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Five Nights in Equestria - RandomHamster33

Luna's job is to help her subjects. Will Foxy be able to be helped?

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Don't Be

“Fine, if you’re so sure you can’t tell what it is, then you go, Dash,” Twilight huffed, pushing the board and marker away.

“Alrighty then! Sweet! What to draw . . .” Rainbow Dash muttered, tapping her chin. She seemed to get an idea . . .

“It’s the Wonderbolts,” Fluttershy said simply.

“Correct! See, Twilight, you can actually tell what my drawing is!” Dash grinned in pride as she passed along the items. Twilight rolled her eyes but switched her attention to Fluttershy. She was carefully sketching what looked like some sort of animal, but they couldn’t tell just yet.

“Wait, that that thing that attacked me in the for’st?” Foxy asked, pointing.

Fluttershy glanced up. “Which one? Gotta know the name.”

Foxy paused, thinking. “That . . . mantocir or whatever.”

“Close enough.” She nudged over the board and marker.

Foxy fumbled with the marker for a few seconds, the writing utensil a little too small for his hand. He then stopped.

“Something wrong?” Rarity asked.

“Uh, jus’ realized I’ve never actually . . . drawn anythin’,” Foxy said awkwardly.

“It’s not that hard. Just think of something, and try to make it,” Twilight advised.

“Aye, jus’ don’t expect to be able ta know what it is.” He began to painstakingly scribble something down. The ponies watched with curiosity. They focused closely on what was being drawn, all wanting to get it.

“Oh, land sakes, even I can’t tell what this is s’posed ta be,” Foxy mumbled, embarrassed as he set the white board down.

“Uh, yeah, we’re all kinda getting that impression,” Rainbow snorted, an eyebrow raised at the drawing.

“I’m also getting the impression that this probably has something to do with pirates,” Twilight said.

“Aye, ye be right on.”

Celestia turned towards her sister.

“I believe we have interfered enough. Perhaps my idea was not as well thought out as I had originally believed,” the solar goddess worried.

“Maybe we could’ve approached that with a bit more grace, but we may need to do more,” Luna said gravely.

“I’m sure Twilight and her friends can help more than we can.”

“It’s not just Foxy that needs to be changed.” Luna gazed out at the deep blue sky. The moon shone high in the sky, stars twinkling.

“Yes, I understand, but we cannot just bring other creatures into our land willy-nilly.”

Luna furrowed her eyebrows. “Are you calling my plan absurd?”

Celestia blinked, leaning back. “Of course not. I’m just suggesting, that after what has just occurred, we should wait a few weeks—possibly months, depending on how long it takes for Foxy to regain his composure. I’m sure he’s hurting on the inside. He seemed well offended by what we’d done.”

“Of course,” Luna started, taking a few steps in the other direction, “I see your point, sister. And I agree, let us wait. I shall be checking in on his dreams often, however.”

Celestia dipped her head. “And I encourage that aspect.” She ruffled her wings on her back. “Though I have a quick question before you leave.”

Luna twitched an ear.

“Why do you care so much? Of course, I care about any living thing, but with you it seems . . . different,” Celestia explained.

Luna hesitated, her ears falling backwards. “It’s . . . about Nightmare Moon. I wasn’t aware of the power of the Nightmare, and many suffered the price of my actions. Foxy seems like an ideal specimen for the Nightmare to reside in. I fear what may happen if that kind of force takes over him.”

Celestia nodded carefully. “I fully comprehend you concerns. Perhaps we should watch more carefully.”


After riveting sleeping bag races, amazing makeovers, a somewhat confusing game of Pictionary, a bit of rowdy truth-or-dare, and finally some thrilling charades, it was Twilight’s turn to pick. She settled down in her spot, curled up, and crossed her forelegs over one another.

“Talk. I’d like to talk,” the book smart unicorn said simply.

“Talk?” Rainbow Dash deadpanned, slumping in the air.

Fluttershy laid down in her spot. “I’m fine with that.”

“As am I—I’m quite worn out from what we’ve already done,” Rarity commented.

“But it’s only like two in the morning!” Dash argued.

“We’re not going to sleep—we’re just going to talk,” Twilight said.

“’bout what?” Applejack wondered as she sat down.

“Anything, really.”

Fluttershy glanced over. She mouthed “Foxy?” to her friend. Twilight hesitated before nodding lowly.

“Fine, I’ll sit. But make sure we talk about something interesting,” Dash continued. She beat her wings to come down to the ground, then made herself comfortable. As soon as everyone was sitting, laying down, or something in between, Twilight started.

“So, I know we’ve all had a . . . rough day, but I just want to say thank you all for not panicking. Well, uh, most of us,” the violet unicorn finished with a cough, flustered. “Anyways, um, just wanted to talk about the events.”

Foxy blinked once and then stood up.

“Foxy! Don’t leave! We need to talk to you!” Twilight exclaimed, leaping to her hooves.

“I don’t wanna talk ‘bout it,” the pirate growled, his back to the group.

“Well”—Twilight fumbled for words—“suck it up!”

Foxy stopped in his tracks. Twilight grimaced, and the whole room seemed to drop a few degrees. Foxy slowly turned around, eyes burning. Twilight winced before leaning back a bit.

“Uh, eh heheh,” the unicorn stammered weakly.

Foxy took a step towards her. Even if he wasn’t as tall as Celestia, Twilight would still be frightened. Being faced down by an alicorn that was 9’ 6” was terrifying in itself, but a robot that she’d just seen bite a kid’s face off? And then still managed to get beaten up by another robot that was that tall as well? Nuh uh, there’s going to be fear involved.

“What did ye jus' say?” Foxy hissed quietly.

Twilight found herself floundering for words, but then she puffed out her chest, her argument prepared.

“I said, suck it up! Yes, I understand completely. You’re heartbroken—I would be too, if that had happened to me, and especially if I was forced to watch it—but you’re going about it in the wrong way. Getting angry may seem like an appropriate reply, and it is justified, yet it’s not the best choice,” Twilight rebuked. “We only want to help you, and you’re just pushing us off. If Princess Luna brought you here, that means she saw some means of assisting you. Fluttershy and I have been working our flanks off to get everything done—we stayed up hours searching for you after you ran off; I didn’t blow you to pieces before the princesses came yesterday. We can fix this, but only together. So for right now, I want you to sit your butt down, listen up, and answer our questions, or else I’ll use a restraining spell! And trust me, it wouldn’t be pleasant!” She finished with a stomp of a hoof, her voice escalating. Foxy’s jaw hung open, eyes wide. He looked like he was attempting to come up with some sort of retort to that, but didn’t say anything as he went and sat back down in his spot next to Fluttershy and Rainbow. Twilight nodded, a firm look on her face. She turned and plopped herself back into her fluffy seat.

“Now, as I was saying,” the purple unicorn restarted, “we want to know more so we can help you. I know we all have questions, so we’re going to ask.” She glanced around. “Don’t hold back with questions, alright? And Foxy, if a question goes too far, just don’t answer. Try your best, however.” She got a quiet chorus of agreements, and then silence.

“I have a question,” Dash announced, deciding not to wait. “So you went crazy that one night—why aren’t you all angry and stuff now?”

Foxy hesitated. “Tis . . . complicated. Roamin’ mode is a touchy matter. Usually when we go inta it, we act deranged, though we can interact when the time comes. We can also turn it on and off, but only before the night, not durin’. Our servers get picky if it’s off too long, so we don’t have much ‘a choice ‘bout it.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

“You’re not on roamin’ mode now, are ya?” Applejack asked.

Foxy shook his head in reply. “Course not.”

“Jus’ makin’ sure.”

Twilight hummed to herself for a moment. "You can feel pain, right?"

"Aye," Foxy replied.

"Huh, I just recalled that from earlier. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't rip your arm off." She paused. "I'm performing some tests later."

Dash leaned over, one hoof covering her mouth. "Good luck."

Rarity tentatively stuck a hoof in the air. “Excuse me, darling, but I’d also like to ask something. After what happened with the bite, the other animatronics treated you so horribly! Surely they’d listen to you when you said it was an accident?”

“Sadly, when Freddy’s schedule is messed up, he gets angry . . . Chica and Bonnie were angry too, and then they just stopped bein’ nice as well. I didn’t expect ‘em to, either,” Foxy answered, his tone saddening.

“It’s okay, don’t be sad,” Fluttershy said. She put a hoof on his arm.

Rarity frowned. “Even that little bird—Chica, if I’m correct—she treated you horribly as well! I thought you two were fairly close. You’d make a cute couple—”

“A-aye, we were good pals,” Foxy quickly cut her off before she could say anything more. His face heated up but he hoped no one else could tell. “But if ye destroyed someone’s life, do ye think they’d forgive ye so easily?”

Rarity hesitated, glancing away. “I-I guess not. Though surely you could’ve worked something out?”

“Sadly, no. I knew from that day on I was doomed ta live alone.”

“Oh come on, Foxy! You couldn’t have known that!” Pinkie Pie declared.

“They’re obviously not very loyal,” Dash muttered.

“Jus’ calm down. I’ve learned ta accept the fact that I’m not good ‘nough,” Foxy murmured.

Boo hoo. Are you glad the ponies are taking care of your little baby self?

Foxy stopped talking abruptly. The mares switched their full attention to him.

Am I interrupting something? Whoops, my bad.

. . . What’re ye doin’ back?

“Foxy?” Fluttershy asked tentatively. She tapped on his side.

“Hmm?” It was as if someone flipped a switch. He seemed fully in control.

“Are you okay?” Twilight wondered.

“Aye, course I am. Why?” He tilted his head.

“You just . . . kinda blanked out,” Rainbow added.

“How long?”

“’bout ten seconds. You stopped movin’ an’ froze,” Applejack countered.

“Huh.” Foxy scratched his head. “Probably jus’ a system glitch. I’ve been known ta have those, as ye are all aware.”

Twilight nodded thoughtfully. “Okay then.” Her face was still one of concern, as were the other mares in the room. “I’ll take a look later, I think.” She then perked up. “Oh, and since we saw what you looked like before, do you want me to redesign your repairs? I just went off what I thought you’d look like.”

“That’s fine.”

A dark chuckle reverberated dully in his head.

“I’m so glad you’re coming with us to Appleloosa to plant Applejack’s tree. She’s been getting the tree ready for weeks, and today is finally the day,” Fluttershy said. Foxy walked beside her, deftly ignoring the stares of various towns’ ponies in the general vicinity. It’d been a little over a week, and he’d only been outside a few times. Ponies still stared, and most of them didn’t trust him. Probably didn’t help that he was freakishly tall for a normal citizen of Equestria.

“Aye, s’no big deal. It’ll be great ta see some more 'a your lil world,” the pirate commented.

“Oh, I’m glad you’re not scared. If I was you, I’d be terrified.” Fluttershy ruffled her wings, quivering.

“Come on you two! You’re gonna miss the train if ya don’t hurry!” Rainbow Dash proclaimed, dipping in her flight path. The two beings on the ground looked up as she flew off, heading much more quickly to the train station.

“She’s right. We’d better hurry.” Fluttershy started into a trot. Her saddlebags bounced on her back. Foxy followed swiftly after, easily matching pace with her.

Twilight was waiting at the boarding platform, waiting patiently for any more of her friends. Rainbow’s multicolored tail vanished in the doors of the train. Twilight’s gaze lit up as she saw the two walking towards her.

“Oh, Fluttershy, you got Foxy, that’s great. Sorry I had to leave earlier, Spike wanted to get a few snacks to make before we left,” Twilight said as she trotted over to meet them.

“That’s fine. What time does the train leave?” the pegasus asked.

“In about five minutes. Everypony’s already in there. You two are the last.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Let’s just get on before they leave, huh?” Twilight took the lead, talking over her shoulder as she started going faster. The three clambered onto the train. The conductor gave Foxy an odd glance, but didn’t object. After all, business was business. Though Foxy had to duck to fit under the doorway.

“Bonsoir, darlings. Great to see you’re here,” Rarity greeted from her top bunk.

“Eeyup,” came Applejack’s voice from another car. She appeared in the doorway.

Rainbow Dash was spread over a pegasus bed. This kind had no ladders, so naturally, only pegasi could get to them. Sleeping higher up tended to help them relax. The pegasus leaned over the edge of her bunk.

“Good to see you didn’t get left behind,” she remarked snidely.

“Now that everyone’s here, do we all have beds? Even with new steam engines, the trip will still take over a day,” Twilight said.

“Here, Foxy, you can take this one,” Pinkie Pie quickly announced, pointing to the bed across from her. Foxy raised an eyebrow, but dipped under the edge.

“I think I’m too big fer this,” Foxy said simply from his somewhat awkward position sitting on the bed.

“Take a pegasus one. They’re larger,” Dash commented idly, waving a hoof in the air as she rolled over.

“Now, Dash, that’s ridiculous. All the beds are the sa—” Rarity stopped in midsentence as she stood up on her hind legs to get a better look. “Good heavens! How come pegasi get such exquisite beds?!”

“’cuz we’re awesome?”

Rarity gasped dramatically. “This is so no fair!”

Fluttershy frowned from her bunk across from Dash’s. “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Rarity sighed breathlessly. “Don’t be.”

Rarity trotted back into the main car, looking nearly offended. “I cannot believe that Applejack is letting the tree have the private car. I need my beauty sleep!”

“You’re already beautiful, Rarity!” Pinkie Pie declared.

“Well, thank you, darling, but I’m afraid I’ll be waking up with bags under my eyes.”

“Why would you keep bags under your eyes?”

“. . .”

“Would you all be QUIET. . . NOOOOW!!!???”

The ponies let out a few exclamations at Rarity’s scream (not to mention her face) and dove back into their beds. Foxy actually managed to not hit his bed getting into his, his first time actually achieving that. The fashionista up in her bunk sighed and was heard snuggling back into her blankets.

“Geez . . .” There was Rainbow’s sigh.

Foxy was awoken by a large jolt. He flew out of his small bed, landing with a crash of metal on the floor. The other mares let out screams of surprise as they as well were tossed about. They all managed to become tangled in one large ball as the train car rocked back and forth.

“Gah! What’s happening?” Twilight exclaimed.

Rainbow Dash managed to escape their ball of doom and smashed against the window. Buffalo surrounded the train.

“It’s buffalo!” the pegasus announced in surprise. She looked up as she heard hooves pattering on the roof. She narrowed her eyes and zoomed to the train car door, vanishing into the early morning light.

“W-why are buffalo attacking the train?” Fluttershy whimpered, also hovering now as the massive banging stopped.

“Look!” Pinkie screeched, pointing at the swinging door. Through it, they saw the train car containing Bloomberg heading down the opposite way.

Applejack gasped. “They've got Bloomberg!”

“Heeeelp!” came a distant yell. In the window of the train car, they saw Spike’s face pop up.

Twilight’s eyes widened even more. “And Spike!” They heard another shout for help before the train car vanished for good, lost in the background.

Pinkie Pie, while the others were fretting, was devising a plan of her own. She hooked Foxy around the waist, sprang to the other side of the train car where another door was, and kicked it open.

Foxy blinked, not sure how he got to the other side so fast. “Pin—”

“Let’s go!” Pinkie declared, throwing him out. Foxy didn’t have time to stop himself as he was hurled out, and the party pony followed with a ‘whee’!

“Come on, wake up! It’s no fun if you lay here while I search for Spike on my own!”

Foxy mumbled something and sat up, joints creaking. He rubbed his head. The feeling of sand in his metal made him give a quick shudder.

“P-Pinkie? Why in the world did ye throw me out the train car?”

“Because you’re going to help me find Spike and Dashie! You’re fast, so we can get there faster!” Pinkie said like it was obvious.

Foxy blinked, tilting his head. “I’m all fer helpin’ ye, but couldn’t ye ‘ave warned me?” he asked.

“Then the others would have objected! No, we needed to go quietly.”

“Fine. Let’s go. They went that way, right?” Foxy pointed towards the train tracks in the distance.

“Yep! Now let’s go!” She started off in a bounce.

“Ooh, I can't wait to get my hooves on that little buffalo . . . Hnnh . . . Ow! Nobody tricks Rainbow Dash and gets away with it.”

The pegasus crept forward a few paces before stopping.


The metal pirate fell out from behind the nearby rock. Pinkie Pie followed immediately after in a tumble, splayed across Foxy’s back.

“Aw, man! Foxy, you gave us away!” Pinkie whined.

Rainbow blinked. “What?”

“Uh, nothing.” She sprang to her hooves. Foxy wobbly got to his feet. Rainbow quickly yanked him back down, as he towered above the rocks.

“Stay down. We’ve got to keep hidden.” She sighed. “What are you two doing here anyways?”

“We’re looking for Spike!”

“You two should go. The more of us there are out here, the more chances of us getting . . . caught.” Dash trailed off as she stood up fully, realizing they were completely surrounded. Pinkie stood taller, but as Foxy rose to his full height, he was met with shrieks from the buffalo.

“What is that?!” one shouted in horror.

“Predator! The ponies have brought a predator! Kill it!” another bellowed.

Foxy looked around in shock as all the buffalo took a step closer. Suddenly, Spike broke through the ranks.

“Stop! Dash, Pinkie, Foxy, 'sup? Hey, no worries I know those guys. They're cool,” the little dragon said smoothly.

A nearby buffalo ground his hoof into the dirt. “By law, the predator is not allowed to live. For the safety of the herd, it must be destroyed.”

Spike frowned. “C’mon, fellas. We can come to an agreement, can’t we?” he asked nervously.

“Yeah, Foxy wouldn’t hurt a fly! Well, actually . . .” Pinkie trailed off, tapping her chin in thought. “He doesn’t eat buffalo! In fact, he doesn’t even eat at all, now that I think about it!”

“There is no exception to the law,” the buffalo argued stubbornly.

Rainbow frowned. “We aren’t leaving Foxy behind, so I suggest you back off. He’s coming with us.” She took an intimidating step forward. The buffalos strengthened their ranks, forming a tighter circle.

“Oh come on! Foxy’s coming with us! You wouldn’t want to disrespect me, would you?” Spike growled in a fake manner.

The leading buffalo faltered. “W-well . . . no,” he sighed. “Fine. But it can’t walk free.”

Rainbow narrowed her eyes. “And what do you mean by that?”

“Gah! Careful with the joint there, buddy,” Foxy snarled angrily. He was bound by his feet and arms, the final knot being tied around his wrists. The same buffalo that had been doing the tying bowed his head and thrust it forward, scooping the pirate up and launching him skywards. He landed on his stomach sideways over the back of the carrier buffalo. “Fazbear, this is humilatin’.”

“Sorry, dude,” Dash said with a shrug.

“I’ll try and talk to the chief about it,” Spike added.

Foxy’s perch wobbled as the group started off. He flicked his tail in agitation. “This is so stupid. Bein’ carried by a bunch 'a idiotic beasts.” The buffalo snorted and dropped suddenly, bending its knees. Foxy let out a small exclamation of surprise before grumbling and snorting. The buffalo, however, seemed rather amused.

“Uhh, okay then,” Twilight said simply, her confusion plain to see. Foxy was dropped in front of her like a sack of bricks, while Rainbow Dash hovered in the sky and Pinkie Pie bounced happily nearby.

“Predators are usually not allowed to live. You should be thankful,” Little Strongheart murmured. She didn’t have a problem with the pirate, though she was still a bit uneasy around him as he was still taller than all the buffalo.

“Um, well, thanks for not . . . injuring him.”

“Yes, darling, that’s quite nice. Um, so, what now?” Rarity asked.

“We may be divided

But of you all, I beg

To remember we're all hoofed

At the end of each leg

No matter what the issue

Come from wherever you please

All this fighting gets you nothing

But hoof and mouth disease

Arguing's not the way

Hey, come out and play!

It's a shiny, new day

So, what do you say?

You gotta share

You gotta care

It's the right thing to do

You gotta share

You gotta care

And there'll always be a way through

Both our diets, I should mention

Are completely vegetarian

We all eat hay and oats

Why be at each other's throat?

You gotta share

You gotta care

It's the right thing to do

And there'll always be a way


Welp, that was certainly somethin’.

“All right, Pinkie Pie! That was FANTASTIC! What a great song! Yeah, you were right on!” Spike cheered happily, applauding. The party pony bowed several times, a smile on her face. As the disses came (for what reason, I don’t understand! Like, seriously, out of nowhere. WHY, YOU EVIL PONIES, WHY?!), the proud smile became a sad frown of defeat. Her eyes became downcast, and her shoulders slumped.

“An' we Appleloosans say you'd better bring yer best, 'cause we'll be ready and waitin',” Sheriff Silverstar growled back.

Braeburn grimaced. "But, Sheriff . . .”

Pinkie Pie whimpered, “Oh . . . That wasn't the message of my song at all . . .”

The buffalo charged. A wild battle cry sounded through the air. Ponies whooped and got their pies ready for action. Foxy was sitting behind a hay bale with Pinkie, who’d popped up next to him after her defeat during the charge.

“I don’t want to fight,” the party pony whined in misery.

“Me neither. They already hate me,” Foxy muttered with a roll of his golden eyes.

“Hopefully this is over rapidly,” Rarity said, approaching them.


“And . . . it’s over,” Twilight deadpanned, coming over as well.

“Apple pies, of course,” Rainbow Dash mumbled, dropping in from the sky.

“At least nopony got hurt,” Fluttershy added as she appeared from behind a cloud.

“Those poor apples!” Applejack cried in grief, putting her hat over her chest, head down.

Foxy paused. “Wow.”

“Dear Princess Celestia, friendship is a wondrous and powerful thing. Even the worst of enemies can become friends. You need understanding and compromise. You've got to share. You've got to care.”

“So, ye write these letters ta your princess every time ye learn somethin’ ‘bout friendship?” Foxy asked.

“Yep,” Twilight responded cheerily. The swirl of green in the background signified that the letter was sent thanks to Spike.


“Shut up!”

Author's Note:

So . . . yeah. Things seem bad, but it'll all be okay. And now in every chapter, we'll be going through an episode. But not all, only the ones I think would work well. If you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments!

Also I am not making fun of homosexuals in the last part.