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Ray Tape

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Yes the only people who are ok with rape are fucking rapists but I’m going to post this comment about why I was so angered by rape among other things

Ok now for my real response sorry For not typing this sooner but here it is the main reason I got so mad is because of the rape I constantly talked about it the story wants to be taken seriously yes madmaxtheblack said it’s full of trope and it is as well as references that are out of place but the story still wants to be taken somewhat seriously max looses an eye it’s serious discord causes chaos serious so on and so on so it dose want to be taken seriously so when I see rape witch is the worst crime one can commit and it’s played for laughs I get angry the intelligence argument holds no water humans are viewed as dogs but if you fucked a dog and got caught you would be in jail if you had a farm full of dogs you chained up and raped you would be in jail yes we do have factory farming that abuses animals but it’s still frowned upon by many myself included so when no pony speaks out for human rights and the Gary Stu self insert who’s entire personality is a fedora trying to be hip also doesn’t care because he has a good life with is fuckbuddy I actually start rooting for discord and the humans to kill off all the pony’s because tia Luna Applejack rainbow dash Garry stu primrose avera miss cake miss Cherle Big Mac Granny Smith Blueblood flash sentry and so many more are terrible people who are ok with rape and do constant evil actions there is so much more I could go into if we got into a voice call I would be ranting for 3 hours about how bad the story is jack and drew come out of nowhere and are deus ex macheanas why could the zebra understand and talk to them why is I’m done just fuck this story I could go on but I don’t want to waste anymore time of this disgusting plot hole filled sack of shit and I hate that this garbage is loved while not as many people know about human nature witch is this story done right

I hope I speak for everyone when I say that I firmly agree, rape and all other forms of sexual assault/abuse are in no means funny or justifiable. You are in the right to condemn it. HOWEVER, there is a fine line between using that in a story, and saying how it’s ok. Honestly your points you had made were kind of distracting based on how much you cursed and bashed others in them. If you want to, look at how I made some of my criticisms in the story. I wasn’t going goo-goo over everything, but I didn’t put any malice in what I said.

I do have points how you are right and I did go to far in some cases but my reviews where right after I read that chapter and my thoughts I got so angry due to how rape was treated

I feel like you use FiMFiction to let out a lot of your anger. Calling authors and characters “dumb cunts” isn’t the best way to get your point across, if you have one to begin with.

yeah I agree with all this, the author doesn't take enough consideration with their story, max could have been very likable but the way they handled him, he just comes of as a greedy selfish cunt

and i'm glad to meet someone who also shares my thoughts on this

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