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Anthony was not like the rest of the people in the world. First of all he was adopted by his parents they loved very much in which he loved back, the only problem was they could sometimes be a little overprotective. But enough about them! Anthony was not the type of person you find socializing. He was the mysterious type, the one who hides in the shadows.
(NO He is not Emo.)
Anyway, his computer seemed to crash down as it showed him to words that would creep out anyone. Follow Anthony as he tries to figure out what happened and how it happened.

Of Course it's an obvious Five Nights at Freddy's 2 crossover, this is my first attempt at story (excluding my Two Best Freinds story) so soft criticism is accepted.

Chapters (13)
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Well, I must admit, I was a touch confused as to what this had to do with MLP, but I like it! For a preteen, you're pretty good. Just remember, the posibilities are infinate.


Good i like it. Can't wait for part 5.
P.S. Keep up the good work.

I'm actually thoroughly enjoying this. Please keep it up.




After finishing the previous chapter, I noticed there were views when I was working on said chapter. Can anyone see me writing the chapter or just the chapters I published. I guess I want the chapter to be a surprise. Sorry, I'm new in this website.

I think I know what that is. It's the number of times you yourself have seen the chapter prior to publishing it. I don't know why it does that, but it does.


Thank you. It may be a possibility, but I will try to figure it out. I might be what you said, but I need to certain. Like I said, I'm a novice when comes to this website.

hey i hear rumor gonna on that scott is making sequl of five nights at freddy's it be call five nights at freddy's 3

Feel sorry for this guy.

The Marionette is one of them silent horrifying calm anamatronics too. I hate them one's *Shudders*

So Chicka's and Mangle are female's and the rest of the gang except for Mary (I love that nickname) are male's

Interesting indeed.

Keep up the good work. :)


Funniest ending yet.

Great chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next.


13, sex tag, romance tag, Five night's at freddy's and MLP. Your full of surprises aren't you?


I wonder who is gonna fall in love with Anthony?

Chicka already has. Mangle is showing her eyes to Foxy. and now that the mane six are here I am very curious for what cat ifght will be happening later XD.


nough said.

what gonna happen next chapter?

:pinkiehappy: I can't wait for new chapter!!!!

Also I love this story.

"STAY AWAY FROM FREE!!" yep lovin it


Oh God I didn't even notice that! :rainbowlaugh: Thanks, I'll get right on that.

Anthony, Ming helping me
so is twilight chinese?





and when I said Anthony was gonna get fucked, I mean there better be lap dances from the Marionette and Toy Chicka XD.


I wouldn't exactly say chinese, You know. I actually wasn't sure where I was going when I described Twilight. I kind of just went with it. Being at the age of 12, I wasn't sure how describe clothing worn on someone.:applejackunsure:

5534208 no i was making a joke about a spelling error you wrote ming instead mind.
the ming were a chinese dynasty


:pinkiegasp: Oh Woops! My parents always said I was a little slow when it came to jokes, sometimes I don't understand when to laugh. Heh *chuckles awkwardly* :twilightsheepish:

5534407 it's cool. also you're 12? i mean it's just i couldn't see myself doing something like this at that age heck i couldn't see me doing this now and i'll be 16 this march


I don't why I started, but now I wish to continue the story, seems to be getting interesting to the readers. My parents say I have this "gift" when it came to English, I guess that's a little uplifting, and which is why I felt so inspired. :twilightsmile:

look like he forgot to ask bb to winding up the music box what gonna happen next chapter?

i dont see what this has to do with mlp?

Don't quit this story tis all I have left

I was waiting so long for this moment can't wait to see what happens next!!!:pinkiehappy:


As I stated on the Meet that Gang Part 2 Authors Notes, If I finished all the things I have to do at school, I will continue the story very soon. I myself am looking forward to the security guard vs the Marionette.

golden Freddy is out and about WATCH OUT

SIR! you guessed my weight... i'm 14 and at 170.

why is this on fimfiction? i see nothing that says there will be ponies in this story.

All right.

The Marionette.

This is my thought about it.

She gets retribution on who killed her children. At some point wants to ask forgiveness for how scary she was, if she talks of course XD.

And I have a feeling that she is going to do some things that I would go saying "uhhhh. Ok."

there new game called five nights at freddy's 3 and in trailer there new characters it golden bonnie breepy right so when it come i like you try it

Dude I'm 20, age don't matter its how much soul you put into your writing, so far its a great story, got a bit spooked on that wheres mommy bit, almost pissed myself.

don't worry man i'm 18 as well :P

20 and still love good story's props man

also ps. five nights at freddys 3 trailer just droped.

i'm fine with it though did you really not get my ming joke at first?


Thank you so much everyone for understanding, it means so much to me. :pinkiesad2:

I didn't know what to think at first, but thank you all for your support, and as for a reward.


I am 15 and I don't care if people say I am too young or too old for anything

We will stick together no matter what :rainbowdetermined2:

the person who make five nights at freddy's name Scott Cawthon and he making five nights at freddy's 3, new characters and another golden characters

This is cool. Like and follow.

I play football while humming the theme I dont care how old you are. Now back to rapture to find Eleanor.

Golden Freddy is NOT the scariest jumpscare in the game. That award goes to no-face Bonnie that hides in the corners and kills you out of nowhere. Who else is looking forward to FNAF 3?

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