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A group for those who believe in free speech. A group that believe the plebs should have a voice, not just the nobles. Even if said plebs, belive in absolutely insane and really stupid things. And yes, you nobles can talk down to us plebs and drink wine, or whatever you nobles do.

Stick to the site's rules... I guess. Rules are not fun... but at the very least we can complain about there being rules here.

Story folder: Edgy Stories. Feel free to submit literally anything here. Even if it's not edgy.

Story folder: Censored Stories. Submit stories here that have disabled likes/dislikes, and comments.

For those of us who don't want this to happen.

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I feel like a trollfic writer like me is a good guy to start such a group.

Always forget how based ya'll are, good to see it still around, stay strong.


Free speech? Count me in! Kind of odd though that one of your admins will censor people's comments and ban people from his groups if they hurt his little fee-fees in the slightest way.

Some edgelord needs to stand against the tide of darkness.

- Bendy
- Free speech group
Yep, checks out. Glad to be here.

Welcome to the group.

Spammer post removed.

They were always weak. It's just that 20 weaklings can still take you down through sheer weight.

Glad to have you. The forces of the fun police grow weaker I hope.

Here to make my own Fimfiction with BlackJack and Little Pip.

As hookers.

Welcome to the group that gives voice to plebs. Not just the nobles.

Truth be told, I'm a pleb. A pleb with over 1000 followers, but still a pleb. Anyway, welcome.

Glad to have you.

Hi! Happy to be here!

Proud to be a follower of bendy where at least I know I’m free

And now I am here.

Bendy #4 · Jul 20th, 2020 · · 2 ·

Yes, let's hope the nobles don't crush the plebs.

Finally, a group that knows the definition of free speech

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