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I must confess, I am also morbidly curiosity as to what finally tipped this nutter over the line into banned status.

Banned!? What the hell? How!? :[

Hey. If you aren't human what are you?

Spicy memeballs you're serving up here, if I do say so myself.

No thank you.

Get fucked, dickhead

>hates humans
>has an incest avatar
This guy just could not make up his mind, could he?

It's that time again! Everybody spam this video on the misanthropist!

Just, not a human, that is all.

2634575 So what are you, an anime character? A spooky ghost? Manbearpig?

Please elaborate, because it's not as if anyone is actually going to believe you. Definitely not when alien life has yet to be reported.

I'm not a human.

You mean mental disease, or more accurately a mental disorder.

Yet another point as to how educated you are about the world. And you should honestly be visiting a shrink yourself, with how much you dodge and weave around your reason for hating humanity.

So, if humans are bad, then what does that make you, as you are also a human? And how exactly are we able touch the moon more than just 1 time, sending over a dozen of humans there and back, whereas in MLP it takes the Elements of Harmony(a intrinsic world class item that applies to 6 traits on a persona, more than a million of the 7 billion people on Earth have mind you) to send 1 pony to the moon, and goddesses to move the celestial bodies, which aren't usable as a weapon against humanity without dooming the entire planet itself(which, mind you, has a lot of wildlife that don't care for humans).

Dude, if you feel like humans are so bad, then go invent something to turn yourself into something that's not human, like a cat or a dog, and see how easy you'll have it. Though I doubt you'll be able to do that in a magicless world.

Seriously, I don't know why an athiest like me is giving a shit about you. It's pretty obvious a single-minded outcast (aka misanthropist[aka you]), wouldn't be able to comprehend the millions of ways MLP could lose within a week of starting to fight humanity. Just reading off of the comments shows me how much you actually know of humanity, and it is very little.

Humans are hits and misses, just like what any other sapient race would be. Not all will be good, and not all will be bad. And from the looks of it, any sapient race would place you in the bad category of humans. So congrats on being placed as a bad human, to whatever alien eyes might be looking at this that is.

Don't be so hard on yourself. And I'd recommend visiting a shrink, because saying hi to yourself is a sign of some disease.

Comment posted by Ass hat deleted June 30th

You remind me of the main character from Hatred. I can tell that you guys might've gotten a long swimmingly.

Comment posted by Sparda_killer_247 deleted February 18th

I'm reporting you to the mods for creating the second account.

Comment posted by Sun Strider deleted February 10th
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