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Sunset, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight wake up in separate rooms after being fed drug-laced cupcakes. They find themselves forced to participate in a series of games that end in humiliation should they fail.

Pinkie has outdone herself.

A Saw parody. Takes place between Friendship Games and Legend of Everfree.

Inspired by a conversation with Vertigo22.

Awesome artwork by Grim_Grin.

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Ooh, this is going to be neat! I would expect Pinkie to pull off something like a prank-filled house for a lot of fun. Making it a Saw parody is pretty neat as well. Let's see how well this goes!

I agree with Arcana. This is going to be so awesome!


I fully intend to make it awesome. :rainbowdetermined2: This is gonna be a barrel of fun! :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

you should put in foam wrecking balls that explode confetti!!

me likes. does Fluttershy see any of dee friends along the way, and they have to survive this?

Hmm... Interesting idea. Though, I would have to figure out a trap that would make that work...

The party had, had up to that point, been like any other Pinkie Pie Party. Balloons; games; random blasts from her party cannon; Gunny 

Got a little typo there. :)

I really like this. It's not entirely like I'd imagined... though I must also say...

I really wish I'd offered to be an editor on this. I'd love to somehow be a part of this. :pinkiehappy: This has an extremely playful and rather cute feeling to it—something I always try to do with my own stories, but they often end up becoming more black comedy than playful comedy. Not that I dislike that, I love dark/warped humor. Still, terrific job. I genuinely love this—WAY more than I ever thought I would (especially considering, when you first mentioned it, I couldn't see a "light-hearted" Saw story ever working).

... though, if I may request something: I'd love to see a Pinkie Pie Reverse Bear Trap. I just... I want to see how that would play out. :heart:

I like what i see so far. Let the insanity begin! :pinkiecrazy:

And oh no...Maud decided to be dull and uninterested...how shocking...

:rainbowlaugh: Typos may be a pain, but they are funny as heck!

Dude, you are a part of this. If you hadn't given me the idea, this wouldn't have happened! You impregnated me with this fic! You are the father! :pinkiecrazy:

And playful comedies are what I do, brother. Sure, I do dark and dramatic stuff, but comedy is my passion. In fact, I intend to write a blog explaining how I became a comedian. Perhaps, from now on, you won't doubt me. :ajsmug:

Well, that's what makes Maud so awesome! :ajsmug:

Besides, she's smart enough to know Pinkie's friends are not gonna be too happy about all this. She's keeping her hands clean.

8239510 Eh, I'm on the same boat. I write comedies a lot. It be fun.

Also, celebratory music.

You mean boring?(insert trollestia)

And she's technically guilty of inaction. :derpytongue2:

Cheers, love!

Also, as for your trap request... Umm, I'm not sure how that would work...

That's what's awesome about Maud. It takes some pretty dang good writing to make a character boring and uninteresting in a way that makes them hilarious and entertaining. :rainbowdetermined2:

P.S. I hope your emoticon button starts working again.

I can use a few but again, most are literally beyond the limits of my phone screen.

Well, perhaps you'll be able to get a laptop or something in the near future?

8239537 you can just put in the wording.
:trollestia: = : trollestia : (without the spaces).

Holy shit! Vertigo blew my f**king mind! :pinkiegasp:

What's next on your writing schedule? :rainbowhuh:

8239531 Perhaps one of her friends is put in-between two halves of a cake and, after the timer runes out, they slam into her? It's impractical, but it's Pinkie Pie. I doubt anyone will really question it.

You can call it the Reverse Cake Trap! :P

8239596 Chapter 3 of my George Soros story, then Life.

Sounds too similar to The Pie Mask. :unsuresweetie:

Don't you mean Half-Life? :trollestia:

8239602 Hummm.... hrmmmm....

Alright, what if you do something similar to that hypodermic needle pit? But with Ice Cream Cones or something? :pinkiecrazy:


I only have a quarter of a life. Don't give me too much credit.

I actually have something like that planned out. Let's just say, Rarity's gonna be pissed. :raritydespair:

8239611 Hells. Yes.

I'm excited for that!


How old are you again? :trixieshiftright::rainbowhuh:

8239616 Somewhere between the age of 13 and 100. :trollestia:

Considering the fact that I said I had vodka when I went to the wedding I went to last month—and the fact I said I live in the US of A...

I guess it's safe to say I'm... old enough to drink.

Why dost thou wisheth to know?

Spoiler alert: I'm 21

Out of curiosity when you mention Quarter Life.

on a sidenote, I'm 17.

...Wow... that was only one number away from being correct. :twilightoops:

8239627 I like to joke that I have no life.

8239628 Heh. Aight, I'll guess 20.

Either way, I guessed it based on the average age of users on this website. :ajsmug:

He's an even number! Get Him!!!:flutterrage:

18, actually, but you were really close.

You sure you wanna do that? Did you forget I'm the spawn of the Outer Gods? :duck:

So, now we know a little more about each other:

Vertigo is 21

Madness is 18

Temni is 17

823965 I'm also the least talented of you guys. :trollestia:

What are Gods to a disbeliever?! :flutterrage::twilightangry2::trollestia:

So technically I'm the youngest of us? :ajbemused:

8239661 Yup. And I'm the oldest.

And Madness... Well...

"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you!"

Just because you don't believe it's there doesn't mean it's not (Man, I love Feeling Pinkie Keen). :ajsmug:

And yes, you're the runt of the litter. :rainbowkiss:

8239672 Meanwhile, I'm the old man who yells at children to get off his lawn.

Rather fitting, I often have the burning desire to yell at people to leave me alone. :raritywink:

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