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Five Nights in Equestria - RandomHamster33

Luna's job is to help her subjects. Will Foxy be able to be helped?

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“Oooh, no, ooooh, no,” Twilight moaned, running in place. Strands of indigo sprung up from her mane, messing it up from when she’d brushed it just an hour prior.

“Twilight! We need to find him,” Fluttershy squealed.

“Yes! You’re very right, you are. Let’s not waste any more time.” The trio, as Spike had decided to join them, sprinted out of the library through the large Foxy-shaped hole. A few ponies (namely, the garden ponies) were laying, passed out, on the paths.

A scream resounded across Ponyville.

“That was definitely Rarity!” Spike exclaimed, panting, as they came to a stop. The group redirected themselves to head towards Carousel Boutique.

“Hey! I can see Foxy’s footprints!” Fluttershy declared. Large indentations marked out where the pirate had raced across Ponyville.

“Headed towards Carousel Boutique, I see,” Twilight grumbled, letting her head drop momentarily.


“Rarity! We’re coming!” Spike yelled at the top of his lungs. The group picked up speed. They skidded around a corner and saw Rarity’s place of business in front of them. A white shaped came flying towards them, nearly crashing through. It was Rarity, whose mane was ultimately more messy and disheveled than usual.

“Oh, my stars, Twilight, thank goodness you’re here!” the white unicorn shouted. Her eyes were wide.

“Where did he go!?” Twilight demanded, not wasting any time with her friend’s words.

“It barged through my house! Right through the bottom floor! There are holes in my boutique!” She pointed at her residence, and upon inspection, there were large, gaping holes on both sides, in a straight path, right through Carousel Boutique.

“Ugh, really?” Twilight complained. “Don’t worry, Rarity, I’ll pay for the damages. Right now, we've got to go!” She and Fluttershy set off again. Spike tried to follow, but a magenta force held him back. The dragon let out a wail of indignation as he was set on Rarity’s back. Twilight turned her head.

“Sorry, Spike! If Foxy is dangerous, I don’t want you getting hurt!”

“If you see Rainbow Dash, could you please send her our way!?” Fluttershy called a few moments later as they vanished into Carousel Boutique.

Run! Don’t stop . . . never stop! Did I hurt him? I don’t even remember . . . oh the skies above, what’s happenin' ta me?

Trip. Stumble. His foot caught on a suspended root, sending him tumbling forwards. Two arms were thrown out to catch him.

Foxy pedaled his back legs, managing to get back on his feet. He tore through the forest. He didn’t know what he was doing or why, but all he knew was he had to get away. Far away as possible.

Tree branches whipped at Foxy’s muzzle, and pain ignited in his circuits. But he not dare turn back.

“Twilight, how are we ever going to find Foxy in here?”

Fluttershy’s worried question surfaced as the duo reached the edge of the Everfree Forest. The unicorn frowned.

“We’ll just have to follow his trail, if he left one. And I very much doubt that Foxy, of all creatures, isn’t going to leave some sort of clue to where he’s gone,” Twilight responded. The pair slowed down as they traveled the first few meters into the darkness. Above their head, branches were scratched and even broken.

“I guess you’re right,” the pegasus said. She scrunched down, her wings ruffling on her back from fear. “The Everfree Forest is where Foxy first came from. He ran out of there, I think.” She started at a nearby hoot of an owl. “We should ask him later.”

“I thought he first showed up in your garden?”

“Well, that’s when I saw him, but I observed some traces of plants from the Everfree. Sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“That’s all right.” Twilight shook her head. “You can’t remember everything. Especially when something this big transpires.” The unicorn stopped as she put a hoof down into a large puddle of mud. “Great, just great.” She pulled against the sucking force of the mire, a slurping noise emanating from it. In a large explosion of mud backwards, Twilight managed to get free. Fluttershy squeaked, shielding herself with a wing.

“Are you okay, Twilight?” the pegasus asked, appearing over her friend, who was now on her back. Twilight groaned, rolling onto her stomach.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Twilight replied, “let’s just keep going.” She used her magic to perform a cleaning spell on her body, and then she was free from the contaminating substances.

The duo continued onward. Eventually, the trail of branches stopped, leaving them with no idea if their target went a different direction or not.

“Well, at least we reached a clearing,” Twilight said, glancing around. The trees here were much higher than earlier, towering hundreds of feet above their heads. “But now there’s nothing I can see that tells us where Foxy went.”

“No paw prints?” Fluttershy asked, scanning the forest floor. Leaves were scattered all around.

“Not that I can see.” Twilight narrowed her eyes in scrutiny.

“Do you know a spell that could help us?”

“Hmm . . . a tracking spell? That’s brilliant! I just need to think . . .” The unicorn began to tap her head in thought.

Fluttershy, meanwhile, searched around the clearing to see if there was anything.

“’shy, I think I know!” Twilight exclaimed from across the glade. The pegasus flittered back over, eager to hear the plan. “Alright, so I was thinking about how Foxy is made of, well, you know, metal. And I am nearly positive I can perform a spell that would allow us to track anything made out of metal.”

“Just metal?”

“Well, technically metal alloys, but they’re very nearly the same.” Twilight waved a hoof in nonchalance.

“O-okay then, Twilight, if you think you can do it.” Fluttershy twitched her tail.

“Alright!” The unicorn lit her horn, a magenta aura surrounding it. Twilight closed her eyes, concentrating. In a matter of moments, the glow grew brighter, and Fluttershy shielded her eyes with a wing.

“I’m getting a trace of something . . .” Twilight mumbled, an eyebrow twitching. Her eyes opened, and the corona on her horn dimmed, fading out. “Something with a large amount of metal in its system went through here just about thirty minutes ago.”

A grin split across both their faces.

Foxy stumbled along. His circuits hummed dully. He was running out of power.

Come on . . . somewhere I can jus’ stop. There’s defin’tely not anythin’ ta power me up in a forest.

Foxy had what could only be minutes left, and if he’d tried earlier, his path was lost to the ponies who were most likely following him.

Nearly startin' ta regret that . . . but if I did somethin’, I can’t go back.


The pirate slipped on something and went tumbling down the slope. He’d not been paying attention, and apparently was going to pay for it. Now he was crashing through bushes and thickets, his circuits screaming in pain. He came to a halt at the bottom, now half in and half out of a pool of murky water.

Well, maybe something more than a puddle of gross water. More like a huge expanse that went hundreds of feet in each direction.

“Great . . . jus’ great. Now I’m gonna rust out here before I lose power,” Foxy grumbled to himself. He hauled himself onto the land and tried to kick the offending mire from his hind legs.

“Speakin’ ‘a ‘out here’, where is here?” he asked. The fox let his eyes wander, taking in the scenery. The only way of out there seemed to be right through the swamp, and that was completely out of the question. After uttering a word that would have and did get him punished by Freddy Fazbear himself, Foxy fell against a nearby tree. His eyes half lidded, the pirate let out a small whine.

A growl rumbled from the icky mud. Foxy shot to attention, ears pricked.

“Who goes there? Show yourself, ye scallywag!” Foxy roared threateningly, waving his hook. Silence. “Is it ye ponies? Trying ta get ol’ Foxy back, ay? Well, too bad! I’ll ‘ave ye know, I’ve been through worse!”

“Grrroooooaaaaa . . .”

“Nice sound effects. Very nearly almost scared me. Close, but no cigar.” Foxy’s ears swiveled around on his head.

A silence followed his words once again. The pirate shivered, trying to keep his cool. Suddenly, a roar ripped from the mud. Four heads shot out of the mire, spattering it everywhere. Foxy gasped in astonishment as massive orange necks followed after the triangular heads. Eight black eyes stared down at the fox.

“O-oh, ahoy, maties. Am I in your terr’tory? I must be. I’ll jus’ be goin’. No need ta get worked up 'bout it . . .” Foxy said timidly, putting his hand and hook in front of him in a gesture of surrender. He slowly backed up, only to hit the tree on which he’d been leaning against just minutes prior. The beast inched closer, its body emerging from the mud slowly. Two legs as thick as tree trunks pushed it forward.

“No, ye can stay put. I’ll move . . .”


“I’m goin’!” Foxy yelped, jumping into action.

What’s with this forest and tryin’ ta kill me?!?!

“No! No!” Foxy leaped over a swipe from one of the heads, narrowly dodging the thick neck. “I’m goin’! No”—a crash as it bit down on a tree—“No! I’m goin’!”

A primal screech ripped through the cooling night air. Foxy gave a frightened yelp, picking up his pace . . .


Fluttershy stopped, soft yellow ears pricked as she stood straighter. They twitched on her head, swiveling forward and back.

“Twilight?” the pegasus called quietly a moment later to her friend that was a ways away.

Twilight glanced over at her friend’s call. “Yes, Fluttershy?”

“Did you hear that?”

Twilight flicked her tail. “What did you hear?”

“It sounded like some kind of . . . far-off roar.” Fluttershy frowned, face contorted in confusion.

“Well, that can’t be good.” Twilight bit her lip, approaching the pegasus again. “I suggest we check it out.”

“Are you betting that Foxy is involved?” Fluttershy asked, cocking her head.

“Most definitely. I swear, that fox is the unluckiest I’ve ever met,” the unicorn griped momentarily.

“We’ve only known him for around ten hours.”

“Yes, I’m aware. We turned him on at approximately twelve noon, and it’s nearly ten. We’ve been pursuing him for practically an hour now. Celestia’s sun, why can’t anything be stress-free around here?”

“I’m sorry to have it be this much trouble for you, Twilight.” Fluttershy looked away. The unicorn glanced quizzically at the reticent pegasus for a moment.

“It’s not your fault, ‘shy. Don’t feel bad.”

“O-okay. I just don’t want you to be stressed out more than you have to be.”

Twilight smirked. “Like that’ll ever happen. Besides, when we get back to Ponyville, I’ll take a nice, long bubble bath and some invigorating, soothing chamomile tea.”

“That’s kind of opposing, isn’t it?” Fluttershy cocked an eyebrow. “Invigorating? Soothing?”

“Sorry. My brain’s tired. I guess it did come out sorta odd sounding. But no matter—let’s just find Foxy, interrogate him, and then let me go relax.”

“Can’t you just use that spell you learned?”

“I’m not really tired like that. Just—worn out. Something only a period of reduction can affluence.”

“I understand. Happens to the best of us.” Fluttershy offered a smile as they continued on their journey.

“You know something, ‘shy?” Twilight asked after about a half an hour of walking through the dank forest.

“Hmm?” the pegasus replied, turning her head slightly to Twilight’s voice.

“Aren’t we on the path that leads to Froggy Bottom Bog?”

“Uh . . . perhaps a different route than what I took.”

“Then . . . you know what that roar probably was, right?”

“. . . Hydra?”

“. . . Hydra.”

“Fantastic.” Fluttershy dropped her head. “I am seriously getting fatigued, Twilight.”

“Me too. I don’t wanna relax anymore, I wanna sleep!”

“Can you please use that spell?”

“Right now, that sounds like a pronounced idea.” Twilight’s horn glimmered with energy, and then a fuzziness settled over both of the equines’ heads. The feeling reigned absolute for a tick, before it released its hold and both of the ponies blinked, feeling refreshed.

“Ahh, much better,” Twilight sighed in gratification.

“Thanks,” Fluttershy said. They continued headlong. “You know what, Foxy must’ve run this whole way for us to be this far behind.”

“You’re probably dead-on.”

“Luna . . . you brought a strange creature to Equestria?” Celestia asked, shocked.

Luna nodded. “It was for the greater good, I assure thee.”

“For both sides of the universe?”

“I . . . know it will help Foxy. And possibly your student.”

“Don’t you see that that was a very dangerous thing to do? And you did it without consulting me!”

“I . . .”

Celestia seemed hurt. “You didn’t even inform me right afterwards?” The solar alicorn gazed upon her younger sister with glimmering eyes.

“Why are you so upset? Have I done something to upset an old wound?” Luna asked, cocking an eyebrow.

Celestia began to place the room, mane flowing eternally around her. “I thought you had come past lying to me.”

Luna started, flaring her wings. “We hath not lied to you! And we are not subject to your lies!”

Celestia sighed, closing her eyes. “I am deeply sorry, little sister. I did not mean to offend you. I am just . . . overreacting.” She glanced towards the sun. “I hope to meet the poor fox, soon. Tomorrow I shall write to Twilight.”

Luna nodded. Her temper evened out again.

We suppose our sister has a point. We should not have brought Foxy here without consulting her.

“You know, Luna, I think you’re slowly reverting to your old ways.”

The lunar sovereign flinched. “What?!”

“Using the royal ‘we’ are you?” Celestia chuckled.

“Sneaky, sister, but we—I have come farther than that.”

“Maybe if you used it everywhere, instead of just in public, you’d get over it.”

“Perhaps you are right.”

Celestia smirked. “Perhaps I am.” She watched the sun on the horizon. “It is nearly time to lower the sun and raise the moon.”

“Yes. I shall be waiting.”

Two small, golden orbs slowly lit up the darkness. They became brighter and brighter, and with it, a slight hum that filled the air.

Foxy blinked his glowing eyes rapidly, trying to clear his vision. He shifted in the black.

Yar . . . where am I? . . . And what happened ta me?

The pirate glanced about, struggling to find a source of light. He began to stand up, only to fall over as a frantic beeping stopped him.

Ah . . . that makes more sense. I be runnin’ on emergency power. I musta lost power and . . .

Foxy stopped. He glanced upwards. A few dark shadows told him he had fallen down some sort of hole. He was at least twenty feet in the ground. The pirate perked an ear haphazardly, trying to see if he could hear the beast from earlier. There was silence.

Okay, I musta fell and lost power, or the other way ’round. Lucky me, least I didn’t have ta feel that. But what ta do now? I can’t move much on account ‘a me bein' on emergency power . . .

Foxy sensed he had about seven percent of his emergency power remaining. He only had ten percent of power to begin with in his short supply. If he was already dying again, what use was it?

For land’s sake . . . why!?

Foxy sighed, leaning back against the cold stone wall. It’s useless. I’ll ne’er get out ‘a here.

Twilight and Fluttershy glanced around. They were at Froggy Bottom Bog. So far, they hadn’t seen anything living, though there were footprints. And some of them were quite large.

“Hydra, great. And I assume it was chasing Foxy,” Twilight muttered, seeing the humongous prints going off in a different direction around the edge of the swamp.

“We better hurry! He might be hurt,” Fluttershy said, opening her wings. She hovered in the air, and the duo set off in the direction. After following them for a while, they stopped. The Hydra’s footprints doubled back, heading into the bog.

“Uhh, where did Foxy’s tracks go?” Twilight asked, turning in a tight circle.

“Maybe through those bushes?” Fluttershy responds, pointing a hoof at the nearby thicket. They exchanged glances and went forward. There was nothing there. Twilight raised an eyebrow, using her magic to shift bushes around so she could see if there were prints.

“Ooohhh,” the unicorn crowed, realization flooding over her.

“What? What is it?” Fluttershy flapped her wings, moving over her friend.

“Look. It’s some sort of trap. Maybe one of the ancient timber-wolf traps.” Twilight moved out of the way so the pegasus could see. A large hole was carved into the ground. It’d been covered with the bush so nopony would see it.

“Is Foxy in there?”

“Seems reasonable. This is where his footprints stop. The hydra probably stopped chasing him when it lost sight of him.” The unicorn stooped over the edge.

“Why don’t I go down there? I can fly.” For emphasis, Fluttershy flapped her wings a bit faster, dropping down in front of Twilight.

“Okay, ‘shy. Take this.” Twillight lit her horn and a small twinkling of magic dissipated into the pegasus’ cyan eyes. Fluttershy blinked a few times, alarmed. “If you think about it, you can turn on a light. It’ll shine from your eyes, but won’t affect your vision. Just be careful. If Foxy’s dangerous, we don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Of course I’ll be fine. If I’m in trouble, I’ll yell.” Fluttershy started descending, her wing beats slow and steady to lower herself down. The light vanished quite fast, so she blinked and tried to concentrate her thoughts on making a light. Immediately, a light shone onto the stone wall beside her. Fluttershy turned her head, testing it out. It followed her line of sight. “Thanks, Twilight,” she whispered. She then directed her gaze downward. Something reflected back the light.

Fluttershy slowed down a bit, trying to get the shape of the object.

“Oh, Foxy!”

The pegasus landed on the ground. The hole was quite narrow, but she managed to find some open space. Foxy was slumped against the wall, his head bent forward so she couldn’t see most of his face. His legs were bent and parted, his arms laying on the insides of his thighs.

“Foxy?” the pegasus asked again. She gently prodded his large metal foot. He didn’t move. Looking upwards, Fluttershy opened her mouth, “Twilight! He’s down here!” She glanced back at the metal pirate. “But I think he’s broken!”

“Really?” came Twilight’s disembodied voice. Fluttershy saw a shaft of light open up from Twilight casting a spell, and the shadow of the unicorn appeared overhead.

“Would you teleport him up there?”

“. . . Can you carry him up from there?”

Fluttershy paused. “Can’t you just levitate him up from here?”

“The Everfree Forest’s strange magic is messing up my own. Must be some odd magical storm? It came out of nowhere. My magic won’t allow me to carry something that heavy right now. Sorry.”

“No, no, it’s okay. I carried him before, I’m sure I can do it again.” Fluttershy waved a hoof and beat her wings. She moved forward and grabbed the metal fox under his arms. Straining, as Foxy was so much heavier than her, the pegasus furiously pumped her feathered appendages. Ever so slowly, they began to rise.

“Fluttershy? How you doing?” Twilight called. The beam of light fell upon her friend again.

“Uh . . .” Fluttershy was trying to respond, but couldn’t because of the strain she was under. “I’m—I’m getting there!”

“I think I can cast an anti-gravity spell. Unfortunately, the magical interference is strengthening. The spell won’t be full strength. But it’ll help.”

Oh, for Celestia’s sake, it was so much easier with my wagon! Fluttershy thought, huffing. Her cheeks tinged red and her wings were already tired. But then, a feeling of lightness came over her, and beating her wings became much easier. Fluttershy’s eyes opened from their closed position, and she looked up. She caught a glimpse of a smiling Twilight. The pegasus flapped quicker and she rose much faster. Soon she was at ground level. A magical aura encased Foxy and pulled him away from her. Fluttershy fell onto the grass, the dirt pressing into her belly fur. Her flanks and tail hung limply down the hole.

“Thanks—“huff—“Twilight—“gasp—“I nearly didn’t—“puff—“make it,” Fluttershy groaned, letting her head fall onto her front hooves.

“You’re very welcome. I’m glad I managed to lift him that far. This stupid magical interference is ticking me off,” the unicorn grumped. She glared at the air above her, though there was seemingly nothing there.

“Ugh, can we go back to Ponyville now?”

Twilight broke out of her pout. “Of course, ‘shy.” She flashed a smile at her friend.

“Wait, how are we going to get Foxy out of here?”

Twilight paused. “. . . Horsefeathers.”

Author's Note:

Raise your hand if you like plot convenience! :pinkiecrazy:

What happened to Foxy? Is what Fluttershy said in the last chapter true? When will we find out the answers?

And why am I asking you all these questions?

BTW, I totally think that since Foxy is, like, the "baby" of the animatronics, that he gets 'punished' by Freddy every once in a while. Like when he swears . . . :trollestia: