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Newbie writer with a thing for TwiDash, expect a lot of it from me :). With new art courtesy of my amazing new friend! She got a Deviantart http://rosestitches.deviantart.com/ check it out


Psst... Over here, I'm alive, I swear... · 4:33pm Feb 15th, 2015

Welcome back me, he says having been back and able since Christmas... Yes, blah blah blah, writing things, that's gonna happen again at some point, went through some friendship issues with the other character in my story, 'cause women, ugh. So anyway, I'm alive, I have a computer to work on now, AND I'M BACK BIT... no... wait... can't do that... I'M BACK... ponies? I don't even know anymore, so anyway, see you in the next chapter, Rainbooms out. :derpytongue2:

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Crap, I just been Rainboomed! :rainbowlaugh:

Looking for somebody who would be willing to make a quick sketch for my first stories cover art, PM me if ur interested!:rainbowkiss:

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