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IT'S ALIVE! · 5:33am Nov 30th, 2015

So, uh, sorry for the departure to anyone who missed me. I transferred to a different college and got a part time job so things have been doing there thing there... The well has been pretty dry as far as ideas go, but! Fret not, I've been keeping up with the show and after seeing the season 5 finale I think I might have gotten a spark, not to see if I can't give it some kindling.
Anyways, expect a story sometime at some date that I have yet to determine. (Probably not until the new year).

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perhaps one day you will return

Well, I've been out of the biz for a while. Not much time to read or write so I kind of just floated off into the void. But, since the end of season 5, I've got a brand new spark and an old idea rearin' to go!

Haven't seen you in a while! Offline 2 weeks? >_<

I am Bach come at me hard and without lube

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RP Charachters


Gender: Stallion
Race: Unicorn
Info: Head of the Lunar guard. Skilled with magic but prefers to use crystals when fighting. Pretty easygoing
Background: From a continent to the west of Equestria, Mixer used to be a chemist.
Cutie Mark: A vial crossed with a crystal
Current status: Sad/ depressed

Gender: Stallion
Race: Pegasus
Info: Second in command of the Lunar Guard. Ex royal guard. Professional but understanding.
Cutie Mark: unkown (he's always wearing armor)
current Status: Happy


Gender: Mare
Race: Earth pony
Info: Member of the Lunar guard. Good with plants and medicine.
Cutie Mark: Three leaves with a heart in the center
Current status: happy

Divergent Breeze:

Gender: Stallion
Race: Pegasus
Info: An inventor, Breeze likes to tinker with things. Made the first mechanical golem. His best friend is a changeling named Flit.
Background: Born and raised in Canterlot, lives in the Canterlot caverns
Cutie Mark: A gear with a lightning bolt and wrench crossed over it.
Current status: Experimenting


Gender: Mare
Race: Earth pony
Info: A trained sniper. Part of a military group [classifid]. Dislikes Griffons.
Background: Father was killed in battle against Griffons. Mother and Sister were killed when she was betrayed by her coltfriend, Longbow.
Cutie Mark: A red crosshairs with a bird of prey inside it.
Current status: Angry