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Five Nights in Equestria - RandomHamster33

Luna's job is to help her subjects. Will Foxy be able to be helped?

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“Arg, me mateys! Who be ready to play with Foxy?”

It was like every other ShowTime—he’d step out onto stage, the kids would grin and become louder as their little cries filled the air, and then the fun would start. But today was not just another day.

The mares watched as Foxy buried his face into his arms, his ears folded down, trying not to hear or see anything that was going on just in front of them. He curled up in a ball on the floor against the wall.

Luna frowned, but it wasn’t a stern frown like she usually wore. It was a sympathetic one—she knew what was going to happen, and he did as well. The reaction was exactly as she had expected. She felt her sister step forward.

“Foxy, you need to watch. It’ll help you,” Celestia said gently yet firmly.

“H-how will seein’ that help me in any w-way? If anythin’, i-it’ll destroy what lil amount of hope w-which I have that I didn’t deserve w-what came after!” Foxy cried, his voice muffled.

Luna nearly flinched back at that statement. Poor thing. “Foxy, it’ll get better. But you must watch what happens.” She used her magic to gently tug him from his ball.

“Princess, what’s going to happen-?” Twilight tentatively asked.

“Brace yourselves. I know some of your appetite for things such as this are extremely lacking.” Twilight raised an eyebrow, and Fluttershy hid behind her, barely peeking out with one eye. The other mares grew stiff, and Rainbow Dash’s wing beats slowed down as the air seemed to grow thick with tension.

The child—a male, by the looks of it, Luna decided—sprinted between the repair man’s legs—who was now known as Zach, thanks to the former memories. The boy latched onto Foxy’s leg.

Blood spattered across the floor. The screams of the children still in the room and the mares watching drowned out what Zach said, but it was vaguely recognizable as:

“Sweet merciful Heaven.”

The children continued screaming. Parents and other workers sprinted into the Cove, and some blanched white before covering their mouths and racing off in the other direction.

Foxy was roughly and quickly pushed back by Zach back onto the stage, and the curtains closed.

Fluttershy was still screaming with her hooves over her eyes. The other elements were standing with their mouths open, eyes wide with shock. The two princesses exchanged saddened glances.

Rainbow Dash kicked into action as she realized her friend was still screaming. The cyan pegasus floated down and pulled Fluttershy into a hug, running a hoof down her back.

“It’s okay, ‘shy. The memory is fading,” Rainbow soothed, one of her rare moments of actual affection. Fluttershy’s cries melted into sniffles and muffled sobs.

Twilight broke out of her trance as well, blinking a few times. She glanced down at the two pegasi before registering the fact that Foxy hadn’t said a word since the beginning of the memory. She turned her attention towards him.

The pirate was back into his position of head in his arms and knees pulled tightly up to his chest. He gently rocked himself back and forth, and even from where she stood, Twilight could see he was shaking.

“Foxy?” the violet unicorn asked hesitantly. She cautiously approached him, one hoof reaching out to touch him. A large wing stopped her before then. Twilight looked up to see Princess Celestia shaking her head. “But Princess—”

“Please, Twilight. Just wait a moment,” the white alicorn said softly.

“Princess, are you sure that was the right thing to do?” For the first time in her life, Twilight was actually doubting the motives of her teacher.

Celestia sighed. “It is a touchy matter, but I promise, once there is help given, he’ll be better off.” She nuzzled her student, and Twilight arched her back into it, raising her face. She felt better after the gesture of affection, and waited in silence. Celestia gently smiled at her before turning to Luna.

Fluttershy, meanwhile, had calmed down enough to lift her face out of Rainbow’s shoulder. She blinked wet eyes at Foxy, trying to see him from the angle she was at. Fluttershy sat up slightly and Dash loosened her grip. There was a damp path of blue fur on her arm, but she ignored it.

“F-Foxy?” the timid pegasus called, her voice wobbly.

Twilight appeared in her line of vision. “Princess Celestia said to wait a few minutes.”

“W-why? He needs to be comforted, just like everypony else. More than anypony else . . .” She sank back into Dash’s arms, her eyes the only things showing.

“Maybe she’s afraid he’ll strike out?” Applejack suggested warily.

“Doesn’t look like he will to me,” Rarity whispered, her sapphire blue eyes shooting back to get a glance at the animatronic who was still in his ball.

“Doesn’t look like he’ll do anything,” Pinkie Pie added, a large frown on her face. Her mane hung down in her eyes—not completely straight, but half deflated.

Fluttershy sniffled, clambering out of Rainbow’s embrace. “I’m going to comfort him.”

“Are ya sure that’s a good idea, sugar cube?” AJ asked.

“I’m sure,” Fluttershy said with shaky determination.

Twilight frowned. “Wait a second . . . why aren’t we at the next memory? Or at least out of Foxy’s head.” The mares looked around. The world was dark, nothing but blackness surrounding them. It was as if they were floating in darkness. “I’m going to ask the princesses.” The unicorn padded forward, heading towards her mentor. The two sovereigns were standing off to the side, simply staring ahead.

“Princess?” Twilight asked, tilting her head to the side. There was no answer. The purple mare narrowed her eyes. As she stood there, she realized that neither of the princess’ manes were moving. Twilight had always known that Celestia’s mane flowed forever in the solar winds, and she had become accustomed to it, so she didn’t even notice it anymore. Two sets of eyes stared without blinking, but their horns were glowing. Twilight backed up, turning towards her friends.

“I don’t know what’s happening. They seem to be frozen,” she reported. Fluttershy furrowed her eyebrows.

“Then I’m going to comfort Foxy,” the creamy coated pegasus declared, her gaze set. She trotted gently towards the shaking animatronic.

It’s your fault. It’s your fault. You disgusting, worthless piece of—

No, no, it wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t!

All that kid wanted was to help you. And what did you respond with? Biting his face. You destroyed his life. You don’t deserve to be alive.

You’re wrong!

Bad fox.

I’m not—

Stop lying to yourself. You know it’s true! It’s been haunting your every second since the day it happened. You ruined Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy’s lives, too. Why do you think you—

Shut up! I’ll kill you!

Evil laughing filled Foxy’s head. I’m inside your mind, you idiot. I’m the little voice you hear whenever you think about the bite. They have a name for it, you know. But I’m sure you didn’t, because you spend your days locked up in your precious little Pirate’s Cove like a coward.

. . . Wh-what do they call it?

A dark chuckle resounded in his skull. It’s not the most evil name that your deed deserves, but they call it the Bite of ’87. You see, your hideous act has changed more lives than you can count to. I’m almost offended to be called your guilty conscious. But at least it’s fun to torture your innocent, fun-loving mind.

I’m far from innocent . . .

You got that right. At least you’re smart enough to know that. Because when you’re stuck being the conscious of a robot with the IQ of a kindergartner, things tend to have little meaning behind them.

Shut up.

How about no? I still have plenty of things to remind you of.


Remember when Freddy—


Oh, is the little foxy-woxy getting angry? Hmmph.

Get out of my ‘ead!

The presence of another creature made Foxy jump in surprise. There was a warmness on his back and sides, and he looked up to see the little pegasus Fluttershy giving him a hug. He blinked, startled that after what they had just watched she would still get near him at all. There were obvious tear trails under her eyes and on her cheeks.

“Wha-what are ye doin’, lass?” Foxy stammered, shying away as he really processed the situation.

“I’m sorry,” Fluttershy said simply. She had her eyes shut as she hugged him.

“I—what?” He was puzzled. Why didn’t she hate him, just as the other animatronics had after the bite?

“That shouldn’t have happened to you.”

Foxy sighed. “I was a bad pirate.”

Fluttershy looked up, opening her eyes. “What? No you weren’t! Not from what we saw. The kids seemed as if they loved you.”

Foxy grimaced. “And look what I did ta repay them.”

Twilight appeared in his vision. “Foxy, are you okay?”

Oh, look, ponies. Great, just the kind of cowards you need to feel loved.

Shut your mouth.

I don’t have a mouth. Must I reiterate this every time—I am a state of consciousness, one that’s lurking in the back of your idiotic and childish mind.

And why have I never heard you before, then?

You’ve never watched yourself bite that kid’s face off. Now you have, and I’ve awoken fully.

Get out.

I’m about to make your life a living nightmare.

“No, ‘m not ‘okay’,” Foxy whispered, closing his eyes.

“Of course not. That was a stupid question to ask,” the unicorn murmured, falling back onto her haunches.

Applejack sat down next to Twilight. “No point in not makin’ absolute sure.”

“I guess.” Twilight looked away, and the room became eerily silent. It remained that way for a long while.

The work day was ending.

“See you soon,” Freddy called in a happy tone of voice, his hat off and in his hand.

“Bye! Hope you had a good day!” Chica exclaimed. She waved at the kids as they left, a grin on her face. Bonnie, who was standing next to her, smiled and wiggled his ears at a passing family with twins. The girls giggled and bounced forward to catch up with their mother.

“Come on, let’s go. I’ve got a date with a cheesecake at home,” a random worker said to another person as they walked out the door. The worker turned and locked the doors before heading off. The lights were dimmed, and as soon as all was still, Freddy yawned, placing his hat back on his head.

“Ugh, can we roam tonight? Mike should be able to cope,” the bear said. Chica turned to him and frowned.

“No, Freddy. I know you’re the boss around here, but right now, you’re not making any decisions. We have an allotted amount of time to find Foxy before Mike gets fired. He has some useful human intel, and if we can get him to identify the glowing stuff, then we can find Foxy!” Chica explained for what seemed like the hundredth time.

Bonnie hopped forward. “Freddy, why are you so against working with Mike? He’s not that bad. Plus, to give him credit, he’s made it farther than anyone else. We got that last guy in his suit, right?”

Freddy sighed. “I guess I’m just . . . getting old. I’ve been at this longer than anyone. My circuits were already changed several times; this is just getting irritating.”

Chica gave him a small smile. “It’s alright, Freddy. But just get through the next hopefully-less-than-a-week, and I’m sure we’ll have found Foxy by then.”

“Hope so.” Freddy swiveled around to head towards backstage.

“It’s only eight. We have some time to plan, so let’s do that,” Chica said.

Foxy had not said another word since his few before, but Fluttershy had calmed him down a bit more. As in he wasn’t shaking violently, but the long-lasting feelings of pain and despair were still present. The princesses hasn’t moved or made any kind of motion either. Twilight guessed since their magic was visible, they were using some sort of spell. What kind, she said, she didn’t know.

So the mares and Foxy waited in the darkness. It didn’t look dark to them, but the darkness was there. The chitchat that could’ve made the situation less tense was gone. In each ponies’ mind, their thoughts on what they’d all just seen were slowly undergoing evaluation. Fluttershy was half-laying on Rainbow Dash, but the brash pegasus didn’t seem to mind at all as she was half asleep, having missed her nap earlier that day because of a set of ornery storm clouds. Rarity was idly styling Twilight’s mane into a few dozen curls, but it was a joyless task. Applejack had her head resting on Pinkie Pie’s tail as she was using it as a pillow. She had her eyes closed, but she was far from asleep. And the party pony was staring at the ground, much like Twilight was while Rarity did her mane.

Though Fluttershy was laying partly on the quickly falling asleep Dash, she also had Foxy next to her. She’d dragged him over a bit and taken to running her hoof over his spine. He was mostly curled up—shivering slightly—but the motion had seemed to calm him down. Though the pain and regret in his eyes was very clear, even though they weren’t real.

It was a while before the first sign that the princesses were moving again. It was Rarity who noticed it, with her fine attention to detail. She’d glanced over briefly to check on Fluttershy, and her keen eyes spotted the faintest movement of an ear on Princess Celestia’s head.

“Twilight, dear! I think the princesses are moving,” Rarity quickly reported with a nudge to the other unicorn’s shoulder. Twilight twisted her head around.

“What’d you see?”

“I think I saw Princess Celestia tic an ear, but I could be wrong.”

Twilight began to stand up, and Rarity let out an indignant huff at her work being interrupted. The violet unicorn trotted over to the royal sisters. The other mares started to take notice (all except Dash) and turned their heads to look.

“Princess?” Twilight started. She gently poked her mentor’s side. A moment afterwards, Luna took a large inhale, startling the unicorn. The blue alicorn’s mane kicked into action, the movement more intense than usual. It slowed down to regular speed and she turned to Twilight.

“Twilight Sparkle, is all well?” Luna asked, her voice sounding strained.

Twilight shied away, startled. “Uh, y-yeah. Mostly, I guess. We’ve just been waiting for you and Princess Celestia to . . . move.”

Luna flared her nostrils, looking at her still frozen sister. “Yes, that seems reasonable . . . Hopefully, she shall become active.”

“Princess Celestia moved her ear earlier, so—”

“Is that so? Good, then all is well in that department.” Twilight noticed the lunar goddess was still breathing quite heavily despite her attempts to calm herself.

“Are you okay?”

Luna blinked, facing the unicorn again. “Me? Yes, I’m fine. Just a side effect . . . of the spell.”

“What were you doing anyways?” Twilight asked.

“Foxy’s mind was . . . was trying to expel us. My sister and I had to stop him from doing so,” Luna explained.

Fluttershy sat up at this, ears pricked. She gently moved away from both of the entities she was with and stood next to Twilight.

“You didn’t destroy any of his memories, right?” she asked.

“No, we did not. All we did was let our consciousness go back into the waking world and fix a few . . . things.”

Fluttershy wanted more information. “Fix things?”

“Well, to put it this way—Twilight,” Luna started, looking at the unicorn, “I’m sorry about your chair.”

“Uh, that’s alright?” Twilight guessed. “And if you don’t mind, princess, how are we still sitting here? Wouldn’t his mind expel us if we were moping about between memories?”

“Part of the reason we froze was because of us staying in this one place. Celestia must still be fighting to keep us in place until we can go together.”

As if on cue, the celestial guardian broke out of her state. She nearly fell backwards, but managed to stay upright by bending her legs. She stood up, coughing gently.

“Hello, everypony. Hope you had a good, fulfilling rest because we have to leave now,” Celestia said, her horn igniting once again. Luna blinked in surprise, did the same, and the world started to shift. Rainbow Dash woke up with a kick of her back leg and a twitch of her wings.

“Thank heavens we’re moving again,” Rarity said, getting to her hooves. The other mares stood and looked around at the changing scenery.

Foxy grunted, sitting up weakly. He saw the two princesses and shrunk back. Fluttershy frowned, walking over to reassure him.

“Do you have any idea where we’re going next?” the yellow pegasus whispered. Her eyes glanced nervously back to the others.

Foxy nodded weakly, his eyes downcast. “I know ‘xactly where we be goin’ next, lass. And it’s not pretty either.” Fluttershy winced.

“I hope it doesn’t involve blood again.”

“Not tech’cally.”

“Oh dear.” She shifted her wings on her back. “Well, come along. I’ll stay with you.” She gave him a small, encouraging smile.

“I can’t,” Foxy whispered, shoulders drooping.

Look at that, you baby. I know exactly what Freddy would say in this situation.

Oh, ye again. Get outta ‘ere.

Aw, just when you were getting comfortable again? That’s going to be happening a lot from now on.

Comfortable? Please, I’d be more comfortable in a volcano.

“It’ll be okay,” Fluttershy continued. “I won’t be such a baby this time, and I’ll keep by you.”

Foxy couldn’t even manage a weak smile and just closed his eyes. “That’s a sweet sentiment, lass, but I’ll be tryin’ my hardest not ta look.”

“Now, now, I know you’re scared, but I’m sure the princesses will make you anyways,” she finished in a much quieter whisper. Foxy looked at her, sorrow in his eyes. “I’m sorry.” The scenery had changed already.

“And ‘ere comes the aftershock,” Foxy muttered. The mares all glanced about.

The room was dark, but it was evident they were still in Pirate’s Cove. Across the section was police tape and in the center, a deep crimson stain on the floor. The mares felt an ominous feeling wash over them.

From the door on the other side of the Cove, Chica busted in. She slammed the door before turning around again. Her face was one of concern and anger. She rushed towards the stage, not caring as she trampled police tape.

“Foxy! Foxy!” she cried, throwing the starry curtains open. On the stage, still half conscious, was Foxy. She grabbed him by the shoulders and jostled him. The pirate jerked into life, eyes lighting up all the way.

“C-Chica?” he muttered, blinking.

“Yes! Quick, you need to apologize to Freddy! He’s really angry—”

The door was violently thrown against the wall. Chica and Foxy both flinched, their eyes widening with shock.

“Foxy!” Freddy snarled, his eyes dark. His hand was gripping the microphone with so much force it looked like he would crush it. He stormed up to the stage and placed his hand on Chica’s shoulder.

“Out,” he ordered.

“Freddy, don’t—”

“Listen to me. Get out.” Chica sent a fearful glance at Freddy and an apologetic one to Foxy. She reluctantly scurried away, closing the door behind her.

Foxy was already on his feet, backing away from the furious bear. “Freddy, w-what are ye doin'?”

Freddy set his microphone down on a nearby table. He then looked up, eyes burning with hatred. In a fluid motion, he leaped on stage and stood in front of Foxy.

“Do you have any idea what doom you’ve just laid on us?! We could be shut down, replaced—destroyed! All because of you!” Freddy shouted, taking a step forward.

Foxy took another step backwards. “’t’was an accident. I was glitchin'.”

“Excuses, excuses. That’s all you ever have, huh?” They were steps apart, Foxy backed up against the wall. “I’ll teach you.” Before Foxy could even react, Freddy’s hand was around his throat and was lifting him off the ground. The mares in the background gasped as they saw this. Fluttershy flung her hooves around the Foxy beside her.

Freddy turned around, still with Foxy in his grip, and launched him across the Cove. He landed with a crash of metal a few paces away from the stage. The bear dropped off the stage.

Foxy whimpered, scooting away. It was a pathetic attempt, since Freddy was a step away and already reaching for his foot. The bear grabbed the pirate around the ankle and pulled so that their faces were aligned.

“Do you have anything to say before you’re so badly beaten you can no longer talk?” Freddy growled, a malicious smile on his face.

Foxy put his arms up to his chest, an apology squeaking out of him. “I’m sorry!”

“An apology doesn’t change what you did.” Freddy’s fist raised up and smashed right into the fox’s jaw.

“I can’t watch!” Fluttershy wailed, using her wings to cover her eyes. The sound of metal against metal filled the air. Even the princesses seemed taken aback.

Foxy finally managed to get his body working again and lashed out, but Freddy caught his wildly thrown fist.

The bear growled. “Cute. Fighting back, ay? Can’t allow that, now can we?” Freddy pressed Foxy harder against the floor. His fingers gripped Foxy’s hand and he pushed. The metal joints in Foxy’s hand began to creak. The pirate hissed through his teeth, trying not to let the pain show. It didn’t work for long, as Freddy—malevolent grin wider than before—pushed harder. Foxy’s hand snapped backwards and he let out a screech of anger and pain, trying to kick Freddy off.

“Didn’t you learn not to—gah!” Freddy fell backwards, gaze lighting up with surprise. A hand shot up to his eye, covering one part of his face. Foxy scrambled to his feet, backing away with a feral snarl.

Freddy brought his hand away. Four scratches—two below and two above his eye—showed where Foxy had bitten him. “You little brat!”

“S-stay back, ye hear me?” Foxy warned. His voice was shaky.

Freddy glowered, ignoring the sting of his bite marks. “You’ve just proven that you’re guilty.”


Freddy pointed to the marks. “You bit me, you dolt.”

“That d-doesn’t mean anythin’.”

“I’m afraid it does.” Freddy approached him, eyes black. Foxy backed away, stumbling over upturned chairs. His leg finally caught on a stray edge and Freddy grabbed him by his shoulders.

“Might wanna move,” Foxy started, voice sad, earning the mares’ attention. “This is where he throws me.” A few moments later, the younger Foxy came at them in a blur of red. The mares scattered even though they wouldn’t interrupt anything.

“Are you learning yet, Foxy?!” Freddy roared, towering over the pirate. Foxy grimaced, weakly sitting himself against the wall.

“P-please, Freddy, stop,” Foxy whimpered. His ears were down against his head.

“You can still talk,” Freddy pointed out, light shining out from his mouth as his eyes flickered. Freddy snatched Foxy’s hand and yanked him to his feet. The bear brought his fist back and punched Foxy, sending him twirling towards the stage. The pirate landed right in front of it on his back. Freddy stomped over and once again roughly picked Foxy up. He mustered up some strength and threw his arm up, digging his hook into Freddy’s arm. The bear gasped and then snarled, facial expression now angrier than ever. He grabbed Foxy’s arm joint and twisted.

“Aaah!” Foxy gave a cry of pain and struggled in Freddy’s hold. The bear yanked the hook out of his arm with the other hand and then took ahold of Foxy’s jaw. He jerked it sharply to the side, damaging it and other controls on the inside of his muzzle area. Foxy’s wail turned into a broken, high pitched screeching and Freddy laughed.

Freddy hauled Foxy onto stage, his angry beating nearly over. He pushed the pirate backwards, causing him to stumble. Foxy kicked and hit Freddy in his left knee. Toppling sideways, Freddy’s eyes lit up with surprise. With one hand still on Foxy’s shoulder, the pirate was spun around and pushed forward as the hand’s weight vanished. Freddy landed on his bad side and stuck out an arm to catch himself.

Foxy fell onto his ship. The short bowsprit on the front went right through his chest. Foxy’s eyes immediately went dark and he slumped down, arms hanging in front of him.

The mares stood in shocked silence as the memory began to fade. The princesses even had their mouths nearly hanging open.

“Wow, Freddy is a real meanie,” Pinkie Pie said with a tone of sadness in her voice.

Author's Note:

Yes, I just did that. What do you think about Freddy now??

And what did you learn from these past two chapters? Don't trust me. :pinkiecrazy: