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Five Nights in Equestria - RandomHamster33

Luna's job is to help her subjects. Will Foxy be able to be helped?

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What am I Even Doing Guys

“Rainbow Dash, answer me please—your friends are here—and they’re filled with unease.”

“Is she going to be okay?”

“I think yes, but even then, that may be a hasty guess.”

“Wh-what if she’s not okay?! I don’t think I’d—”

“Fluttershy, please do not fret. The end for Dash has not come quite yet . . . look; she stirs in her slumber, so do not let your feelings go asunder.”

Blurry images became apparent as Rainbow opened her eyes. The voices she’d been hearing grew louder, until finally, she’d managed to wake herself from what was similar to a coma. Dash saw Fluttershy, Rarity, Twilight, and Zecora standing around her; looking down on her with worry and for one, complete ease.

“Urrg . . . w-what? What are you all looking at?” the cyan pegasus muttered, attempting to sit up. A sharp stab of pain through her whole body swiftly stopped that action in its tracks, however. She fell back onto the pillow propped under her.

“Rainbow! Thank goodness!” Twilight cried, sighing. “How do you feel?”

“Uh . . . really bad migraine and dizziness . . . that’s about it.”

Zecora shifted in her peripheral vision. “I have concocted a brew; the likes to help you. It should do just fine, to make your head’s pain decline.” She brought forth a flask of liquid, holding it in her hoof. She offered it to Dash. “Take it now. Then share your story of what happened—and how.”

Rainbow tipped the flask back, swallowing the slightly bitter tasting concocting. When she was done, Zecora took it back and set it down. “Well, it started when Twilight and I went our separate ways . . .”

Twilight glared at the magenta cube sitting on the table in front of them; it hovered just off the decorated wood. There was a barely noticeable golden aura to it as well, no doubt the presence of the creature inside.

“What are we supposed to do now?” Fluttershy asked, frowning. “We can’t let that thing out, or else it might do the same thing to somepony else.”

“I don’t know what we’re going to do,” Twilight said. She got down to its height, eyeing it carefully. “But we should at least try talking to it. I can try and set up some sort of cell for it. Then we’ll decide what the next plan of action is.”

“Alright. We should get to Ponyville as soon as possible. The others are waiting,” Rarity added.

Twilight nodded. “Right. Thank you, Zecora, for all you’ve done.” She tipped her head to the zebra, which was wholeheartedly returned.

“You are very welcome, my pony friends. Just keep in touch, and let us hope this mystery soon ends.”

Applejack heard the door shut behind her as she trotted down the long staircase to the laboratory below. She didn’t even have to look for what she was seeking; it was obvious enough. Padding forward, she made her way to the animatronic fox lying face-down on the table. An arm hung loosely downwards, fingers slightly curled at the ends. His head was turned to one side, eyes closed and eyebrows relaxed. To Applejack, it looked like a death scene—one walking into a hospital, only to find their loved one dead upon the cot, unhooked from the machines which had worked to save their fleeting life.

Well, he looks fine. Twilight sure didn’t say anythin’ was amiss, but that mare keeps more to herself than Big Macintosh.

Applejack came closer and inspected Foxy. A cord ran from an electrical socket to his back, slipping under the panel that was barely lifted on his back. The farm mare glanced casually at it, mouth in a straight line. She tentatively reached a hoof up and pushed the panel up, checking to see how much power he had. She searched for some sort of sign to tell her. Nestled between several clumps of wire was a small LED screen. Applejack squinted her eyes, trying to discern what it said.

“Shoot. How can Twi read this stuff? Ah can barely see anythin’,” she muttered to herself. She sat back on her haunches, unsure of what to do. Looking around, Applejack hummed a little tune. She could hear the other ponies upstairs. Pinkie Pie was giggling like a maniac; that much she was sure of. “Ah guess Ah could try and do somethin’. No use sittin’ here useless.” The orange mare got back to her hooves, and she leaned up to at least attempt to read the screen again. Maybe Ah should get contacts like Big Mac suggested. Applejack sighed and turned back towards the door to head upstairs.

Mike shifted slightly in his sleep. A whispery breath escaped his mouth as he rolled over onto his side. His hand lifted and scratched at an itch behind his ear.

“Awake yet?”

Mike opened his blue eyes to come face-to-face with two large maroon eyes. The security guard let out a very unmanly shriek and flew backwards, toppling off the bed.

“Mike? Did I scare you?” came the familiar voice of Bonnie.

Mike let out a shaky breath and pulled himself off the floor. The animatronic standing on the other side of the bed blinked at him, tilting his head. One of Bonnie’s ears twitched in amusement.

“Maybe a little,” Mike admitted, getting to his feet. He brushed some literal dirt off his shoulders before stopping. “Wait, where are we? I’m covered in dirt.” He looked to Bonnie for answers, an eyebrow raised.

“Oh, um, you remember what happened back at the restaurant right?” Bonnie asked.

Mike hesitated. The memories flooded his mind--the two mysterious yet deadly woman with their swords and then a bright flash of light. That was all. “Yeah, of course I do. But what does that have to do with wherever we are?”

Bonnie nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah, that has every reason to do with why we’re here. Apparently we’re in some sort of different universe filled with ponies called Equestria.”

Mike paused. Then he began to laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh. He tossed his head back as he cackled hysterically. Bonnie watched in a combination of confusion and irritation. When Mike finally simmered down, there were tears in his eyes.

“Heh, y-yeah, BonBon, I believe that. I must be dreaming,” the security guard went on, wiping his eyes. He sauntered around the bed, clutching his stomach.

“I’m not sure what you find so hilarious,” Bonnie said warily, eyeing Mike. “But this isn’t a dream. I don’t dream much, and even when I do, it’s definitely not of stupid security guards.”

“I--hey! That was uncalled for.” Mike frowned. “And anyways, that doesn’t even make any sense. There’s no such thing as a ‘parallel universe.’ Pinch me if I’m wrong.”

. . .

“Ow!” Mike whined and held his arm, rubbing at the spot where Bonnie had pinched him. “You can’t just pinch me!”

“You said to,” Bonnie said, confused.

Mike narrowed his eyes and allowed his arms to fall back at his sides. He knew the robots could tell sarcasm and such--Freddy was the definition of that. But instead of arguing, Mike decided to go down the stairs to his right.

“Anyways, I came to see if you were awake. And you are,” Bonnie continued. “Do you hurt anywhere? The orange pony asked me to check on you. She said there was another pony taking care of you, but she left to find a rainbow pony.”

Mike stared blankly before turning to go downstairs. Bonnie quickly hurried after. Upon reaching the bottom, Mike stopped and stared. Here he was, surrounded by a bunch of ponies. Little and big ones alike, and Chica and Freddy were in there also.

“Howdy! You’re lookin’ fine, so Ah suppose there’s nothing’ to worry ‘bout,” said the orange one. She (as it presumably was) trotted forward, a smile on her face. Mike stared down at her, eyes wide. “Is there somethin’ wrong?”

“Uh . . . Maybe the fact that I am being confronted by a talking equine,” Mike admitted, shrugging.

“Oh, yeah, Ah understand. That was kind of a given, sorry. Ah reckon that’s how the others reacted at first, too.” She kicked a hoof nonchalantly. “Anyways, Ah’m Applejack, that’s Pinkie Pie.” She pointed to a strikingly rose colored mare standing off to the side. Pinkie Pie lifted a hoof and waved vigorously. A bright smile was plastered across her face. Mike waved hesitantly back at her, but still wore a frown. “And the little ones’re my sister, Apple Bloom, and her friends Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.” The three fillies blinked up at him.

He looked back down at Applejack. “Uh, nice to meet you all . . . I guess. But why am I here? Or we here, I guess.”

Freddy interjected with an angry grunt. “Don’t even bother asking. There’s no reason.”

Applejack cast an angry glance back at Freddy, but he didn’t catch it. “Just ignore ‘im. He’s been grumpy ever since he came back. His leg’s a tad roughed up.” Perplexed, Mike shifted his glance over to the animatronic, who did seem to have something attached to his leg. “Anyways, we just hafta wait ‘til the others get back. There’s no need to worry. They’ll be here soon, I’m sure of it.”

Rainbow Dash stumbled slightly. Fluttershy was instantly pressed closer to her side, teal eyes filled with concern. Dash grunted, twitching an ear.

“’m fine,” she murmured.

“If you’re sure,” Fluttershy whispered quietly back, but staying close. She watched carefully as Rainbow’s head drooped just a little bit more. A sigh escaped her mouth.

Twilight glanced backwards. “The library is right ahead.” She let a small smile onto her face. “Thank goodness, right?” Rarity let out a quiet hum in response, though that was the only acknowledgement Twilight got at all. The violet unicorn’s ears pressed against her head briefly. They were all tired; rest was required. Well, I could cast that spell and refresh us all . . . but the others might object to that.

Twilight found herself at the thick oak door sooner than she thought. The sun was coming up over the horizon, spreading golden rays across the scenery. The violet unicorn looked up at the sight before letting a small smile cross over her face. It shows that no matter what, life goes on . . . heh. I wonder what Spike would say if I said that to him? Twilight chuffed in amusement as she began to push the library door open. Inside, nothing stirred and she wondered if everyone was gone. The lights were off.

“Twilight!” Applejack’s southern voice travelled to their ears first. The orange mare appeared rather suddenly in her face, and Pinkie followed after. The party pony grabbed onto Rainbow, swinging her around in joy.

“Oh, Dashie! I’m so glad you’re alright!” Pinkie Pie cried, squeezing the pegasus.

“Gah—yes, I am, and it’d be—ur—appreciated if you’d let me go,” Dash squeaked, face red. Pinkie released her without another word, still smiling. Rainbow huffed, dropping her neck. She made a curious face at her pink friend and scooted away.

“What happened to ya? Why—”

Twilight silenced Applejack with a small cough. “We can explain all that later. Rainbow is fine. What matters now is the animatronics that are currently scattered across the land.”

“Well, actually . . .”

Twilight tried not to be angry. She really did. The fact that he was hurt helped her calm down, but inside, she could not forget. So here she was, staring at Freddy, who was staring unimpressed right back at her. Bonnie, Chica, and Mike all watched, confused, as the two glared one another down.

“Alright,” Twilight began, finally breaking the awkward silence, “let’s get started, shall we?” She walked coldly around the room, making extra sure to ignore Freddy as she did so.

“With what, exactly?” Mike questioned.

“Ooh, ooh, do we get to see Foxy now?!” Chica exclaimed, pushing past Bonnie. She grinned at Twilight, eyes sparkling. After gathering everyone inside the room (excluding Foxy), they had formally exchanged names and greetings.

Twilight twitched her nose. “. . . I suppose since we’re all here.” Truthfully, she was a bit hesitant. Ever since the, uh, memory incident, Foxy had been twitchy—more than usual, anyways. But he’d been charging, so maybe it was safer now. Though she wished she’d gotten more time to work on a free-roaming solution.

“Awesome!” Chica bounced up and down in excitement.

Twilight nodded, even though worry made her heart heavy. She managed to meet her pony friends’ eyes as she walked—barely slower than her usual pace—past them. Fluttershy’s teal gaze sparkled with unease. The other mares had sympathetic frowns on their faces. Glancing around, Fluttershy decided to join Twilight in her endeavor. As soon as the two mares were through the door, heading down to the lab, she hissed to the unicorn:

“Twilight, what’s happening?”

Twilight bit her lip. “I don’t know if Foxy is safe to be around. It’s night, and he hasn’t been on roaming mode for weeks. He could switch . . . at any moment.”

“But we have the other animatronics. They could probably restrain him,” Fluttershy murmured.

“I don’t know. What if they decide to . . . join him?”

Fluttershy seemed astounded. “They . . . they wouldn’t do that, would they?”

Twilight gazed uncertainly at the animatronic laying unresponsive on the table. “I really don’t know.”

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