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History of Metal Gear (1987 - 2021) | Documentary | Nick930 · 3:22pm Last Thursday

A documentary YouTube video telling the full history of the Metal Gear franchise. Celebrate 35 years of one of the most iconic stealth action games of all time by learning how thr series evolved! Metal Gear is a stealth action game created by Hideo Kojima and produced by a Japanese holding company called Konami.

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Comment posted by Redwolf777sg deleted September 3rd

Ooh, I see, I see. Well, that's quiet understandable. Alright than. And hey if you need any help with Who's Laughing Now? Or other of your stories projects. Its not like I have any else better to do other than the usual stuff these days.:twilightblush:

I was, but since I have an extremely tight school schedule both this semester and the next one, I have decided to focus solely on "BACK TO LIFE". It's currently the story I enjoy writing the most and I'll only get back to writing my other unfinished stories when that one is finished.

Don't worry, though. "WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?" is definitely the story I'll resume writing as soon as I'm done with "BACK TO LIFE" and I'm going to have a significant amount of free time when I graduate from college in May.

I'll give his videos a watch. Its been a while since I've seen his videos. I think the last ones where on The Thing series.

Oh and btw, CK, I've been meaning to ask this. But weren't you planning on doing at least three more chapters of "Who's Laughing Now?".

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