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Equestria has not been whole for a millennia. Celestia sits alone, ruling over her kingdom, while her sister Rules over the smaller nation of Shadow Veil. After a thousand years without communication with her sister, a sudden letter from Princess Luna brings back old memories and new concerns. Will old wounds be reopened, or will the tenuous peace between the two nations hold?

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After the Mane six helped Cadence and Shining Armor defeat King Sombra and bring peace back to the Crystal Empire the Frozen North receded and left the thoughts of the crystal ponies. Now something has awakened in the frozen wastes, and it is far worse than Sombra ever could hope to be...

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I decided that I wanted to make a sequel to my original fic and so here it is!
It can be read alone, but is better with background from the Mixer Chronicles.
I know a lot of people wanted to see the battle in chapter five, so that's why this is coming out before I finish the Mixer Chronicles, though I will be stingy with how fast I release chapters.
Oh, and a huge thanks for ParadoxSG for the editing.
Cover art by Lonewolf077

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A unicorn from a technologically advanced society of ponies is transported to a strange place when an experiment goes wrong.
This is a chronicle of his life in Equestria, and of the deeds that he accomplishes. From the first moments in Equestria to turning points in pony history follow Mixer as he deals with his new life, and changes the face of Equestria forever.
First try at fanfic, hope everyone enjoys it.
Feel free to give criticism, it is an ongoing work and much of the story later could be improved by suggestions on my writing.
*Any similarities to other fanfics are purely coincidences.

Thank you PAradoxSg

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