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this group is dedicated to the so love stories specifically ones of the HIE Military side and well as Anthro story's but then they dont have to be in the same story but that would be its purpose but if you want to and add an either or story on the subject matter please do and fell free to join and post on the forums and i will be posting a rule forum later today so be on the look out for that.

Okay guys and gals this place is meant for lovers of military and anthro stories, I will be going through all the stories that get submitted and approved or denied but odd are if there military related and or anthro related they'll be added anyway.

So but be sure to follow the rules I do have some and they will be enforced by myself and other admins that I appoint but if ever the admins or even myself for that matter are being unreasonable please for the all that is holy tell me, me if its one of my admins or the site if it me and my admins cause I want this to be a really good collection of military and anthro stories.

Anyway everypony have fun, have a great read and more importantly have a great time GB Sighing off for now.

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