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Still Alive · 10:27am May 12th, 2013

Yes I am, though only mildly so.

Got a story update, a new story idea, and (I swear guys, I swear it) I HAVE been working on some of my older stuff. Mostly The Name of the Wind crossover.

Oh, and I get to post my first shipfic next weekend. So that's exciting. Weird though, right? Me, posting something in which ponies care about eachother and no (relatively few) ponies die? Unheard of!

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Who doesnt love Gorillaz

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

495286 IWell I would hope so. Can't go wrong with the Gorillaz


I love your avatar. Soo coool.


Silly Mokaba.

You're not a Poke'mon.

(I know that feels. Not the Mokemon thing, mind you. I'm no furry. Or a pedophile. I'm going to stop talking now.)

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