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Five Nights in Equestria - RandomHamster33

Luna's job is to help her subjects. Will Foxy be able to be helped?

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The Second Coming

Twilight held the two wires together, eyes narrowed as she prepared to touch them. With a small yet careful movement, she tapped them against one another. A huge explosion of sparks sprayed back into her face, causing her to give a wild yell and leap backwards.

Twilight lifted her goggles from her eyes. “Ugh, you’re supposed to meld together! That was like, the fifth time!” She wiped some ash from her forearm and tossed the destroyed wires into disposal. She then removed her lab coat, goggles, and safety boots, setting them where they belonged before trotting tiredly upstairs. She smelled something good and made her way to the kitchen.

Spike was making breakfast. He glanced over. “So, how’s it going?”

Twilight plopped down at the table. “Urg, not well. It’s been over a week and I’ve gotten nowhere. Half the time, I don’t know what I’m doing.” She rubbed at her eyes: sore from looking into bright lights.

Spike flipped the pancake over and tended to the hay bacon beside him. “What are you trying to do anyways?”

“I’m trying to do something about Foxy’s problem with switching to roaming mode.”

“And not working on him is helping how?” Spike asked, getting out two plates from a cupboard to his left.

Twilight narrowed her eyes. “What do you mean?”

Spike turned around, two plates full of food in his claws. He deposited them at their spots and sat down. “Foxy isn’t here; you sent him with Fluttershy. So how do you work on it at all? You can’t test it on nothing.” He took a large scoop of his scrambled eggs and stuck them in his mouth.

“I don’t think you understand what I’m trying.” Twilight levitated her fork.

Her assistant shrugged, slurping a piece of hay bacon from his plate. “Whatever you think works, but honestly, if I were you, I’d, you know, make sure it works. Maybe I don’t get what you’re doing—all I’m saying is that it wouldn’t make sense to anypony but you.”

“Are you saying my methods are debauched?”

“Whatever that means, sure.”

I cannot believe I'm doing this.

Celestia’s glowing ethereal form changed and began to build up her human body, starting at her feet and making its way up her length. Soon she was a tall, slim woman clad in yellow-and-violet armor. With a casual flick of her hand, the armor faded into a darker purple suit much like Luna’s own dark blue. At her hip was a broadsword concealed in a leather scabbard, her royal symbol emblazoned on it. Luna saw this and cocked her head.

“Why do you have Sol?” the lunar goddess asked, addressing the sword.

Celestia glanced down. “I figured having it at my side is better than trying to conjure it in battle.” She looked Luna up and down. “Don't you have your katanas?”

Luna frowned. “Why would I need them?”

“There is obviously more corruption in this world—we might need our weapons.”

After pondering it for a moment, Luna allowed the slim blades to shimmer into view. She then tucked the twin katanas into place in the bands across her back. The handles stuck out on both sides of her head. She'd always preferred slimmer blades (such as her katanas or occasional rapier), while Celestia had gone with the larger ones (her broadsword, battle axe, etc.), though they both wielded bows with deadly accuracy.

“So, what's our plan?” Celestia asked. She looked up at the sun high in the sky. Judging its position and the atmosphere surrounding them, she'd say it was about four in the afternoon.

Luna tossed her shimmering hair, letting it cascade down her back, where it rested with a slight curl at the end. “I did not mean to arrive so early in the daytime,” she explained, frowning. Celestia placed a hand on the golden hilt of Sol and glanced around. They were in some random alley, probably the weakest spot to enter the dimension.

“Hmm, time must move slower here. Foxy said it was 1993, yet our world is in the 7300s. I wonder how long it has actually been since Foxy was transported to Equestria,” Celestia commented. She glanced around.

Luna did the same. “Yes, I’d heard that.” A thoughtful look crept over her features, and then a sly grin. “Say, shall we allow ourselves a tour of this city?”

“Luna, shouldn’t we check out the restaurant?”

The lunar sovereign shrugged. “Why? The animatronics are on stage and there will be plenty of people there. We have time to kill.”

Celestia blinked. “Yes, I suppose you are correct.” Her clothes changed to a white dress with gold trimming that reached down to her ankles, but cut up one way to reach her knee. On her feet were the traditional golden slippers and the rest of her royal attire was present. Luna quickly changed as well, garnishing herself in jeans and a dark blue T-shirt—also with her regal dressings adorning her.

“Now,” Luna declared, grabbing her sister’s arm, “let us be off!”

Twilight’s scream rang through the whole library. Spike sighed and rolled his eyes. He grabbed the fire extinguisher and walked to the laboratory’s door, opened it, and made his way down the steps. He pulled the pin and let out a torrent of white spray, extinguishing the small fire that had started on the table. Twilight, who’d dove under the nearest chair, crawled out.

“Thanks Spike. Don’t know what I’d do without you,” the unicorn said thankfully, rubbing his scales.

“Probably burn or starve to death,” Spike muttered, even as he appreciated the gesture.

“Speaking of burn.” Twilight looked at the charred area of the room. “I swear, I’m close.” She lit her horn and the mess was gone, leaving no evidence that it ever existed.

“Maybe you should take my advice and get Foxy over here. Just see if your idea is going to work.”

“I think it will.”

Spike arched one incredulous eyebrow at her. Twilight saw this and smiled.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get it, and then I’ll test it.”

The dragon sighed, throwing up his hands. He started up the stairs. “That doesn’t even make any sense.”

Fluttershy was cutting vegetables in her kitchen, hoof moving up and down in a rhythmic pattern. Being careful not to accidently cut herself, she swept the carrots into a bowl and set them aside. She then snatched a cucumber from its place and began slicing it as well. It was then that she heard heavy footsteps behind her.

“Good morning, Foxy,” the pegasus said, not ceasing her cutting. Foxy stopped in the doorway to her kitchen, looking around.

“Mm, mornin’, lass. What’re ye doin’?” he asked, stepping closer.

“Just cutting some vegetables.” She paused a few moments. “Have a good night’s sleep?”

Foxy grunted. “Usual.”

Fluttershy nodded. “Say, do you mind helping me with something today?” She frowned. “If you don’t, that’s okay . . .”

“Why wouldn’t I? Not like I’m busy . . .” Foxy trailed off. “What did ye need help with?”

“I’ve got to pick up my order of birdseed down at the veterinarian’s. Rainbow Dash usually does it for me, as she likes to become better at carrying heavy loads for long distances, but as you know, she’s in Cloudsdale to visit her parents. Now I’ve got no one to help me.” She finished chopping up the cucumber and put it in the bowl. She turned around. “So I was wondering if you’d go with me and fetch it.”

“Aye, I’ll do it.” Foxy was unprepared for a quick hug around his legs. Fluttershy smiled up at him and backed away.

“Okay, let’s leave as soon as we can. I’ve got to feed my animals, and that should be it.”

“Aye aye.”

Celestia and Luna sat at a restaurant. It was starting to get late, so after this would be the time to sneak off to the pizzeria.

“Hmm, what are you having?” Luna asked, glancing up from her menu.

“Probably chicken,” Celestia idly replied.

Luna’s eyes snapped back up. “Really?”

“Yes. In Equestria, it’s considered taboo to even consider eating another living thing—though there are some exceptions. I figured I’d give it a try.” Celestia shrugged.

Luna pondered this for a moment. “You know what, sister, I think I shall try as well.”

Celestia hummed. “Goodness, their cakes look delicious.”

“Are you already thinking about dessert?”

The older sister looked up. “Maybe.” She bit her lip. “What? I have an addiction.”

Doll watched anxiously as Mike buttoned up his work shirt. “Do you really have to go? You went through a trauma—you can stay home,” she said.

Mike glanced over at her. “Sorry, Doll. The boss is already angry at me—I doubt he’d let me stay home if I’m fine.”

Doll grabbed his hand. “But you’re not fine. Every morning you come home, and you look as though you’ve been at war. Please, just get another job.”

“There are no other jobs, Doll. I’m lucky I got this one, with the economy as it is.” Mike slipped his hat on and leaned down to get a kiss from his girlfriend. “Now, I’d better get going. Don’t want to be late.” He grabbed his car keys and headed towards the front door.

“Be safe!” Doll called before he shut the door. Once he was gone, she sighed. “Please be safe, Mikey.”

“Hiyah, Ms. Fluttershy! And I see you brought your . . . friend,” the vet, her name Mane Goodall, said warily as she eyed Foxy. Fluttershy smiled hesitantly.

“Yes, hello. I’m here to pick up my birdseed,” the pegasus replied.

“Oh! I always thought RD got it for you.” Goodall led them into the storage area. Various supplies and kits sat for later use, but a large bag of birdseed was laying propped up against the wall.

“She usually does, but she’s out of town.”

“I see. Is that why, um, he’s here?” Goodall asked, pointing at Foxy.

Fluttershy nodded. “Yes, if you don’t mind him being here. It is okay, right?”

“Of course it is! I’m just a bit unnerved. I’ve never had an animal quite like him in here before.” She gave Fluttershy a nervous smile.

“Don’t worry—he’s a good fox. Right, Foxy?”

The pirate shot her an unimpressed glare and bent to pick up the birdseed. “Got it,” he said.

“Alrighty then! Thank you, Ms. Goodall! We’ll just be out of your mane, now,” Fluttershy announced. Foxy bent under the doorway and she followed him out.

“No problem. Have a good day!”

When the two were out of the veterinarian’s, Foxy directed his attention to Fluttershy. “A good fox? Really?”

The pegasus frowned. “Sorry, but I couldn’t exactly say he doesn’t bite, now could I?” She seemed to register what she said a second too late. “Oh, no, I’m sorry!”

What she said is very true.

Foxy rolled his eyes. “W-whatever.”

Oops, was that a stutter I heard?

Fluttershy glanced up at him, but pretended not to notice. “Are you okay? The birdseed’s not too heavy, is it?”

Shaking his head, Foxy replied, “N-no.”

Might want to control that little twitch there, huh?

“’m f-f’ne,” Foxy growled, something inside him stirring.

“Are you sure? We can stop if you wa—”

“I s-said, I’m f-fine!”

Fluttershy gasped, shrinking back. Her eyes blinked a few times in shock. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Oh look, you’ve made her cry. Now would be a good time to bite her face off.


Fluttershy paused. “W-what?”

Foxy stopped in mid-step. “What what?”

“You just said no. No to what?” Fluttershy asked. “Wait, Foxy, are you . . . glitching?”

Foxy fumbled with the birdseed, then just dropped it all together. “I-I don’t think s-so.”

Fluttershy frowned. “We’re going to Twilight’s.”


The security guard was unprepared for the sudden weight smashing into him. Chica bowled him over, bringing them both crashing to the floor. Mike groaned as his bruises were harshly pressed down on, and the animatronic seemed to notice this. She rolled backward, sitting on the floor.


“It’s—it’s okay. I’m fine,” Mike huffed. He clambered to his feet.

“What happened to you!?” Chica exclaimed.

“Uh, whoever attacked me left me some bruises. That’s really all that’s wrong with me.”

“Those look really bad.”

“They’re really not.” Chica poked him sharply in the chest, and he winced. “They still hurt, however.” He rubbed at the spot.

“So, you lived,” came Freddy’s voice. The two turned around and saw Freddy and Bonnie walking down the hall.

Celestia glanced over at Luna, eyes narrowed. The younger sister caught this look and blinked.

“What? Harming him was not intentional. I may have overestimated the strength that humans possess,” Luna defended herself. Rolling her eyes, the solar goddess switched her attention back to the conversation.

"Yeah, though I doubt you really care,” Mike mumbled to Freddy. The bear shrugged.

“Meh, I guess. Chica just wants me to be nice,” Freddy said, jabbing his thumb at her.

“You're lucky I'm not making you do more,” Chica replied with a slight huff.

“Yeah, whatever.”

So,” Bonnie interrupted, trying to move the conversation forward, “did you maybe . . . see who did it to you?”

Mike furrowed his eyebrows. “I . . . hmm, yes, I think so. Right before I was rudely and quickly knocked out, yeah. I think they were a, uh, girl, actually. A woman.” He contemplated this before nodding. “Yes, I’m sure it was. A woman, and she had blue hair—it glowed kinda, too. That’s really all I could tell. It was too dark.”

“Really?” Chica asked, interested. “Do you think she has anything to do with Foxy?”

Luna and Celestia reacted to this. They shifted cautiously, taking more care to listen to the conversation.

“Glowing hair?” Bonnie questioned, cocking his head. “That does seem suspicious.”

Chica glanced over at Freddy. “Don't you think so too?”

Freddy rubbed his chin. "Whatever she was doing here, it wasn't good.”

“At least we can agree on that.”

Mike scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, sure. Come on, we should go to the, uh, room. Whatever it's called.”

Freddy rolled his eyes. “Fine.” He took the lead and started down the hall . . . only to bump into something. Celestia, who'd been the one in the way, became visible. Her tall figure stood imposingly, her lightweight armor shining faintly with magic. Freddy stumbled back a few steps, quite surprised at what had just happened. Soon after, Luna appeared next to her sister. Freddy quickly recovered from his shock and took a step forward, snarling. An ivory sword was swiftly pointed at him, courtesy of Celestia. Sol’s ghostly white blade contrasted sharply with the dark hallway.

“Greetings,” Celestia said smoothly, sheathing Sol. “Sorry about that. I just haven’t used him in such a long time.”

Luna took a small step forward. “I am Luna and this is my sister, Celestia. We are the rulers of the kingdom of Equestria.”

Mike backed up, not taking any chances. “You’re that woman that attacked me!” He hid behind Bonnie.

“Yes, and for that I apologize. I did not intend to harm you.”

Freddy scoffed, “Why are you here?”

“We had to convene with you, for we know what you are searching for,” Celestia replied. “Foxy is safe with us.”

“Foxy? You have him?” Chica asked, now concerned. “Give him back!”

Luna’s gaze hardened. “I am afraid it is not that simple. Foxy has deep and troubling problems—problems which have burdened him for a good while, and may be the complete destruction of everything he knows.” She conjured a small metal box, and crushed it in her hand, allowing the red-hot liquid to drip out of her fist.

“Problems?” Bonnie asked. He cocked his head, one ear twitching.

“Yes,” Celestia responded, “and he will not leave Equestria until we get him past these. Obviously he is getting no help while he is here.”

“Foxy doesn’t have problems,” Freddy said, rolling his eyes. “He might be a bit out of commission, but he’s not—”

Luna interrupted him. “Broken? Damaged?” She set her burning cyan gaze on him. Freddy shifted uncomfortably, glancing away. Luna continued. “As we were saying, Foxy shall not leave Equestria until he is deemed fit to do so.”

Mike peeked out from around Bonnie. “Uh, if you care, if I don’t get Foxy back, I’m going to lose my job . . .”

“That’s true,” Bonnie said in response to Mike’s statement.

“I do not understand why you work here,” Celestia murmured. She rolled her eyes. “I am sorry, but time shall pass, and we cannot do anything. Your world moves slowly enough as it is.”

“What do you mean, our world?” Mike questioned. He stood up.

“Why do you think we were invisible?” Luna asked, somewhat sharply. “Equestria is not of your world, but another. Ours is full of magic and, well, a difference in species, naturally.”

“Can we maybe . . . see Foxy?” Chica asked quietly. Luna and Celestia exchanged glances.

Shall we? Luna asked telepathically to her sister.

I am not sure if we should do this, Celestia replied.

Tia, this would be the perfect opportunity.

After a moment's hesitation. You’re right. Let us.

“Yes, I think maybe that will work,” Luna said out loud.

Chica gasped. “Really?” She took a step forward.

Freddy quickly stopped her by putting an arm out. “Whoa, whoa. I wouldn’t trust these . . . females.”

Celestia couldn’t decide whether to narrow her eyes or roll them. “Females, huh? I would not disrespect us.”

“Because I really care.”

Deciding to just go through with their plan, Celestia lifted her hand and a bright golden light illuminated the room. Freddy’s eyes widened and he backed up, both arms out to shield the others. The light became more intense as Luna’s magic came in.

Twilight frowned. She worked fervently, magic and hooves alike working together. Foxy was sitting on the table, deactivated; his circuits were on display as the unicorn toiled.

“Well?” Fluttershy asked from where she was sitting.

Twilight briefly glanced over. “Well what?”

“How is it?”

“Not good. When you two came in and you said he was glitching, I didn’t think there’d be evidence of it in his circuits. But no—there totally is.” Twilight twitched her tail.

“And what is it?” Fluttershy was now standing on her hind legs, fore-hooves placed on the work table.

“Uh, well, he’s a bit . . . warm, to tell you the truth. When he froze up, he got cold. When he’s glitching-?”

Fluttershy frowned as her friend trailed off. “He gets warm? Wait, he said that his circuits get all weird when he hasn’t been on roaming mode, so you think that’s the reason he was all glitchy earlier?”

Twilight tugged on a tangle of wires. “That’s a good theory. We can only assume at this point.” She inserted a few new wires in and pulled them tight. “We’ve never seen him this bad. It must be getting worse, each time he goes without it.”

Fluttershy nodded. “Because at the Gala, he didn’t glitch once before he switched.”

“Exactly. He said he just couldn’t control it.”

“It makes me wonder if something else is in control,” came a regal voice. Luna padded towards them on silent hooves.

“Princess Luna?” Twilight asked, lifting her goggles.

“Yes, but no need to stop your work.” She cleared her throat. “You must quickly finish and gather your friends. The others are here.”

Others?” Fluttershy asked, facing the princess. She paused. “W-wait, you mean-?”

“Indeed.” Luna nodded solemnly. “Unfortunately, as with Foxy, they’ve came through into this world directly into the Everfree Forest. The Canterlot Castle is protected from foreign objects, living or nonliving, that come through. The Everfree’s magic is perfect for that sort of thing.”

Twilight jumped off her chair and scooted over. “We’ll find them, don’t worry, Princess.” She hesitated. “I just have one question—why’d you bring them here?—if you don’t mind me asking.”

“They have some making up to be doing as well.”

“Okay, so do we all know what we’re doing?”

Twilight looked at the assembled ponies. The five mares nodded resolutely. Satisfied, Twilight turned around to face the Everfree Forest that loomed gloomily before them.

“Alright, girls, let’s go!”

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