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I decided that I wanted to make a sequel to my original fic and so here it is!
It can be read alone, but is better with background from the Mixer Chronicles.
I know a lot of people wanted to see the battle in chapter five, so that's why this is coming out before I finish the Mixer Chronicles, though I will be stingy with how fast I release chapters.
Oh, and a huge thanks for ParadoxSG for the editing.
Cover art by Lonewolf077

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Cool story bro. Can't wait for Quicksilver

2378269 Well, I'm awake now, so off to the battle chapter...

2378421 Sweet. So like how important will he be to the story? Major character or minor? Any dialogue?

2378444 You're already in it as a minor, but once this thing really gets in gear, he's one of the magor OC's, since he's the only OC in the Lunar guard

2378448 What about my other two questions?

2378453 Dialogue will be in there, but he will become major after the battle. That's all I can say here without spoilers

Dude this great!:pinkiehappy:

Good thing you have an editor and that you have a pretty long way. You also made a great way for Mixer to play a role.

Keep wrighting!

2380839 Almost ready to send the chapter with the big fight in, and when I do, you all get chapter one.


Yay! I'll be working on that request of yours in the meantime

>> It's funny because your blog post contradicts my story :twilightsheepish:

Oh man...now this plot rolling!:moustache:

Also I kinda see mixer as very different; He's kinda in this grown up stage with some humor. And somehow, him being in the golleum oddly reminds me of optimus prime...I think it has to do with optimus being, the 'grown-up' who had his share of adventures, too.

Grand job; also fee free to swing another request for me over this break.:twilightsmile: however, I cannot gaurentee I will be done by the end of this break.:twilightoops:

2381160 Oh, this plot train is only getting started.
Imma make you go like :derpyderp1::pinkiegasp: at least once


Yeah...life is full of surprieses...including the digital life XD

'Dis goin be sweet! :yay:

I'm going to try spreading it around more (along with the Mixer Chronicles).

This is really the first time that I feel acomplished on this site.

2383208 I'm glad that this makes you happy:pinkiehappy: 'cause Celestia knows I'm flipping $#!t about this! :yay:

really do enjoy this fic so far. Its coming along great. :twilightsheepish:

My OCs aren't in the fic yet but this is still probably my favorite fic.

I just now realized what you ment by Elite Shades......... I'm a bad guy. Meh.

Ya know what? Thumbs up and I hope you make more soon. This is awesome!

Hey Mixer just wunderin. When will the Elite Shades show up and are the y good or evil.

2411798 Chapter five, and they're the bad guys, but that doesn't make them necessarily evil.

This is legitimate. TOO legitimate. Keep up the great work:raritywink:

Goo stratagy. I loved that bit with Crhysalis and Shining.

Your becoming even better than me :twilightsmile: keep it up

MOAR. GOOD. MOAR!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!

I go so into this chapter I forgot who wrote it. Nice job :scootangel:

I'm eager to find out what rarity will do

My OCs still aren't in it but I don't care.

I liked it.

The concept of shades is an awesome one (having the elements hunt down the elements) and the fight was chaotic enough to be real but coherent enough to be able to follow it.

Good job. :twilightsmile:

2468445 Thanks, put lots of work into it (I had to just to keep everyone's OC's straight) and I loved the edited parts (HUGE thanks to ParadoxSg)
and thanks for letting me use your Oc :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

You got his style of fighting pretty much down.:twilightsmile:
Although, Chaotic sometimes couples his attacks with daggers or lightweight swords.

2468507 Ah, I see. I will remember that for the next battle. Oh, and you can meet up with Red too.

Oh, and I had experience in the Lunar Guard as well. I couldn't help but notice your discussion with Colt in the Moon earlier.

URA. My OCs deaths where perfect.

Also amazing chapter

This is awsome. defently going to give this a better read tomorrow when I'm more awake.

love it and thank you for useing blue skies and adamant so well:pinkiehappy:
also i love the scene with blue skies was amazing(considering we don't like each other much,atleast i think we don't)

:blue skies: we're COLTS :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry: true no one can or could tell even by dissecting blue skies but he is a colt too
funnily enough i have this problem irl so i actually like it

this whole thing was too funny for me i loved this so much thank you

PS I LIVE YAAAAAAAAAAY or atleast i think i live im reallt tired so its hard for me too read

I'm just saying most of the OCs including one of mind is the same name as the user name of the creator.

I feel a bit disappointed at how Grape Vine died... I mean I expected him to do some damage at least, given how I described the way he fights with magic by contorting limbs.:facehoof:

Good battle sequence.

Definitely used Word Smith well, that bit with the exchange on giving orders? Brilliant.

Geeheehee, I got to be part of the team that went after Shining and Chryssy.

Comment posted by CancerousGingerScorpio deleted Apr 23rd, 2013

2469734 Oh, he's not dead yet...

You spelled my name wrong in the credits and also at Dhanthas's first encounter with Soulless. But that's alright, because you made the two accurate to my description. Dhuradhan being the order follower and Dhanthas too, but with a slight disagreement. :raritywink:
But I do wonder what you're planning to give them as powers. I mean, the others had invisibility and such. If you want, I can give you a detailed description about their fighting style, since I wasn't expecting you to use my OCs... :twilightsheepish:

And I'll read the rest of the story later. I have a million things to do and I only ran through this chapter, so I can see what you did. For now, have a like and fav! :twilightsmile:

Dhanthas: Soulless, you pipsqueak... I'll get you next time and bring absolute destruction upon your soul!

Yes! My character was executed perfectly! Now, only if he had a light machine gun.....

Also, the way you used Red Bow and Marksman, it kinda reminded me of the Luteces. Don't know why....

Hey Mixer is Dark Flame dead? If he isn't, can you make it so that he has a quad barreled Blunderbuss with acid cartridges?

2473009 Sorry, but hoofheld firearms are not going to be introduced for another, 500 or so years. But, revenge is one a lot of shade's list now.

This was so awesome to read through. I hope that the next few chapters will help wrap up all the ends I see stemming from this chapter. :twilightsheepish:

So many cool ponies, so many cool things going on. This is such an awesome chapter!! :pinkiehappy:

2473009 thank for the idea but I don't care that my OCs are dead. Besides u already know that about half my OCs die in my fic Solar Eclipse. Don't tell anyone hear who it will be incase they acutually read it.

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