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Wow, I can't believe you don't like me. I just wanna be friends D:

No. I like your writing! I think it's great.

Because you're here to troll me.

I love you. Can we be friends?

Seem I struck a nerve

Then stay away from me, my stories and my page.

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Comment posted by IT WAS I DIO deleted Last Friday
Comment posted by IT WAS I DIO deleted Last Friday
Comment posted by IT WAS I DIO deleted Last Friday

Yep, I have you pegged, why don't bleed first and have a real reason to hate. Your no different then then the small people who a few small things happen to or don't get what they want and start hating for no reason. Your blind to even yourself, even when people are willing to help you force them away and then add that as another reason to hate because they didn't help you.

The real reason this world is such a shit hole is because of stupid little people like you. You close your self off to everyone, you take murderous glee in the suffer and death of others, you propagate hatred in characters that embody love, tolerance, friendship and acceptance even in the most bleak of times.

I know the type of person you are, your word and actions are proof, your twisted little mind polluting, corrupting, twist something good into the vilest of things. You would kill in murderous glee given the chance if you had the power and feel no remorse. You don't know anything about being good the fact you wright about the death of children and people who have done nothing with glee tells a lot about you.

I don't care about your long story, neither I care to explain anything. Don't like it -- don't read it. End of story.

I read your stories your characters and version of MLP characters are no different then the worsted of humanity. Your hatred at humanity is dry to me, I doubt you've ever even truly suffered, I've had my share of beatings, torment and more. My family and friends help me but I never told them about most of the things that were going on don't know way I did that way just couldn't bring myself to tell them.

I know your type of person I've meet quite a few. Your the type of person who lives to hate, a few small things happen to you and you isolate yourself, cutting off from everyone letting your hate fester and grow. You love to hate you'll look for any kind of reason to hate; you try to get other to hate just for another reason. I've been raped when I was little, beaten to with in an inch of my life, maimed (lost an eye and part of a leg to that and some nerve damage), been bullied, tormented, I have a dam good reason to hate humanity but I don't.

I would like to know what your reason is and don't give me that fuckin crap about all that humanity has done that was done by the few. People do terrible things when their desperate it depends on the situation I know that well enough. This world is hard it has never showed any mercy to anything and we could be wiped out on a whim hell we could wipe ourselves out but we haven't. People can be mess up by the smallest of things, some genetic disorder, a little head trauma, birth defects like improperly developed glans. Give me your reason and none of that crap that people weren't their for you because you chose to be alone and do things on your own and not tell anyone. I am not a social person I like to be alone most times and do thing on my own, SO I KNOW that path.

You know I can't help but think my friend is right and outside forces are trying to get us to destroy ourselves. To many thing don't add up, pattern in people that are almost mechanical, like their being manipulated and not knowing it or change completely. Humans can already do that, so what can aliens with hyper advanced tech do. Nano machines that look like normal cells would be easy for them or hiding in plan sight.

I don't care if anyone likes them. They exist, that's all what matters.

Do something new m8.

I've seen all of your stories and every single one of them have more dislikes then likes, which is telling you that NOBODY likes the kind of stories that you currently writing.

P.S. Not a hate comment. I'm just giving some advice.

Comment posted by Lt deleted Last Wednesday
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