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Hello everyone! I usually write stories that have something to do with blood and gore associated so that's mainly what you're going to get from me if you decide to read my stuff ^~^


A Promise Unforgotten! · 3:08am Mar 20th, 2013

Hello Everpony!

As you know I finally released the sequel, and I like the way it's going if I do say so myself ^^ I will try to update as much as I can, hopefully I won't be as busy as I used to be because I'm having a real fun time writing this one. If anyone has any requests or suggestions for a story they would like me to write (Preferably Grimdark XD) Please let me know and I will see what I can do ^^

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Hey xrez, I was wondering if there was a plan on when you would be finishing pinkamenas awakening from malice and hate ? I really love these stories and have had trouble finding others like it, and I really want to see how they all come to an end.

...Why does your picture mention satan's ballsack? X'D

Many thanks. I try. Feel free to tell me your favorite parts. It'll help pick out my strongest moments, so I can use a similar writing style in later stories.

2199739 Yes indeed, I saw your "Rotting Away" and I was very interested in it and so far I do like it quite a bit. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the watch. I assume you're interested in my Grimdark? Here, have a follow back.

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