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Hey, everyone. Welcome to my group for fans of MLP's original creator: Lauren Faust. On this site, you can post stories that were based on Lauren Faust's original vision, even fragments of her ideas, or stories that featured her OC, or you can talk about Lauren's original ideas, visions, her work, etc. (even not MLP related), and also misconceptions about her original work.

However, before entering this site, there are rules that you must follow:

Rules about posting comments, threads and stories:

  1. Posting a thread that does not relate to Lauren Faust will be removed
  2. If you want to post a story that was based on Lauren's vision, PM me and you'll show me examples in the story
  3. Posting a story that doesn't fit in the Lauren Faust OC folder will be removed
  4. Comments with curse words shall be deleted

Rules that you follow before you'll be banned for a week (or removed if more than twice):

  1. No harassment
  2. No bullying others
  3. No spamming
  4. Don't post NSFW images and websites
  5. Don't post a story unauthorized

Rules that are the most important to follow before you'll be kicked out of the group and never return:

  1. Those who post a negative/hate thread or comment towards Lauren Faust will be removed from the group along with the thread and comment, because this group is for the fans of the show's original creator
  2. Non-constructive criticism towards the staff will be removed from the group
  3. You will be removed for ignoring the rules above more than twice

Anyway, have fun, and may Lauren Faust be with you all!

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I're not wrong

You know the original creator of MLP is Bonnie Zacherle, Faust developed FiM for TV and helped create G4 but if it weren't for Zacherle, we wouldn't have MLP.

Thank you for the invite! Happy to join!

Is it just me or is she really hot?

Welcome to the club, and may Lauren Faust be with you all!

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