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Every week, there will be a contest for a fic based on a single (obscure) word. Definitions will be provided, as well as genre constraints if applicable. Details of operation will be worked out... eventually. :twilightsheepish:

We need members before we can get things running! Please spread the word about this group if you're interested in participating, or if you know someone that might be!

1. One submission per person per week. (second submission onwards will be considered invalid)
2. Submissions must contain one chapter. The chapter's name must be the word for the week's contest, but the story itself does not have to contain it, nor does the actual story title.
3. Submissions must have an "everyone" or "teen" rating. Submitting clop of any kind may result in an immediate ban from the group.
4. Arguments and lengthy discussions should stay out of the group's comments. (Generally speaking, this means any conversation longer than three or four replies should be moved to PMs or a discussion room or whatever, but this is up to the judgement of the group mods.)
5. Comments completely unrelated to the group are also not allowed.
6. Judges are not allowed to post submissions to a contest they're judging, for hopefully obvious reasons. However, group mods can participate as long as they're not also judging.
(Submissions breaking rules 1-3 will be immediately disqualified.
Breaking rules 4-5 will result in one warning followed by a ban on repeated offenses.)

(Also obviously follow the site-wide rules as well, though enforcing these isn't the group mod's job.)

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408203 There is a way to have the contest run 7 days and STILL have the judges though, even gives them MORE time,.. a full 7 days, in fact.

Have them judge one contest WHILE the next one is on-going, instead of splitting it into half-week for writing and half for judging.

So, Start a contest, give everyone 7 days (sunday to sunday).

Then on that sunday, the next contest begins while judges judge the previous one.

Winners can be announced in the same post as the new weeky challenge.

Something like,

"Winners of [word here] Challenge: [winner and runner-up here]

Next Weeks Challenge: [word and explanation here]"

That way, both writers AND judges get more time.

Writers can do even better jobs, and more people will limited schedules (myself included) would be able to enter.
Judges can do more careful examinations of each story with more time on their hands too, which would make their choice easier
and the winner each week even more deserving.

Of course, not saying you have to, just a suggestion. it WOULD allow more people to enter and more careful judging.. :twilightsmile:

408203 I'm in sweden, so when you post on sunday, I see it the day after.

And I know fully well that all writers must adapt to stuff going on around them, such as life etc,
and that's exactly what I'm saying - I CAN write, but I only have a couple of hours each day at most to do so,
and with the other factors added in, that leaves me only a few hours for this contest due to the half-week deadline.

I DO have the same few days available as the rest, but IN those days, I only have a couple of hours each.:derpyderp1:

I'm not saying you have to change the contest, I'm just saying I won't be able to participate anymore because I don't have enough time.
With all factors accounted for, the deadline becomes too short for me.

I'll still stay in the group, but I won't be able to compete. Sorry.. :twilightsheepish:

I'm confused, and reading the full post didn't help at all. How do you only have one day when everyone else has between four and five?

First off, what time zone are you in? When you say you see them on Monday it sounds like you're earlier than Deli, but that should mean you have until a later day, not an earlier one... If it's work/school/life schedules, that's something that all writers must deal with and make time for regardless of time zone.

Extending the contest for the writers -- especially to last all week! -- would leave the judges less, or no, time to do their job. Writers need time to write, but if the judges can't judge, there will be no contest.

Okay, so, once again, I'm not gonna be able to hit the deadline.

Also, I looked it up a bit, and basically, I will never be able to hit the deadline.

This will sound like nagging and most people won't bother reading, BUT, I looked everything up, did some calculations, and...
Long story short, I'm automatically fucked every week, because the deadline screws me.

Now, here's the longer version, if anyone cares (still writing it regardless).

Each new challenge is released on sundays.

Due to timezones, I see the challenges on MONDAY, by my local time.

the deadline is Thursday (your time) - which means, I need to put them in on wednesday (my time).

Plus, FimFic can take anywhere bewtween a couple hours to a full 24 hours before a posted story becomes available due to validation process.

THAT means I have to post on TUESDAYS to make sure I make that validation.

Which means, I have ONE DAY to do the challenge each week. And each day, I only have a couple hours available, maybe 3-4 if I'm lucky.

SO, in conclusion... Each week, I get 2-4 HOURS to see the weekly word, come up with a story, write it, post it, validate it, and link it here.
Which is NOT enough, not by far...

So, I'm never gonna be able to do these weekly challenges unless the due-dates are changed to give an actual full week,
as in, sunday to sunday, instead of sunday to thursday.

Viva la revolution!

407606 hmmm...........................

407555 I might make a poetry challenge every once in a while if enough people are interested.

407545 I said it would be hard, NOT impossible :pinkiecrazy:

Also, I would agree that a 1000 - 5000 limit for most stories would be a good range. :twilightsmile:

407554 poetry is very different than stories. I channel my feelings into poetry. That's something that most stories don't have here.

407553 I don't see why that couldn't be a thing occasionally.
Though I must admit I haven't seen much pony poetry, aside from song lyrics.

if only poetry was allowed

I plan to put most of mine in a bundle for organization's sake, as different chapters of one story. As long as the first is one thousand words, the rest would be fine! However, that would put the "approved fic" idea at risk... We'll see.

407547 well I mean we could have people post links to their stories; if the limit was <1000 words that'd mean we could let people post un-approved fics, but that seems like a slightly dangerous idea for a number of reasons. Hard to say.

Some groups put their quickfic or minifics in a forum thread, with each author posting theirs in a comment in that thread. Judging by your response, though, we're going to be posting them as their own stories. Works for me! I think we can even get around that one-thousand-word minimum... We'll see.

407545 Uh, the latter, I think? Not sure what you mean by posting it in a thread

You underestimate my fondness for ketchup. :raritywink:

Will these be posted in a thread here, like the prompt challenges found in every other shipping group, or as their own stories on our profiles?

407538 well, 500 would kinda present a problem, considering the site-wide minimum of 1000 :rainbowlaugh:
But most of them will probably be somewhere in the 1000-5000 words range ish? More towards 1000 definitely

We used to set a minific limit at 500 words, and a shortfic limit to 1000.

Hey, we used to do something like this back in 2012 on ponychan's /fic/ board. I would love to participate in this group.

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