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Five Nights in Equestria - RandomHamster33

Luna's job is to help her subjects. Will Foxy be able to be helped?

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Tunnel Vision

Fluttershy paused outside the door to Pirate Cove, briefly casting her eyes over her friends.

“Alright, let me go in first. I’ll need to tell him no roaming mode first, anyways,” the pegasus said. “But I’m going to let him decide on his own if he wants to see you.”

“We understand,” Twilight responded with a slight nod.

“Okay; I’ll be back soon.”

Fluttershy gave them a grim look before slipping through the door. It was dark inside as she made her way up to the stage. The Cove’s curtains were closed, the ever-present sign that read ‘Sorry: Out of Order!’ sitting in front.

“Foxy?” Fluttershy called softly. “Are you up?”

There was no response. The pegasus paused outside the purple, starry curtains, trying to listen.

“Foxy, I’m coming in,” Fluttershy warned, slipping a hand through the curtains and pushing them out of her way. She saw the ship in the center of the stage, but no Foxy. She looked around, taking several steps forward. There was movement behind her.

“Foxy!” Fluttershy cried, a small smile making its way onto her face. She walked up to the rusted fox, who was concealed in shadows. He towered over her, though not as much as before, on account of a bolt that had come unscrewed in his endoskeleton leg, giving him a bit of a limp and a stooped appearance.

He was less groomed than usual, with a large section of torso missing from his chest, working its way across his back. One of his ears was hanging at an angle, broken. A finger was missing from his hand.

“Lass? What brings ye ‘ere?” Foxy asked, tilting his head. His broken jaw squeaked with this action, voice coming out more distorted than normal.

“I just thought we should talk about some things,” Fluttershy said gently, taking his broken hand and leading him away from the curtains. He bounced forward on one leg, trying to get the other to push him up.

“’Bout what?” he asked as she made him sit down on the floor. She sat next to him.

“No roaming mode tonight, okay?”

Foxy blinked, producing a mechanical sounding click. “Uh, why ‘xactly?” His eyepatch flipped up, revealing the blackened, lightless eye. Now he really needed the thing.

“Foxy, remember how much we did in Equestria?” Fluttershy asked, determined to start off easy. Foxy frowned, looking down at her.

“I ‘member bein’ brok’n an’ used,” he replied in a stiff tone.

“No, Foxy. We had fun! We did things!” Fluttershy smiled widely, trying to get him to talk more. “I remember going to Canterlot and you stuck your head out the window of the train and tried to catch passing birds.” Foxy remained silent. “And there was the time we were going back to the library and you ran into the door—well, more than one time, maybe.” The pegasus laughed brightly.

“’Ow many good times were there?—‘bout that many.” Foxy remained angry, his dull glare boring into her.

Fluttershy’s shoulders sagged briefly. “Foxy, why do you have to be so stubborn . . . ?”

“Stubb’rn?” Foxy scoffed, good eye burning intensely. “Those ponies ‘bandoned us ‘ere, an’ everythin’s jus’ gone ta ‘ell!” He pushed himself to his feet, but cringed and grabbed onto his nearby ship for balance. “Why’re ye askin’ me this anyway?” He glowered at her.

“But Foxy, I’m one of ‘those ponies,’ too,” the pegasus said in response, voice sad. Foxy stared at her.

“I know.”

“Then why continue to hate for no reason? It was because of the timeline getting messed up, I know now.”

Foxy stiffened. “’Ow do ye know that?”

“Because,” Fluttershy continued, “they finally found us—they came to get us; to fix everything.” She scooted over to the curtains, pulling them open so he could see the light shining from under the door. Foxy stared, stiff as a board.

“They want to talk to you. And I think, somewhere inside of you, you want to, too,” she finished, walking closer as she let the curtain swing close, the fabric rustling as they did.

Foxy didn’t say anything for a few moments. His face was turned away. Then:


Fluttershy stopped, gasping. “Foxy! Why not?”

Foxy swung around. “I tol’ ye! I don’ want nothin’ ta do with ye ponies e’er ‘gain! An’ ‘ere ye come, givin’ ‘em permission ta mess wit’ me ‘gain!” His eye sparked angrily.

“But Foxy, I'm not saying you have to talk to them; maybe just give them a—”

“Get out!” He took a menacing step forward. Fluttershy cowered, mouth open as she was grabbed by the collar. He yanked her up to his face, snarling. “An’ don’t ye dare come back.” With a swift movement, he tossed her away. Thankfully, she opened her wings to slow her down and ended up flailing for a moment in the air. Fluttershy landed ungracefully on the floor outside the curtains. Her eyes welled with tears and she wiped her eyes, pushing herself up. Feet slipping out from under her, she made her wobbly way towards the door.

“Fluttershy, are you okay?” Rainbow Dash quickly asked, surging forward. “Did he hurt you? If he did, I’ll break his—”

“Rainbow, I’m fine,” Fluttershy said shakily. “But . . . oh, he refuses to see any of us again!” She buried her head in her hands.

“What? Why?” Twilight gasped.

“He’s still so upset, and I can't make him talk to anyone of us—though I so wish he'd stop being angry. It wasn't our fault this happened.”

“Ugh! Why did this stupid timeline try to fix stuff? It just messed everything up worse—trying to make it better, no less!” Rainbow shouted, throwing her arms up.

“Quite rude, actually,” Rarity scoffed, eyes half lidded and eyebrows arched as she examined a hand.

“Can't ya make him see reason?” Applejack asked, putting out her hands in her friend’s direction. Fluttershy frowned.

“I might be able to. Sometimes his temper gets the best of him. But this time was different; he wouldn't have thrown me if not,” the pegasus replied.

“He threw you?!” Dash exclaimed, hands on her head. She growled, face switching from astonishment to anger, and leapt in the air. “I'll throttle him!” She was stopped by a hand on her ankle, curtesy of AJ.

“I can try,” Fluttershy said, ignoring her rainbow-haired friend.

“Out of anyone, he's always listened to you the most,” Twilight pointed out. “But if you're in danger of being attacked, I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“I don't think he'll attack me again. I've known him for a while—he’s probably beating himself up in there.”

“Can I do it, too?” Rainbow asked, pounding a fist into her palm. Both Rarity and Applejack gave her dirty looks.

“What's important is your safety. I don't doubt your skill, but we don't have to try to talk to him,” Twilight continued. “We can reset the timeline, and hope we all forget what's happened—we’re supposed to be back already, anyways.”

Fluttershy frowned, but didn't say anything about it. “I'll go in there and talk to him in a little while. Foxy probably just needs to calm down. Meanwhile, I'm going to go check on Freddy.” The pegasus walked away stiffly.

Freddy lit his cigarette with slightly shaking fingers. He wasn't shaking out of sadness, or fear, but merely anger. Those ponies just had to come and try to make him talk about everything that had gone wrong. It was all because of them this happened! If they'd just left well enough alone!

But then where'd you be? Same old situation, with Foxy terrified of you as always? a little voice asked. Freddy scowled, but there wasn't much strength behind it. He was mostly angry to be angry. He took a long drag off his cigarette and pulled it away jerkily, frustrated. Whenever he was really angry, usually he wouldn't use his holder; this was one of those times. He held the smoke in for a long while before exhaling, letting it blow slowly from his mouth. He had been leaning up against the wall—near the bathrooms, for whatever the reason he always did—but then stepped away, trying to think.

I should ask what their plan is. Obviously they came here for a reason. Maybe they know how to fix this, Freddy thought to himself. He ran a hand over his head, taking his hat off in the process. He readjusted it, then put his cigarette in his mouth as he turned around. A pair of teal eyes looked back at him.

Freddy jumped slightly, surprised to see the little pegasus standing there with her arms crossed. He put a hand over his eyes, shaky.

“Okay, okay, you caught me. But I needed one,” Freddy growled, frustrated, before she could say anything. Fluttershy raised an eyebrow, but didn't acknowledge it.

“Foxy isn't in the best mood,” she stated plainly, leaning up against the wall.

Freddy blinked in surprise when she didn't say anything about him smoking, but he joined her against the wall, saying, “I'm not surprised in that regard.”

There was silence for a small while. Then, “He tried to hurt me.”

Freddy looked sideways at her. “I told you he wouldn't want to see them.”

“I know. I didn't doubt it—I knew it myself. Doesn't mean I couldn't try.”

He shrugged. “It's your head.”

“Don't be like that.” She paused. “Can you talk to him? Maybe get him to see reason?”

Freddy raised an eyebrow at her. “Why do you want me? I doubt he'd listen.” He pulled the cigarette out of his mouth, gesturing with his hands.

“Why do you think that? Foxy would listen to you—he always has, hasn't he?” Fluttershy cocked her head at him.

“Of course he has. But, recently, Foxy’s been getting rebellious. I know he's always taken getting sent back the worst—he’s let himself rust away because of it,” Freddy explained. “So I doubt he'll listen to me go on about how he should talk to your friends.” He waved a hand—the one with the cigarette—allowing smoke to drift about. “Or you now, I suppose.”

Fluttershy glared at him, jerking her head out of the way. “I'm trying to ignore you smoking, but if you keep flailing it about like that, I'm not going to.”

“Alright, alright, geez.” Freddy took a final drag off it and flicked it into the mop bucket that sat along the wall. Fluttershy rolled her eyes.

“Anyways, why have you never mentioned Foxy’s ‘rebellious attitude,’ as you put it?” she asked.

“I didn't really consider it something to be worried about,” Freddy replied with a small shrug. “After all, he stays put in Pirate Cove.” He huffed briefly, looking ahead. “I could have him crying for forgiveness in a rather short amount of time.”

Fluttershy blinked, eyes wide as she looked over at him, but he didn't seem to notice. Deciding to just ignore that last part, she asked, “Well, could you try and talk to him anyways? I've been doubting my influence over him for a while now.” When Freddy looked as if he was going to complain and reject her question, she added:

“Keep in mind that if you don't, I'm not going to pretend you weren't smoking that entire time I was standing here.”

Freddy opened his mouth, then closed it quickly. “Alright then. I'll talk to him.” He scurried forward, leaving her to stand there, smirking.

Foxy sat slumped against the back wall, his eyes empty and devoid of life—literally—for half of it. He didn’t seem to be looking at anything in particular, just sitting limply.

“Foxy,” Freddy said. He stood by the edge of the stage, just inside of the curtains. His microphone was held tightly in one hand, the other with flexing fingers. “We need to talk.”

Foxy didn't seem to even realize that his boss was standing there, and as Freddy was about to say something in a sharper tone of voice, he replied, “I di’nt mean ta ‘urt ‘er.”

“I get it. But you shouldn't have lost your temper.” Freddy walked forward until he was standing right in front of the pirate. Foxy didn't look up. “Remember the days when I'd deal with you about that?”

If Foxy was affected by that statement, he didn't show it besides a messy shrug in response.

“Foxy. Answer me.”

Another shrug that was accompanied by, “What do ye wan’ me ta say? There's nothin’ ta do.”

“Talk to the ponies, Foxy,” Freddy said. “They may be ridiculous, but they're only trying to help—I know that much, however long I've denied it.”

“They don't r’lly care ‘bout us.”

“Foxy . . .”

“They ‘bandoned us.” Foxy’s voice was monotone.

Suddenly, the pirate was splayed on his side, hand up at his face. Jaw falling open even more in astonishment and pain, he looked up at Freddy. The standing animatronic was glaring at him, arm still outstretched from where he'd slapped the fox across the face. It changed into a pointing finger, getting right into his face.

“Foxy, would you look at the facts?!” Freddy shouted in anger, gesturing around them with the same arm. “The ponies didn't send us back here on purpose! Something happened, and we all paid for it! They came back here to fix things, and you're just being a brat about it because you need someone to blame for everything that's happened!” His eyes were burning, chest heaving. “So I want you to stop with all this nonsense, and be the person you used to be!”

Foxy was staring, shell shocked, up at Freddy, his non-broken ear tipped backwards. He didn't care about the indignation that'd come with being slapped as if he was young again; all he could pay attention to was the wave of emotions surging over him at being yelled at. He never heard Freddy talk to him like this—not even in the early days. Sure, there were a few instances where his being ‘naughty’ would get him a firm chastising, but not a full blown shouting match stemmed from something other than anger.

“B-but Freddy, ‘ow can I possibly be somethin’ else . . . ?” Foxy asked in the most pathetic voice ever.

“Talk to the ponies, Foxy,” Freddy replied softly.

“I don’ know if I can—e-e’erathin’s ruined!”

“Foxy, just let them talk to you.” Freddy bent down, looking right into the younger animatronic’s eyes.

“Will it all be ‘lright? Can ye promise me that?” His voice was quiet and shaky.

Freddy reached forward and enveloped the pirate into a hug. Foxy didn't push away, instead wrapping his arms around Freddy and nestling his head into his shoulder.

“I promise, buddy.”

So they talked. The six girls came in, all looking wary yet enthusiastic. There were apologies and forgiven deeds from all in the room. Questions were asked and answered. Once the group was acquainted with one another again, Fluttershy spoke.

“We might as well deal with the elephant in the room.”

Twilight tilted her head. “What's that?”

“Twilight . . . I'm married. I'm pregnant. What am I supposed to do?” Fluttershy asked, teal eyes filled with sadness. “If we don’t forget what happened here, then what? I'm trapped with the memories that never were?”

The girls were silent.

“We could find the next Element of Kindness,” Rainbow Dash whispered. She kept her gaze down. “And Loyalty.”

“Rainbow Dash?” Twilight asked, eyes wide.

Dash looked up at her friend. “I can't leave Fluttershy. I'll do anything to stay with her.” She glanced over at the other pegasus, a small smile on her face. “She's my best friend.”

“Oh, Dashie . . .” Fluttershy said, eyes filling with tears.

“Princess Celestia was doubtful we could find another Element of Kindness! How in Equestria could we possibly locate another Element of Loyalty?” Twilight shouted.

“If I stay, I suppose . . . that's not my problem,” Rainbow replied after a moment.

“But Rainbow, we need you!” Rarity exclaimed. “We need you both! We aren't the Elements of Harmony without you!”

“Rares is right,” Applejack said. “We could never leave ya here.”

“Who's gonna be my prank buddy? Or my background singer if you're gone?” Pinkie Pie asked frantically, glancing between the two pegasi.

“Find somepony else,” Dash responded sadly. “I'm sorry, but if Fluttershy is staying, then I am too.”

Fluttershy, who'd remained quiet for the rest of it, put a hand on Rainbow’s shoulder. “You’ve made my decision easier, Rainbow. This just proves how much my friends care about me. I don't want to leave Jackson, but . . . Equestria is more important. I'd be willing to leave everything if it meant staying with you all.” Her eyes filled with glittering tears.

“This makes me so sad!” Pinkie Pie wailed, taking a tissue out of nowhere and blowing her nose loudly on it.

“It makes me sad, too . . . and even if I live the rest of my life knowing what I've done here, I'll always come back and not regret a thing.” Fluttershy put her hands over her heart.

Twilight smiled, trying not to cry. “Thank you, Fluttershy. It wouldn't be the same without you.” She wiped her eyes. “So, should we leave?”

“What?” Foxy asked. “Ya aren't gonna stay, e’en fer th' rest ‘a th’ night?”

“No, we’re going to stay,” Fluttershy replied, wiping her eyes. She exchanged a quick glance with Twilight. “I've got to say some goodbyes . . . and besides, I don't want to leave just yet.” She smiled slightly, trying to cheer herself up.

“You know what, you're right. Let's stay a little longer; for Fluttershy’s sake,” Twilight said. The group exchanged renewed glances.

Since the decision was to stay, the group of six stayed in Pirate Cove for a longer time. But as the clock started to tick its way towards three A.M., there was a bit of wanting to get up.

“You girls look like you can't sit down anymore,” Freddy commented slyly, “so why don't you start moving around; stretch those legs.” The animatronic stood up, making it okay for the rest of the group to.

“Aye, ye ponies go an’ do somethin’ else. I’ll be f’ne in ‘ere,” Foxy added. He didn't stand like most of the others. Only he and Fluttershy were left sitting.

“You're just gonna . . . sit in here?” Rainbow Dash asked, raising an eyebrow skeptically. Foxy blinked up at her, tilting his head.

“Why do you stay in here anyways?” Rarity continued. “It's rather drab, to be honest.” She let her well trained eyes wander around the dingy, dusty Cove. If Foxy was offended by her statement, he didn't show it and instead responded with:

“I jus’ . . . can't go out.”

Fluttershy leaned over and put a hand on his, giving him a small smile. “Maybe it's time you try.”

Foxy seemed to debate whether or not to yank his hand away from her before replying, “I can't.”

“But why not?” Pinkie Pie chirruped, appearing behind him and setting her hands on his shoulders. She leaned over his head, looking at him upside down with big blue eyes. She fluttered her eyelashes innocently. This time, Foxy didn't respond, just stared forward.

“If we stay with you, will you try to leave the Cove?” Fluttershy asked, trying to get his attention.

“Not we,” Foxy said softly, head turning quickly to face her. “I only wan’ ye ta go wit' me.” Fluttershy merely nodded in understanding. The rest of the girls didn't prod, choosing instead to remain silent.

“Alright. That's good.” Fluttershy got to her feet, Foxy mimicking the action moments later, if a bit more unstable.

Foxy limped towards the curtains, aware of everyone’s eyes on him. He tried not to think about it, but was unsuccessful. Why was he doing this again? A few minutes earlier, he'd been adamant about taking a step consciously outside of his beloved Pirate Cove. During the night—when he was lost in the depths of free roaming mode—he wasn't exactly aware of what was happening. He'd let go of any consciousness during that period when they'd all been sent back to their world.

So when they were only steps from exiting the stage, it was no surprise when he collapsed to his knees, trying not to cry. Foxy turned his face away from the ponies, looking down instead.

“I can't,” he choked out, shaking his head fervently. His broken ear flopped back and forth and his eye closed, the other still covered. “It's too soon. ‘M not strong ‘nough.”

Fluttershy bent down. “It's okay, Foxy. We don't blame you.” She paused. “But don't you want to leave? You haven't left of your free will in years.” She moved a hand and put it under his chin, attempting to get him to look up. Pinkie inched closer, whispering in the pegasus’ ear.

“Hacks, Fluttershy! Hacks!” Pinkie hissed slightly inconspicuously. Fluttershy raised an eyebrow, clearly not recalling the incident.

“You mean you don't remember!?” Pinkie gasped. She raised a hand. “Like this!” Without further ado, she reached a hand out—but not towards Foxy. Freddy, who was standing somewhat close to the party pony, soon found a hand scratching at his tummy. With a happy little growl, he relaxed into the action. A moment later, he was laying on the floor with Pinkie giving him a belly rub. The party pony never broke eye contact with Fluttershy, a grin on her face and giving her a thumbs up with her other hand. The shy pegasus stared, eyes wide, before slowly turning her head back to Foxy.

“It's okay if you don't want to leave—but I think it'd be good for you,” she continued.

“’Ow? There's nothin’ fer me. Freddy already tol’ me ‘bout th' three others,” Foxy replied in a low voice. “I think I'm safer in ‘ere.”

“Foxy, look; when I leave to go back to Equestria, everything should be returned as it was. I know that Princess Celestia was probably expecting us back already, but I've stalled. I know it doesn't really matter, since soon this will all be over, but if we all remember what's happened . . . I don't want you to allow yourself to waste away again.” Fluttershy smiled when he made hesitant eye contact with her. “So, please, do it for me?”

Foxy didn't respond immediately. Instead, he just blinked and glanced away briefly. Then, “Okay. I'll try.”

“That's good.” Fluttershy smiled and the pair stood next to one another. Foxy braced himself, body tight with tension, and inched his way closer to the curtains. An arm was hooked around Fluttershy’s, and she was helping to guide him forward. The other ponies—Pinkie Pie no longer rubbing Freddy’s belly—and the animatronic watched with attentive eyes, keeping their distance.

“Why don't you push open the curtains?” Fluttershy suggested. Foxy—if it was at all possible—seemed to freeze up even more, whole body shaking in anxiety. His damaged jaw worked up and down as he tried to get a reply to push itself forward, but in the end he just closed his eye and moved his hand forward. The fingers brushed against the worn purple curtains, and he recoiled slightly. But he pushed forward, managing to open a small section of the only things protecting him from the outside world—and all the pain of it.

“Are ye sure it’s okay?” Foxy whispered so quietly Fluttershy almost didn't hear him.

“Yes, I'm completely sure. Everything’s fine.” Fluttershy patted his arm and took a step forward, trying to lead him into the open area. Hesitation. A baby step. A shuffling of feet. Okay, they were at the very edge of the stage. The curtains were behind them. Foxy was trembling, trying not to think about what had transpired out here, in this tragic room. The walls seemed to stretch out, and the pegasus standing next to him was no longer there. Everything was a hundred miles away. There was too much space. Too much!

“No—n-no, I can't go any f-further,” Foxy stammered, legs threatening to give out on him. He closed his eye and shook his head quickly. “’M sorry. ‘M sorry.”

Fluttershy realized he was leaning farther down, at the point where he was going to collapse soon. She felt his weight press down on her.

“Okay, okay. It's okay; you have nothing to be sorry about,” the pegasus soothed, trying to make him calm down. “You did good. Come on, just turn around, let's go back.”

Foxy tried to back up, but ended up toppling sideways, nearly crushing Fluttershy. She squeaked, but Freddy was already catching his fallen comrade and tugging his deadweight farther back onto the stage.

“That was kind of a bust,” Rainbow commented, sticking her hands in her jacket pockets.

“No,” Fluttershy said, “it wasn't. He hasn't so much as touched the curtains of his own free will.”

“He just faced one of his worst fears,” Twilight continued, “and that's a big deal. I think, for the first time, that he did rather well—besides the fainting part, at least.”

“That is true,” Rarity said.

“Anyways, can we move ‘bout? Ah’m in need of some activity,” Applejack stated. She placed her hands in the small of her back and pressed, cracking her spine several times.

“Me too,” Dash said, hovering above the group with her feet at their head levels.

“Yeah, that seems fine,” Twilight said, exchanging a quick glance with Fluttershy, who shrugged.

“Ooh, let's play a game!” Pinkie Pie bubbled, jumping up and down before taking off. Rainbow laughed and followed after, and soon the whole group had evacuated Pirate Cove.

Twilight found herself talking to Freddy some time later. He'd just been wandering casually, and since Twilight hadn't decided to take part in the other girls’ activity—charades—she’d found herself at his side. He didn't address her at first, instead just kind of ignoring her.

“So,” Twilight started awkwardly, “how's it going?” She paused. “I mean, like, not about the others, I mean, um—”

“Shut up, please,” Freddy sighed, rubbing his face. “I don't want to hear your irritating banter.”

Twilight’s mouth gaped open, and she flushed red, looking down. Okay, not happy right now. She didn't say anything after that, but kept trying to think of something.

“Why don't you ponies just leave if everything’ll go back to normal afterwards?”

Twilight jerked at his words, not expecting the question. She looked up at him with large violet eyes, blinking. He continued to face forward.

“Because Fluttershy needs time to . . . get ready. You know how long it's been. She's made a life, so it's going to take some time for her to accept her role as the Element of Kindness again,” Twilight explained carefully; hesitantly. “And we haven't got time, so we’re rushing her as it is. None of us could have predicted how long it'd been for you guys.”

"But what's the point of asking us about what's happened, or happening? Why should you care, especially with this short of a time frame?” Freddy shrugged slightly.

Twilight frowned. “What's not the point? We want to know what's gone on.”

“But why?”

“Because we care, why do you think?”

Freddy quickly turned his body to look at her. “I don't know!” he snapped back, exasperated. He growled and turned away again, storming down the length of the hall that remained. Twilight stood, surprised, before hurrying after him.

“Freddy!” she barked.

“Don't talk to me,” Freddy retorted angrily, back to her.

Twilight was about to argue, but stopped, deciding instead to remain quiet. She raised an eyebrow, studying him from behind.

Yeah, he's angry; antagonizing him is the last thing I want to do.

So instead, Twilight cast a final glance in his direction and padded around him, going further into the showroom, where they'd been casually walking towards. She noticed Freddy’s head movement as he followed her movements, and she pretended not to notice as she studied the room. There were drawings hung up, along with other random memorabilia—stuff from restaurants past, she deduced. None of it was very newsworthy, until a jutting out piece of wood caught her eye.

“Hey, Freddy,” Twilight started, eyes narrowing as she slowly moved forward, “why was this wall boarded up?”

“What? There's no boarded up wall,” Freddy responded.

“No, I see the wood covering it.” Twilight reached the sidewall and ran a hand over it, feeling the planks that were laid over whatever had happened.

“Twilight, I don't know what you're looking at. I don't see anything but a wall with kids’ drawings all over it.” He walked up to her.

“But there is! I can feel it; how have you never noticed this?” The unicorn was gazing at the wall as if it were an undiscovered creature that she was studying for the first time.

“How have I never—?” Freddy sounded incredulous and a bit irritated. “There's nothing there!” He put a hand out in disbelief.

“How can you not see this?” Twilight gawked, eyebrows furrowed. She narrowed her eyes further, then perked up. Using her magic, she cleanly pulled off all the papers and such littering the wall. Maybe it was no surprise the animatronics had never noticed it; there was a lot of random stuff. She set the piles down on a nearby table, not taking her eyes off the wall the whole time. Now that there was nothing covering it, she could see the wooden planks fairly well.

“What in the world do you think you're doing?” Freddy gasped.

“I'm going to find out what's behind this wall.” Twilight grinned and the boards were surrounded by her magenta aura, the tension increasing as she began to extract the nails holding them down. A minute later, the numerous planks were in a neat pile by the papers.

“See? There's nothing there.” Freddy seemed satisfied with that.

“Uh, Freddy . . .” Twilight murmured, “there's a whole room back here.” She turned violet eyes on him. Freddy was looking up at the “room,” his facial expression one of slight confusion at this point. “You can't see this, can you?”

Freddy stared for a moment longer before meeting her gaze. “What am I supposed to be seeing?”

Perhaps his programming was fixed so he couldn't see this! That would explain why he didn't know it was here.

“I'm going in,” Twilight stated firmly and suddenly.

“What? In where?” Freddy asked, looking around.

“The secret room. Hello? The one I was just talking about?” She raised an eyebrow at him. “Come on; let’s both go in. Maybe you can see it then.”


“Come on!”

Twilight waved her hand and took a step forward, planting a foot firmly on the other side. She turned back to Freddy.

“Just trust me,” she said with a slight smile. Freddy shot her a questioning glance (as in, why was her leg gone?) before tentatively moving forward. But as soon as he got within a step of the gaping hole, he stopped abruptly. His circuits whirred violently in response.

“Error,” Freddy said monotonously.

“Error?” Twilight repeated, eyebrow raised even more now.



Freddy stepped backwards, eyes staring forward blankly. Then he blinked and he seemed to be back to normal.

“What? Why are you staring at me?” the animatronic questioned.

“Um, I think your servos just kicked in . . .” Twilight admitted, still standing just barely in the other room.

“Oh. That's odd. Though I'm guessing it's probably why I can't see nor go into this room you're rambling on about. Since we're on that subject, by the way, you're only slightly disappearing from your right hip down.” Freddy shrugged. “Perhaps you should get your friends. I assume they'll want to see just what you’ve discovered.” He put his hands on his hips.

“Come on; I doubt there's anything in here. I’m just going to see what's up.” Twilight waved a hand. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

She didn't give Freddy time to protest as she turned and padded down the dark hallway. The floor was dirty and it smelt musky, but there was another scent . . . something metallic? Twilight couldn't tell; it was so faint. She continued into a large room. Another party room, most likely, as all it had was a table and a few creaky chairs. The unicorn glanced about, then cast a simple light spell. Cobwebs and dust-covered surfaces . . . and—

What was that?

Twilight paused, eyes scrutinizing what exactly she was seeing. The floor was black-and-white checkered, just like the rest of the restaurant, but there seemed to be some sort of . . . stain all over. It spread at least a foot-and-a-half across, even coating a little bit of the wall. Twilight approached it hesitantly, crouching down and getting closer. Her spell cast a purplish light around her, making the stain look odd. A hand reached out and brushed against it. It felt rusty and flaked away at her touch.

Oh. Oh Celestia.

Twilight backed up, getting partially to her feet as she stumbled away. Her stomach churned, face going pale as a gasp of horror escaped her lips. She bumped into the wall opposite the blood stain, going slack against it . . . until she realized that the quiet, raspy breathing in her ear wasn't hers, nor was this “wall” smooth and hard like it should be.

Large hands landed on her shoulders. A small, whispering laugh was breathed in her ear.


Author's Note:

If you thought that was interesting, just wait for what I've got planned next! :pinkiecrazy: