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I like to make people laugh, so I try to type out stories that are both funny and slightly serious... What else... Oh, I know a lot about and love Halo and my favorite pony is Pinkie Pie. That's all.


Hello there and welcome to my user page. Feel free to browse around and take a look at the stories, leave a comment, or do whatever it is you came here to do. Just be sure to have a nice day and/or night when your done.

Also, this is a drama free zone. Around here things are kept simple, humorous, and adorable.

Also I get any pictures I use off google so none of it is mine.

My stories you should try reading.

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Thank you for adding An Equestrian Witcher to your favorites!

I might take some time tomorrow if you remind me to look them over. Though I do admit, I got out of halo when I moved on to other E-Sport games. Originally I remember going to dragon con and winning 800$ for Halo 2 Tournaments when I was like 17. Since then I've done a bunch of other competitive gaming and moved on to commentary and science questions. Which is why Pinkie Pie frustrates me so much, she constantly makes my science videos harder and more complex to do as well as my panels to the point she has her own panel.

Thanks for the comment and I probably will take a gander at your other stories when I find the time. Now, I know a lot about and love Halo as it was the first first person shooter I ever played and beat on my own and beating it on Legendary for the first time was what gave me my drive to challenge myself while gaming. Add in a few years of holding lan parties with my cousins and it just added up to memories that will last for a life time. I sought to add to those memories with the books and thus my expansive knowledge of the Halo universe came along. I'm probably one of the few who are glad 343 has Halo and think they're doing their best for the series.

Now as for why Pinkie is my favorite pony? I have to admit I like Rainbow Dash near the beginning of my brony conversion but Pinkie's attitude of laughing everything away eventually drew me over to her. That and having that smile song stuck in my head for months. I'm also a sucker for forth wall breaks and love to be the joker of my own group much like she is for the mane six.

Now while you're here again why don't you check out some of my stories as well. :pinkiehappy:

Daunted S.

Ps. I recommend my latest as my Halo story is over due for a rewrite.

Thank you for the favorite on Luna Wakes up to Marehood. I hope you really enjoy and if you do drop an upvote, a downvote if you don't, and if you leave your thoughts in the comments; I'll reply.

If you're interested in other stuff by me, check out Bone Daddy, as it is in the same vein. Through it is also under rewrites and expect to see those soon.

Maybe come out and hang out on discord if you want.

Thank you again,

Why do you know so much about Halo and why Pinkie Pie?

Oh, hello. What a pleasant surprise! Welcome back :)

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