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    This is the story of how a small group of foals grew into something more than what they were, the story of how these foals faced the darkness of the Everfree, and survived. This is the story of the Knights of the Everfree, and how they got there.
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Stories · 8:30am Nov 3rd, 2014

hey, how would you all feel if I were to write some more soon? I've got the epilogue planned out for book one with a basic outline of what's going in it. please feel free to comment/complain about how long it's been since I've written. ~<3

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394011 sure thing, the story looks good.

Thanks for the fav

210135 can't go with that first one, it sounds a little negative. I did need a new watch though, so thank you. :duck:

210066 How about:

"Thanks, you big, oafish fucktard for deciding that my fic might be enough for your cockswabbing, dickhorsing retardism to enjoy."

Or even:

"Thanks for the watch, I'll keep the time!"

I think the first one's better, personally. :trollestia:

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