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We are The Solar Empire. Those whose alligence is to the true ruler, Princess Celestia. The NLR (New Lunar Republic) will fall. We are the truest sons and daughters of Equestria, make no mistake! The propaganda spread by the NLR is just that! No truth lies within them.

Group Members must be Imperials. Any kind of submission is allowed, as long as Princess Luna is NOT the hero.

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Hello, I hope my skills will be useful for the Solar Empire. We will conquer the unreformed changlings and Lunar Republic.

All Hail Princess Celestia! When can we get medals???

Long live the Sun!

I am a new soldier for Princess Celestia's Great Imperium. My brothers and sisters, we may be outnumbered, but we have training, whereas these Lunar traitors are but rebellious citizens, with a small few with actual training.where they have the numbers, we have the strength! We are the fire that will burn away the darkness! We are the Warriors that bring Celestia's Judgment upon her enemies! We are the blazing hammer, that will crush these traitors! We shall scorch the earth on which they stand, and destroy their weak, cowardly excuses for soldiers!
Celestia Dominatus Eternus!

Kirito, Captain of the 38th Celestial Guard Company.

I'm a new member, but I will gladly defend the Solar Empire. Praise the glorious life giving sun. :twilightsmile:

Members of the Almighty Solar Empire Group,
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i am ready to pledge my allegiance to the solar empire:rainbowdetermined2:

Praise the sun! :pinkiehappy:

All hail princess celestia!

"We live here in peace, with a dream of order. Through the Strengths and Unity of the Empire, we reached and grasped the stars themselves. Only through the power of our collective will, could we traverse the endless fathoms of the planet and find our new home. For the betterment of ALL ponykind, we have achieved mighty deeds. We have become like unto gods in our power of reach. Never before has the Pony race attained such glory, and it is all due to the loyalty of the Solar Empire.

Yet there are those who think they have a "better" way. These terrorists -these usurpers of power- would destroy a way of life we have cherished for a thousand years! And for what? A new way of life? If we needed to take on a new way of life, we would have, hundreds of years ago! These self-styled "New Lunar Republic" will destory our Democratic traditions, handing our way of life over to their corrupted master! They sells us oligarchy, and they call it "freedom." I name it what it is: Fascism!

And even worse, they seek not only to destroy our civilization, but the very thing that makes us a pony! They claim a new way of life is the key to the future. But whose future? Toying with things beyond their understanding, they risk our very existence for some theological insanity!

For too long we have allowed these destroyers of a peaceful, stable Empire to fester and grow like a cancer.

For too long have our beliefs, our homes and our own children fallen victim to their radical, destructive ways!

I stand before you and I say, NO MORE! Today we stand. Today we fight. Today we show these blights upon pony kind what they have feared in their dark hearts all along!

The Empire will never stop! The Empire will never surrender! We will fight and die until every single one of them is wiped from the face of Equestria forever! When we claim blood and honor, we MEAN blood and honor! From today until the last day, The Solar Empire will Fight, and we will win!

Loyalty Until Death!"

(roll the armor boys, before they see us coming.)

288040 see you later betrayal activated actually see u on the battlefield

288832 that is why u have me and this is a picture hiding my true identity can u spy on the rebel forces so I can mobilize my special op troops so they can eliminate the rebel forces in that town AND I AM COMMANDER so hurry now

I am back I am Commander Ghost OPs reporting for duty I am the special forces and assault force

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