh. S’rry,” Foxy mumbled. He looked away.

“It’s okay.” She smiled. “Now, Foxy, this is Princess Luna. She’s one of the rulers of Equestria.” The pegasus backed away as she put her hooves out towards the lunar alicorn.

Luna had her wings out in an intimidating pose until she remembered what she’d just been told and quickly tucked them back at her sides.

“Greetings, Foxy. As the Lady Fluttershy said, I am Princess Luna, one of the conjoined leaders of this mighty nation. I am sorry for earlier—I was unawares,” she said. She dipped her head. “I am indeed the one who brought you here.”

Twilight quickly interjected, throwing a hoof out. “But why?”

Luna administered a sharp glare at the unicorn. Twilight quickly backed down, her ears folding back.

“S-sorry, princess.”

“Tis alright, Twilight Sparkle. Just know your place.” Luna shuffled her wings. “I know you are all wondering, why? Well, just last night, I made a shooting star. Anything in the sky I make, I am bound to. It is no different with a small body of matter from outer space that enters the atmosphere to become incandescent as a result of friction and appearing as a streak of light.

“I can hear many a wish when I create it, and even though you were worlds away, I heard yours. It surprised me quite a bit. Though, by the nature of your request, I accepted the challenge. I know I can help you, metal fox, but only if you are willing to accept it. For that is why I brought you to Equestria; so you can seek forgiveness and become a better creature for it.

“Because I know what it is like to wallow in crushing agony for years upon years.” Luna grimaced and stomped a hoof harder on the ground as she paced the laboratory. “I was quite hoping you would end up with Twilight Sparkle and her friends, as they can teach you and help you as well. Perhaps even more than I.”

Foxy watched Luna with wide eyes. The alicorn turned to face him.

“I see you have concerns. Do tell.”

Twilight and Fluttershy exchanged stunned glances, their eyes wide.

“Anypony? Go ahead, speak up,” Luna repeated.

“What . . . are you talking about?” Twilight asked.

“I suppose it is not my place to tell you, but Foxy was involved in an accident a number of years ago. I shall not tell you more than that.”

Fluttershy and Twilight turned around to look at the animatronic.

Luna also faced him. “You know what I’m talking about, I assume.”

“. . . How do ye know about that?” Foxy asked quietly. His eyes were downcast.

“I am the Princess of the Night. Naturally, I am a dream walker as well. After I heard your wish, I went into your dreams. Which, to be quite honest, I’m surprised you can even have, given your species. But I saw what happened . . . does it really haunt you every night?”

“Well . . . techn’cally, it’s e’ry day. I do . . . other things, durin’ the night.” He slowly ran a long, metal finger over his hook. “But aye.”

Luna’s face softened, and she came closer to him. “Then we are going to help you. I saw it—you were not in control.”

“No! T’was all my fault!” Foxy jumped off the work table, startling the two smaller equines. They backed away. Luna, however, stood her ground. She may have been somewhat shorter than this creature, but she wasn’t frightened. “Ye do not understand what happened.” Foxy’s anger died down, and a wave of sadness seemed to wash over him. The large ears on his head fell backwards, and his muzzle turned towards the ground.

“I understand that you’re still very upset about it.” Luna flicked an ear, tilting her head.

“Jus’ . . . drop it, will ya?”

“No, I will not. I brought you to Equestria for this very purpose.”

“There’s no hope ‘a “redemption” fer me,” Foxy mumbled. “That’s what Freddy says.”

“Then Freddy is wrong,” Luna retorted, going up behind the animatronic.

“He’s never wrong.”

“He is now.”

“Ye shouldn’t say that.” Foxy felt a twinge of fear go down his spine.

“Why not? That’s what Freddy told you, right? That he is never wrong? Well, I say he is, and I’m sure my sister will agree with me.” Luna stopped. Her nose twitched. “Why are you afraid?”

“I’m not.”

A large frown spread over the sovereign’s muzzle. “I can sense you are.”

The fur along Foxy’s spine lifted and he spun around, teeth bared. His eyes glinted harshly at the princess. “Ye should not say ‘nother word!”

The lunar ruler stopped, her face one of extreme surprise and indignation. She turned around, evidently trying to calm herself. Twilight and Fluttershy exchanged glances again.

“I see,” was all Luna replied with. She took a deep breath. “I am sorry if I offended you.” In a few minutes, she faced him again. “I shall check on you later. I still have to inform my sister of what I’ve done.” She leaned forward, lowering her voice as she hissed into Foxy’s ear.

“Do not be afraid.”

Foxy frowned as the princess stepped away from him. Her eyes twinkled in sympathy before she vanished in a cloud of blue smoke.

Foxy tried to block out the memories. They flooded his mind regardless, but he didn’t show his feelings as they did. The princess had left and just the other two were there, watching him.


The pirate turned towards Twilight’s hesitant voice. She shied away as he made eye contact, but then straightened up.

“Will . . . you tell us what happened?”

“No.” Foxy hunched his shoulders and turned away from the ponies again. If his tail had not still been broken, it would probably be twitching in anger.

“But if you talk about your problems, we can help you! Princess Luna’s a very smart pony. She said she saw what happened, so if it was really that bad . . .” Twilight trailed off, looking at the ground.

“Please, Foxy, we just want to help. Evidently you’re not getting any from wherever you’re from, and I don’t know how much I trust this ‘Freddy’—I mean, I’m not insulting him, or saying he’s a horrible person—”

“’Nuff. I don’t wanna hear it,” Foxy growled, trying to keep his voice down. Visions of blood and the sounds of children and adults alike screaming filled his mind.

Don’t think ‘bout it . . . don’t! Don’t! Betrayed eyes flashed in front of his face. STOP! Please . . .

Twilight and Fluttershy looked at each other with sad expressions on their faces.

“Okay then. We won’t push you,” Twilight said. She checked the clock hanging on the wall. “It’s nearly four. Do you eat? Spike makes this amazing hotdish—”

“No, I don’t,” he said. “But who’s Spike?”

Twilight’s face became one of relief, a smile on her face. “He’s my assistant. I’m sure he’d love to meet you. He doesn’t have many friends that are boys.” She stopped. “Hey, speaking of boys, how old are you, Foxy?”

“Hmm . . . what year is it here?”

“Well, it’s 7334, but I’m sure it’s different in your world.”

Foxy thought for a moment. “Aye, that is diff’rent. I know what year it was when I was introduced . . .”


“Aye, I worked at a rest’rant. I was built in 1986, and the . . .” Foxy stopped, grimacing. “And a few years progressed . . . aye, I remember the calendar in the workroom said 1993. So I’m . . . seven.” He seemed satisfied with that answer.

“S-seven?” Twilight stammered.

“Aye. What’s so funny?” he snorted.

Twilight let loose a few giggles. “Well, it’s just, it’s just, maybe that’s not how it works where you’re from, but here, that’s the age of a young . . . foal.”

“Obv’sly, that’s how it works in our world. Evr’y day I was surrounded by children. I know how old they were.”

“So . . . you know that you’re a child.”

“No, I am not.”

“Technically, you are.”

Foxy put his hand and hook on his hip. “What’re ye tryin’ ta say?”

Twilight just shook her head and sighed happily. “Just, just never mind. Ignore me.” She looked up at Foxy. “So, you wanted to meet Spike?”

“Spike! Will you come here please?”

“Yeah, sure Twilight!”

The pattering of footsteps sounded from upstairs, and the unicorn looked up to find her young assistant running down the steps.

“Finally out of that lab, are you? What’re you working on anyhow?” Spike asked.

“I have someone for you to meet. Now, I don’t want to you freak out, but I doubt you will, so there’s really nothing to worry about. It’s the thing I’ve been working on for a day-and-a-half now,” Twilight explained.

“Oooh, cool.” He then paused. “Wait, what?”

“You’ll see.” She raised her voice. “Fluttershy, can you bring him in?”

The door to the basement swung open and the cream coated pegasus appeared, standing in the doorway. She glanced behind her, checking on Celestia-knows-what. Spike bit his lip in consternation.

Fluttershy trotted forward and then something came into view. It stood just a tad higher than the door frame and ducked under the wood.

Spike felt his jaw hit the ground. It was some sort of fox or coyote, with patchy red fur. An eyepatch covered one eye, the other with a slightly droopy eyelid. A silver hook covered one hand.

“What . . . is that!?” Spike exclaimed, his eyes wide. He grabbed Twilight’s tail.

“Spike, this is Foxy,” the purple mare introduced.

“Ahoy,” Foxy said.

“Uh, h-hi,” Spike stuttered.

The two stared at each other. Twilight cocked an eyebrow.

“What’s the matter, you two?” she asked. She glanced at them.

“Ye never said he was . . . a kid,” the pirate said, putting his hand out.

“I guess. But you’re one. What’s the difference?”

“The diff’rence, lass, is: 1. I don’t really ‘ave an age that determines how mature I am, and 2. why didn’t ye tell me?”

“Is there something wrong with him being a kid?”

Something unrecognizable flashed across Foxy’s face, but it vanished as soon as it had come.

“No, I guess not.”

“Then come on! Spike, why don’t you and Foxy talk?” Twilight encouraged, nudging the baby dragon at her hindquarters. “He’s going to be here a while, so you’d best be getting to know each other.”

“Uh, sure, Twilight,” Spike said, nodding his head.

Of all the things Twilight could do, she asks me to be friends with a robot?

Foxy tried not to let his unease show. The last time he’d played with children . . .

No. Don’t think about it.

Who cared if it’d been 6 years since he’d seen a child face-to-face? He still possessed the characteristics that’d made him the biggest thing at the family restaurant in years.

Then why was he so nervous?

Bonnie and Chica anxiously paced the backstage area. Freddy was leaning against a wall, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Freddy? What are we going to do? Where did Foxy go?” Chica finally asked, stopping in front of her colleague.

“I don’t have an answer for you, my dear,” Freddy responded, shaking his head. The chicken gave a small whine and continued pacing.

“At least he doesn’t perform anymore, right? They won’t notice he’s gone,” Bonnie said, his voice cracking. The bunny tapped his fingers together.

“But he’s our friend!” Chica cried. “Most of the time.”

“Who cares? Having him gone isn’t really that big of deal,” Freddy said, trying not to act like he cared.

“Freddy, don’t say that. I know you two have had your . . . differences, but Foxy is your friend, too! I remember when he was like our little baby . . . when he’d just been built. We even worked out all his kinks! We worked so hard and he, he . . .” Chica whimpered, putting her hands on her head.

“I wish Zach were here,” Bonnie sighed suddenly, his shoulders drooping.

Freddy winced. “Don’t say that name.”


“Don’t, Bonnie.”

“He was fired years ago. No use dwelling on it,” Chica agreed sadly. The three animatronics sat in silence for a while.

“Maybe the new security guard’ll get fired ‘cuz of it. H-how great would that be?” Bonnie chittered nervously.

“You mean Mike? He’s a pansy,” Freddy mumbled. “’m surprised he’s even made it this long.”

“Y-yeah, right . . .”

There was another silence. It seemed to last for quite a long time.

“You guys?”

“Yes, Chica?” Freddy asked. Bonnie glanced over at her.

“I miss Foxy . . .”

“You shouldn’t.”

“But I do. He wasn’t the most stable of us, but, but, he made everything more fun, you know.”

“I know what you mean,” Bonnie murmured.

“Sometimes I feel like we’re not nice enough to him sometimes.”

“Yeah.” That was Bonnie again.

“I’ve heard the humans say . . . ‘you never know what you have until it’s gone.’”

Twilight and Fluttershy smiled when they heard a round of laughter from the other room. Despite the awkward beginning, Spike and Foxy actually got along great. Of course, after learning that Foxy was a children’s entertainer, their fun made more sense.

“I actually didn’t think it’d work out that well,” Fluttershy admitted. She brought her teacup up to her mouth with a wing. One feather was fixed through the handle, while two others were supporting the bottom.

“Me neither. Though I’m glad it is working. Honestly, I think Foxy just doesn’t know what he can do,” Twilight agreed. She took a delicate bite of her biscuit. They’d just had lunch—some of Spike’s hayburger hotdish—and the two mares were now enjoying one another’s company over some tea and biscuits.

Fluttershy remained silent for a few moments.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s just . . . I wish we could help him. If we knew what happened to him, we could.” The pegasus shook her head.

“There’s no point in hoping. Possibly, when he’s earned our trust a little more, we can find out. Foxy seems to like you the best, so you’ll probably be the one to learn. And I highly doubt Princess Luna will tell us.”

Fluttershy nodded. “But you saw how he acted. He obviously hates taking about—even remembering it. I know . . . I used to have PTSD, and I can clearly see all the signs—”

“Wait, ‘shy? You had post-traumatic stress disorder?” Twilight leaned forward, placing a hoof on Fluttershy’s.

“Well, yes. It was way back before I knew any of you girls personally—except Dash, of course. It was one of the last days of flight school. We were asked to make a storm, and we had to pass in order to graduate.”

“Why was making a storm required? That’s actually kinda dangerous. Not all pegasi work with weather—you’re one of the examples.”

“Odd curriculum, back then. What happened with me was actually the reason they were forced to change the particulars.”

“Oh. Please, go on,” Twilight said.

“Okay. I was one of the first to go. Rainbow had gone a few ponies ahead of me, but was watching from the sidelines. She knew I’d been nervous all week . . . she’d helped me and coached me before-hoof, though I still felt absolutely horrid about the whole thing.

“They called me forward, and I got ready. I remember shaking violently. I moved clouds and got the electricity going—of course, I was moving fairly slow. I didn’t realize how slow I was going until the lightning was striking out. The winds weren’t prepared yet and I couldn’t fail. I was screaming and crying and trying frantically to get the lightning under control.”

“Why didn’t anypony help you?”

“It wasn’t that bad yet. An official can only step in after something really bad happens. I don’t know what could’ve happened, but apparently it never happened with me.”


“You’ll understand in a minute. Anyways, Rainbow was cheering me on and trying to give me advice, but the officials got angry at her and kicked her out. After that, I botched it. A bolt of lightning clipped my wing, and I fell. The officials did nothing. I could hear ponies screaming my name, but I had nearly passed out I was so scared. I guess the other students couldn’t get to me because of the officials, and the storm had gone asunder. They couldn’t see me.

“But thank Celestia Rainbow Dash got to me in time. I would’ve ended up as a splat on the ground. She heard my cries, as she’d been just outside the storm area. Rainbow flew down to me so fast I personally thought she’d made a sonic rainboom again. After she caught me, she flew off with me. We didn’t even return to the school, she just headed right towards the hospital. I was treated for burns and had to stay off my wing for a few days, but that was all.

“But it was terrifying. After that event, I couldn’t sleep. The terror of me falling, of me failing, was too great for me to sleep or eat or do anything. Rainbow, as always, was worried. She took me to a therapist, who diagnosed me with post-traumatic stress disorder. And they were right—I showed all the symptoms. Sometimes, I freaked out in public . . . Dash beat everypony who made fun of me—even got several citations and was arrested one or twice—but she said she didn’t care. I’m glad I had a friend like her. Eventually, after—I’ve got to say—two years of having PTSD, my mind cleared. I mean, it still haunts my dreams occasionally, but not as much.

“Though I am ashamed it was of something so small. Most ponies get it through the war or near-death experience. Mine was just a failed exam.” Fluttershy frowned, her eyes glittering.

“Fluttershy, yours was a near-death experience,” Twilight said. She reached over and gave the pegasus a hug. “Don’t feel that way.”

“Thanks Twilight.” The pegasus smiled lightly.

“No problem, ‘shy.” Twilight returned the gesture and leaned back. “So, since that’s out of the way, what do you say we go and checkup on our boys in the other room?”

“Yeah. I haven’t heard laughing in a while, now that I think about it.”

“Oh.” Twilight frowned.

“Twilight!” Spike’s frantic call reverberated through the library.

“Spike?!” the unicorn shrieked, leaping to her hooves. She practically flew down the stairs. Fluttershy literally did, however.

Once they got downstairs, they only saw Spike, who immediately ran to Twilight. He hugged her leg, his eyes wide.

“Spike, what happened?! Where’s Foxy?!”

“He—he just freaked out. I don’t know what I did, but he backed away from me and then sprinted off!” Spike explained quickly. He then pointed towards the distinctly Foxy-shaped hole in the library’s wall. A few ponies skittered around outside. Sunlight poured in through the hole.

“Uh oh.”

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