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It's been a while, but I'm back home! Don't know when I'll write something for this site again, but enjoy my other stuff in the meantime!


Hundreds of people know of the tragedies that are known as Five Nights at Freddy's lore. From the killing of an innocent child looking into a diner from the outside, to the infamous 'Bite of '87' where an animatronic took a bite out of a human brain at a birthday party, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has become a living hell hole for nightwatchmen and adults alike. This place has become a prison for many souls, all of whom are hellbent on revenge.

But what happens when the spirits of the victims, whose souls resided in the animatronics, are brought to Equestria to begin new lives in the forms of animals?

They will have to cope, but how will they do it? Can they let go of the past years, full of misery and the undying want for revenge, or will their pasts come back to haunt them in the form of a monster? Will they be able to "S-A-V-E T-H-E-M" from Him?

Rated Teen for gore and occasional cussing... maybe references to more sexual themes, but no real banging.

Warning: Hardcore Shipping May Occur:raritystarry:

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“It’s always the same. Everytime a new guard comes in, that… that bastard’s voice is always there. But every time we manage to get him, it’s never him!”

....I get it now. The messages that Phone guy recorded....

Exactly! The animatronics must think it's really the purple guy, because they can hear his voice, but they don't realize it's on the phone, not coming from the night guard there!

6032699 But when they scream when they reach them.....

Well, this is going to be fun to read again. Now instead of having a confirmed purple guy in Equestria, we get the possibility of it being just another security guard. Oh, this will be fun to read again. Also, would you say that at least one of the animatronics could develop a bit of a hate towards the marionette? If it wasn't for him, they may have been able to find their bodies and maybe incriminate the purple guy a long time ago. Maybe.

Also, I don't know why, but I feel that at some point Freddy and the crew should get to open their own pizzeria in Equestria, so they have both an actual home in a sense, and a small sense of home from Earth. I can even see them as the owners of the place. But of course, this may be towards the end of the story or when a long time has happen.

And what stuff made you have to write this from the beginning? To me not much was revealed that it would affect this story.

6032699 But, It is proven that phone guy in not him. He warned about the Spring trap suit, and if it were dangerous, why would he go willingly into his own death?


So...the killer's not Mike this time then? I mean, if it was Mike, he probably would have turned off the recordings and kept quiet.

Then again, Mike could still be the killer and this is during Jeremy's tenure (Or Fritz's).

I'll let this guy explain
I don't care about your personal opinion on this guy. His logic is sound, and he addresses the very same comment in this video:

But, It is proven that phone guy in not him. He warned about the Spring trap suit, and if it were dangerous, why would he go willingly into his own death?

Oh, not much. I was just getting rid of some inconsistencies that would have made some people go "Wha- Dude! That doesn't make any sense! You said this! And now you say THIS?!"

so the orther chapter got deleted ?

uh to bad the part with chika and toy chika was cute :fluttercry:

I didn't say that part would be gone though:twilightsmile:

All i got to say is, Springtrap better show up now... :pinkiecrazy:

I Was Never Fond Of The Idea That Phone Guy And Purple Guy Are One And The Same, But I Will Accept It For The Sake Of This Story.

Best Regards,

6034999 I personally choose to believe in the insurmountable amount of evidence presented by game theory. Phone guy is the only character in the story that makes the most sense to be the purple guy.

6033372 Commet on that theory: The whole game theory about five nights at Freddy in general addresses 2 geniuses. One named Scott who puts tiny details into the game to give away clues, and another named Matt who is perceptive enough to notice these tiny details.

The story looks much better this go around, also there's a ton of speculation stating that Mike Schmidt the Night Guard from FNaF1 is actually the kid who lost his frontal lobe in the bit of 87, as depending on how much of it you lose, you won't die, your creativity and such will be cut by up to 100% again depending on how much you lose but, again unless the blood loss or the trauma gets you it won't kill you.

Though from the fact Jeremy FNaF 2's night guard seems to have been fired for repairing the tampered toy animatronics, if he was the one brought along then he might have an interest in protecting them from Phone Guy if this is before FNaF 3

Yeah, but then again, nowhere in the FNAF series does it say it was necessarily a kid that was bitten by the animatronics. It's actually speculated that the night guard from the second game, Jeremy, who was moved to the day shift at the end of the game, was the one who was bitten. It does make sense considering the fact that the animatronics would recognize him in the daytime, after trying to get him for the past five nights, and also considering the fact that the restaurant gets closed down just the day after Jeremy is moved to day shift, only because of the bite.

6036120 That's very true, there is a high probability that the reason Jeremy isn't part of the story after FNaF2 is because he died from the bite of 87, which was technically the day after the extra nights you could play.


I Prefer To Take Everything Said On That Show With A Small Pile Of Salt. After All, They ARE Just Theories. Game Theories! Thanks For Reading! ...But Seriously, Admittedly Solid Evidence Aside, I Am Still Not Fond Of The Idea That Phone Guy Is Purple Guy.

Best Regards,

Good idea doing a rewrite, I'm guessing there will be a Purple Man confrontation at some point in the story? And FIRST COMMENT!!!!

Not to mention you've (hopefully) separated Mike Schmidt from Purple Man

6034781 If Springtrap does make an appearance, I'm guessing it will probably be the animatronic himself and not the Purple Guy, since he's still alive at the time of FNAF2.

Out of the corner of her eye, Bonnie saw both Chica and Bonnie wince a bit as Chique spoke, a look of longing on their faces. It had been years since they stood on that stage for the children, wandering around to be the life of the parties, and bringing smiles to the little one's faces. Bonnie couldn't help but feel sympathetic for the two of them. Being cast to the side as spare parts would have been devastating to anyone at the pizzeria...

Bonnie saw Bonnie wince? I think the first one should be Bonbon...

6038131 That's still up to how you view the timeline. How Scott has the mini-games and story of the restaurant as of now, Purple guy could have died before or after FNAF 2. Either when the broken down version in FNAF 2 were operating, or after FNAF2 and before FNAF. Both have the main four. However, the phone calls indicate that he is alive during the second game. Also, Phone Guy doesn't have to be the Killer because there is a pink guy and purple guy according to the death mini-games. Only the shorter pink guy is seen at the presumed time of death of victims in the Foxy game, while taller, dark purple guy is only seen after hours in the SAVE THEM mini game (Most likely phone guy because of the phone and badge) and could be misidentified as the killer by the spirits/animatronics. And if you ask why he disassembles them, what would you do if a powered down robot starts coming toward you in the middle of the night. Without permanently breaking them, he probably disassembles them so they cant hurt him and learns how to deal with them later, making him the expert when he calls you later. Also since we are dealing with ponies and magic, and we're still not sure who or what brought them here, I'm sure we can find some way to include him in if even partially. But now I'm rambling

Well, first of all, I completely agree with this rewrite. The older version of the story just seemed a little off to me.
Thankfully, you've managed to fix it, and now it seems to be much smoother... hoping that Freddy and his counterparts are in this soon, I don't want my favourite to be left 'til last :pinkiehappy:

but he didn't even have his hook!

Real perfect missed opportunity for Foxy to have a different pirate accessory, like a wooden peg leg.

Eh, yeah true. But I just thought it fit more to the underlying theme of the story I'm trying to set.:twilightsheepish:

6039432 Great! But this still needs fixing:

Bonnie couldn't help but feel sympathetic for the two of them.

Maybe it should be:

Bonbon couldn't help but feel sympathy for the two of them.

I'll change the bonnie name, but the phrase, "Feel sympathetic for them" still works.

Bonbon nodded, "Pinkie focus. Yes, Balloon Boy, but I have no idea what he'll look like in this world. But you'll be able to recognize him, because he always wears a blue and red propeller beanie.

I'm thinking something similar to Button Mash... a pony.... I swear I've seen this before....

Um.. Balloon Girl? Is there a character that I was unaware of?

So BG joins the fray... Does that mean we will run into other hallucinations as well? Like Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie?

Balloon Girl is a "Hallucination" where there is a "Balloon Boy" under your desk, but it has miscolored eyes, so it's a completely different animatronic/hallucination. But I'm not sure about the hallucination part.

6137759 6137688 6137684
very rarely, putting down the camera will make balloon girl appear under your desk.

.......Huh? Ok, I myself never heard of this balloon girl eastereaster egg until now. And why do I have the feeling that she is going to be the bridge for the crusaders interacting to the other animatronics when they come?

And I wonder if we will hear mention of the springtrap suite. I know the phone guy is still alive, but I'm wondering if it will be mentioned since Golden Freddy was the other spring lock animatronic suite which people could wear, or at least that is what Matt Pat theorized once.

I also hope that FNAF 4 lore won't influence what we know too much, or else this story could either have a second rewrite or the alternate universe tag. Or maybe it won't matter.

And I do wonder if the night guard, regardless if it is just another guy or the phone guy, will follow the rules of transformation and turn into a pony. But since it seems like the non-organic individuals, aka the animatronics, and turning into animal versions of themselves, who are alive by the way, not a machine, does that mean the night guard would turn into something akin to an animatronic to Equestria terms? And what of Puppet guy? He is certainly something more. Both a ghost and an entity, having both a spiritual and physical form, as we are able to see him and his reflection on FNAF 3, but also act as a hallucination which obscures your vision and movements. But hey, that's just me........what? You thought I was gonna say theory and make a reference?........oh, I just did. :facehoof:

6137684 She appeared under your desk but happens so rarely.

Why didn't you just edit the chapters instead of removing them?

Because, to get rid of the comments, which would mostly be irrelevant at this point. And I also did it to get the fact across that these aren't just edits; they're rewrites of the beginning to create a different end.


...I Am Ashamed That I Made That Reference...

Best Regards,

Well, its official, the Purple Guy's name is Wade. No one likes Wade! :rainbowlaugh:

In case anyone is wondering what am I even saying, I'm referencing a YouTuber by the name of Markiplier, who has two friends who occasionally play with him called Bob and Wade. Coincidence?......Maybe. :rainbowlaugh:

6167950 Excellent I'm ready for something crazy:pinkiecrazy:! But serially is spike dead or did that puppet guy sent him to his Private prison?:rainbowhuh: If that's the case every stallio or mare in purple well be gone?!:pinkiegasp:



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