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A low-key horse dork who likes making horsewords not about horses. Apologies in advance for the terribly irregular updates.

General Horsewordery

Papers, Please.

Hey, friend. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work!

I make horsewords and horseword accessories, and when caught on Saturdays, liable to be pretty wasted. I used to make something called Reactionary Readings, but I dropped that after being lazy, being busy with (then) schoolwork and because I sounded like a horse's ass when I verbally bitchslapped someone's work.

I don't post very often because of my continual laziness and existential ennui. I'm currently trying to continue my series of stories to the best of my abilities. Gotta shake that ennui with a sense of drive and purpose! Stay tuned and stay chill.

I also do my own art, so I like making my cover images. I'm going to update them when I can. I'm also in the middle of revising older parts of my stories, so what you read a while back might have a fresh coat of paint.

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Thanks for the watch~ :heart:


Not completely. Just mostly dead.

He's dead, Jim


You flatter me, good sir and/or madam. It makes me happy when someone can listen to my stuff and go, "Hot damn, this shit's funny."

I must say I am starting to become a big fan of your readings. Me and my group finally got together last night and my friend Tom was able to get KingofSquirrelz on the team speak. I can’t tell you how hard he was laughing. It truly was a great night. Me and my group are eagerly waiting for chapter three.

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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