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Hi I'm stone I basically have abandoned this account and will most likely never continue the stories I have written. If by chance I do continue them then go ahead and read them.


From the xbox live game Dust the Elysian tail
Warning may contain spoilers of the ending if you have not played the game then please do not read this. If you don't care about the ending of the game then read on.

After the battle with General Gaius,Dust the Sen Mithrarin and Ahrah The Elysium blade find themselves in Equestria. Will they find a way back to their world of Falana or will he live the rest of his days in Equestria? Only time will tell.

This is my first Attempt at a crossover story and second fic so please be fair.

Dust The Elysian tail belongs to Humble Hearts and My Little Pony Friendship is magic belongs Hasbro and Lauren Faust. Idea and story belongs to me.

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Please continue this story, it's started to get interesting.:trixieshiftright:

so far so good this crossover fanfic is coming along good :twilightsmile:. can wait for the next chapter, and please take your sweet time for making the next chapter:twilightsmile:

1216091 I plan to I still got another story to work on and now i have school as well so there might be weeks that i dont even do a chapter

it's all good, take all time you need. No need to rush. :pinkiehappy: javascript:smilie(':twilightsheepish:');javascript:smilie(':twilightsmile:');

Nicely done on third Chapter. :twilightsmile: and I like you put new scene switch it'll make a very interesting in the story inducing the main 6 and shining armor also spitfire with betting for one thousand bit to see what in the everfree forest , I just love it.:rainbowkiss:

I'm sorry its not the same without Fidget shes a big part of what makes Dust: AET's story work so well.:applecry: but its still ok i guess.

I'm very surprise somebody made this story from the game I played. So far, I like how things are going, but the sad side is....well Fidget in all. I wish she would've somehow tag along with Dust b/c...you know she was part of the whole adventure in all. :applejackunsure:

Well its your story anyway so I wish you good luck on it especially with your school time.

Oh and by the way, I thought of making a story of Elysian Tail but when i search in this website to check, i found your story and lost my motivation to try lol. :rainbowlaugh:

1413694 well. I thought about adding fidget but I figured not to and how would I implement her in the story. Oh and I would be happy if other people made their own version of this story , so go ahead I would love to read them.

Oh I see. Well I have been thinking about it but I just need to make sure if I can really write a story. Sometimes I end up stopping at one point after one or two chapters and I know I shouldn't make a story and suddenly stop for a while. Thank you though for letting me know. I didn't see this comment pop-up in my mail.

The guards that put 'Anchient Artifact' are right. Ahrah is an anchient artifact, and he did cause it. :twilightsmile: But, as other poeple may possibly agree, it's not the same without Fidget! But her finding a portal and ending up in the Canterlot castle next to Luna would be funny :rainbowlaugh: (Idea maybe?:pinkiehappy:)

I loved Dust: An Elysian Tail, and I like where this could go.
Whatever you do don't stop writing this or I will find you :pinkiecrazy:

Not bad for a first-time crossover. :heart: Loving the story so far, but I would suggest introducing the "Trouble":raritywink: sooner rather than later... or at least a hint. :moustache:

Looking forward to longer chapters and a great story :yay:

Ah poor little Fidget. Always getting herself into trouble. Great story by the way. Please don't let it shrivel and die before it has had a chance to bloom.

I just started to watch a lets play of the game, But i really don't care:pinkiehappy:.

Can't wait to see the next chapter:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I have just finished watching the game on youtube, and there were alot of things in the game the supreised me. I just thought I should express my feeling a little. Also one of five swords? Squel anyone?:pinkiehappy: There are also simple no words to describe how awsome and beatuful game it was (I've always wanted to say "there are no words the decribe...":raritywink:) Anyways I hope a update will come out soon, a great story so far. Also if your having some reader's block try asking the writers group, just be warned, you'll get a TON of notifecations if you join the group. Best of luck.

Writer's block......

EPIC FAIL!!!!!:facehoof:

2789779 Sequel you say. Dual Wield:rainbowhuh:? Also I agree, the story is amazing :pinkiehappy:

2913220 It seems that the updates are going to take a while. So here' a few story's ( not mine) To pass the time: Singularty A BIG crosover, Subject Delta a big Daddy in Equestria, A Trusted friend In Science And Ponies a sequle to a protle 2 crossover, Pegazo Vampir Equinae, Vampony story enough said, Dragon Quest Quest for Harmony spyro Crossover, A new Doorway, bioshock Infinet crossover, Intensive Core Friendship, Portle 2 crossover, and Jumpy Headcrap.

2925877 OH DEAR CELESTIA I FORGOT. :facehoof: I have to go and find a spyro and cinder shipfic now...

2926000 dargon Quest Does have spyro mention Mating with cyinder......... not a fan of shipings:pinkiesick:

Yay, Dust is back! :pinkiehappy:

If anypony sees this and knows of any other MLP Dust fics please let me know! :raritystarry:

I always imagined that writing for Zecora would be really fun but at the same time really infuriating.

I always got confused when I thought of Dust's wings. Makes me wonder what he really is. Or if it's just his bad-assness manifesting itself.

Laying on Luna's bed is a cute little nimbat... Luna, think this over with your rational side.:twilightoops:

3126477 Dest: En Ilishan tell
Starring Figget, Dest, and arar, with guest stars, Gyus, Srth, the Moobluds, Gungur.

3604024 I just put this in the game crossovers group in the action/adventure folder

Beat this game in 1 session of 11:16:32. I almost cried In the bopo cut scene, and cried at the end of the game. And basked in the ever loving badassery of the game. Turtle beaches X42 man. Turtle beaches X42 man.:pinkiesad2::pinkiehappy: Was also level 35 at the end. Only 2 side-quests remaining.:pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:

4371052 I beat the game at level 31 but did not do side quests or too many of them but discovered most of them. also the final boss is hard it took me going to casual to conserve health items for the final part that i did on normal.

4374005 I did it on normal with 2 revival stones, one buffalo burger, and one of them grilled thingies. It took me like 2 tries though. And dat ending tho...

4379545 Yea it was good, can't wait for his next project and eventual sequel also the cut scene before was bad ass.
watch 2:24-3:16 warning spoilers


4380807 Yeah, the ending gave off so much sequel vibes as well as me crying.:pinkiehappy:

4380965 I was on the verge, but I like how I became attached to the characters. Also I like putting poison Ivy in that snobs cloths:rainbowlaugh:

4381302 I did paragon the first time through, and i'm doing renegade now.

Lo be this story hope it updates soon

4420566 dangit I hate my iPhone I meant I love this story it very well done


Right, after reading the first chapter and second, I think you need to have a rework of both of them. Chapter 1 mainly because of the formatting such as forgetting to space after commas and inconsistent paragraph spacing. On another note, you have a massive plot hole which your second chapter contradicts your first.

The plot hole is where Dust would forget who he was and what would be his purpose but yet in the second chapter, he clearly remembers who and what he is and his purpose there. The impact of us preparing to see him lose his memories was completely lost to us because of that glaring plot hole.

4374005 Final boss was easyer than the second to me and i beat the game on the hard

4494373 Dust is in my top 5 best games of all time! The game had such an emotionally driven plot when it came to the final battle, and i really love how it takes place after that.... :fluttercry: The death of General Gauis and Dust made me shed manly tears.

I haven't read this yet, but will Fidget be in this story?

My little pony/Elysian tail crossover?......God Save Us All

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