• Published 23rd Feb 2015
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Daughters of the Sea - Mister E

Summergale. Former Captain of the Maiden’s Fancy. Former Queen of Equestria. Mother of Harmony and Discord. Saved from certain death by Twilight Sparkle and her husband, the Doctor, she must now make a new life for herself in modern day Equestria.

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Chapter Two: “The time has come,” the Griffin said, “To talk of many things: Of hooves, and ships, and sailing kites, of polo games and kings...”

Chapter Two
“The time has come,” the Griffin said, “To talk of many things: Of hooves, and ships, and sailing kites, of polo games and kings...”

“You want a WHAT?” Discord says loud enough to have Fluttershy come running back.

“I said,” Summergale repeats herself slowly and clearly, “I... want... a... ship.”

“What about all that stuff you were just saying about hard work, and pride in you accomplishments? And now you just want me to poof you up a ship?” Discord says crossing his mismatched arms.

“Aye, all that was true, and I am proud of all I’ve done. And the point is, I already did it! I got nothin ta prove to myself, I know what kind of pony I am. I also know I ain’t getting any younger an I don’t plan ta waste another five years building up enough bits to buy one. Nor do I intend ta take any hand outs from your nieces.”

“But it’s totally find asking your son to just magic one up?” He replies.

“Well, far be it from ME ta put a price on raisin ya from a baby,” Summergale begins to rant, “changin all them smelly diapers, having ya jump into me bed every time ya heard the smallest sound outside yer door. Not ta mention swappin out all those sheets an mattresses every time you we-”

“ALRIGHT FINE!” Discord interrupts. “I’ll conjure you up your blasted boat.”

“Ship,” Summergale says simply.

“Whatever,” Discord fires back.

“Alright, so where are we going ta do this thing?” Summergale asks expectantly. “Fluttershy, do you know of any ports or bays along the Equestrian shore?”

“Well, Horseshoe Bay is the closest one I know of.” Fluttershy replies.

“Sounds perfect. Shall we fly down, or...” Summergale says looking up at her son.

Fine mom!” Discord says sullenly. “At least if I take us, it’ll be over with faster.” And with a snap of his claws, the trio are transported to Horseshoe Bay.

Summergale takes a moment to look around. She gazes thoughtfully at the seaport with it’s warehouses. The air is alive with the typical sounds of a seaside town. The three hear the sounds of gulls crying as they pass by overhead, and the background noise of ponies talking and selling there wares at stalls along the wharf.

“So this is a modern seaport eh?” Summergale remarks. “Doesn’t seem much different from the ones in my time. Warehouses, vendors, the harbor master’s building, all about the same, a bit cleaner than I’m used ta, but that ain’t exactly a bad thing.”

They begin to walk along the docks, looking at all the different boats and ships that are moored at the moment.

“Sure are a lot of lot of little ones,” Summergale says as she passes by some of the fishing boats. “Lot’s of Griffins and Diamond Dogs. Hardly any ponies though.” She says, frowning slightly.

Finally, they come to the dockage for the larger ocean going vessels. Of the half a dozen berths available on the dock, only one is currently occupied. Summergale studies the ship intently, watching the griffin crew unload their cargo.

“Don’t rightly look like a merchant ship.” She says thoughtfully. “Looks more like a converted Hawk-of-War. Design hasn’t changed hardly at all.”

“You have a keen eye,” a voice says from over her shoulder, “for a pony.”

Without turning around Summergale replies, “And ye ALMOST have a sharp wit... for a griffin.”

The three turn as the griffin begins to laugh. “This one, I think I like.” He says before bowing deeply. “Giovanni Greybeak, Captain of the Stormchaser, at your service,” he says, extending a claw toward Summergale.

Summergale extends her forehoof, “Summergale, former Captain of the Maiden’s Fancy. A pleasure,” she says with a grin, as he brushes her hoof with his beak.

“Ah, a fellow seafarer and captain.” He says with a grin of his own. “I saw your interest in my vessel. You were correct by the way, she is a converted Hawk-of-War. Ever since your princess brokered a lasting peace between our races, our kingdom has gradually been reducing the size of it’s navy. Several such vessels have been put up for sale. I was fortunate to get her, and at a very good price.”

“Tell me captain,” The griffin says gesturing at his ship, “what do you think of the modifications I made, eh?”

“Well, Summergale says, as she studies the ship intently once more. “I like how you opened up the main deck fore and aft, makes loading and unloading cargo easier. But what I can’t figure out is why you lopped off your masts, and gave up your top sale.”

“Ah, you see, without the weight of all the cannons and shot, she rides quite high above the waterline when her holds are empty. I learned the hard way if you tried to come about hard, she’d tip right over. We could’ve added ballast and just dumped it when we loaded our cargo, but that’s just adding more to our workload.”

“I suppose I could see that.” Summergale says begrudgingly. “but when her holds are full and she rides deep, yer losing quite a bit of sail speed. Have ye considered using a kite sail? At least on the mainmast?”

“What in the name of the griffin king is a kite sail?” Giovanni asks in confusion.

“Ha, what has the griffin race come to?” Summergale says with a shake of her head. “A kite sail is a trick I picked up from your ancestors. What ye do is, mount a winch on the base of your squared off mainmast there. Then set in a few iron rungs up the backside of the mast. Then ye take a great wedge of sailcloth and fasten ropes ta each corner and then run ‘em to the winch. Then when the wind is good and ya need an extra bit of speed, ya crank out the sail, let the wind grab hold, and then hold on to yer hats... whoosh!”

The griffin captain studies the mast, lost in thought. “By my craw... that’s brilliant!” he says. “Ahoy Seaspray!” He shouts waving at a griffin currently unloading a barrel of salted fish. A moment later the griffin in question hurries over.

“Aye captain.” He says slightly out of breath.

The captain reaches into his coin purse and counts out a measure of coins. “I want you to head over to the supply yard, and buy us a medium... no large size cargo winch. Also get about 200 hooves of rope, and a topsails worth of sailcloth. Then when you get back send the carpenter to see me, I have a project for him.”

“Aye,aye captain, on my way.” Seaspray says before hurrying off.

Giovanni turns and addresses Summergale once more. “Well, I must say, you’ve certainly changed my mind about pony sailors.” He says beaming at her in pride.

“Just helping out a fellow captain, as best I may.” Summergale says. “But what did ye mean by changing your mind? Some pony give you grief in the past?”

“Not at all,” Giovanni replies. “But look around you. See where all the ponies are? They work the docks, or the shops, or the warehouse or the shipyards. No pony sails the seas anymore. You don’t even see many on the fishing boats or tugs. Ever since the great cataclysm it’s been like ponies are afraid of the water. Sure, you’ll see some as passengers visiting foreign lands, but you almost never see any of them living off the sea. You are the first and only pony I have come across in my entire life, that actually knew anything about a ship. You called yourself a former captain. You wouldn’t be available for hire? I’d gladly sign you about for a stint. We are just about to make the run to Prance, if you have any interest.”

“Well now, that’s mighty kind of ye captain! But I’m afraid I’m going ta have ta pass on your offer. I’m about to gather me a crew and take a bit of a voyage me own self. I was just heading down ta the docks to berth me ship until I can gather up all o’ what I’ll need.” Summergale says.

“An ocean voyage?” Giovanni asks in confusion, “but where is your ship?” These are the only berths in Horseshoe Bay large enough to hold a vessel able to cross the Equestrian Sea.”

“Aye, and that’s why we are here.” Summergale replies with a grin. “By any chance does my companion look at all familiar?”

Giovanni looks over Discord and Fluttershy. Suddenly his eyes go wide in shock.

“Oh by the Great Griffin King!” He exclaims, as a slow smile spreads across Discord’s face. “Fluttershy?!? I don’t believe it! Oh fortune has smiled on this lowly sea captain.” He says falling to his knees and bowing deeply, causing Discord to look annoyed, and Summergale to look confused.

“Wait. Ye mean ta say that of the two, ye recognized Fluttershy?” Summergale asks the still kneeling griffin.

“But of course. If it wasn’t for our engaging conversation I would have known who she was sooner. Every sailor knows who Fluttershy is! She’s one of the most famous models in all of Equestria.

“Models?” Summergale says in surprise, as she turns to face her daughter in law.

“Um, yes. Fluttershy says, her face going red. “But it was only for one season. Just to try it out. But it was so long ago, I’m surprised anyone even remembers me.”

“Remembers you? Remembers you?” Giovanni repeats incredulously. “Simply watch this.” And with that Giovanni spins around and addresses the entire docks. “Attention everyone! May I have your attention please. Directly behind me is the one and only FLUTTERSHY!”

The entire dockside pauses for a moment as the captains words sink in. Then suddenly from every stall, warehouse, and ship, a stampede of beings all begin to run toward the foursome.

“By the sky stallion!” Summergale says, raising her voice to be heard over the throng of fans that have sprung up. “Son, I had no idea that yer wife was so well known!”

Discord looks on, shaking his head. “Oh, it used to be much worse! You should have seen the wedding. Thousands of letters, all trying to talk her out of it. Gifts and bribes, and death threats. The latter all addressed to me.”

Fluttershy stood in the middle of a sea of ponies, griffins diamond dogs, and other species. She calmly started signing autographs with a long feathered quill that someone had given to her, as Giovanni returned to Discord and Summergale.

“I can’t believe I got to meet Fluttershy,” he said, acting for all the world like a chick just out of his shell. “And I was the first to get her autograph! With a quill from my very own tail! Hah, wait till the griffins back home find out about this!” Giovanni carefully rolls up the parchment containing Fluttershy's autograph, and puts it in a belt pouch before turning and addressing Summergale once more. “My esteem for you rises ever higher captain!” He says proudly to Summergale. If I may ask, how is that that you became acquainted with our dear Fluttershy? To my knowledge she has never taken a sea voyage.”

“I’m her mother-in-law.” Summergale replies in amused tones. Surprised at being on the outside of someone else’s fame.

“Mother-in-law?” Giovanni says in confusion. “But how can that be? You are, by pony standards, a great beauty.”

“Why, thank ‘ee kindly sir.” Summergale says inclining her head.

“But... but the word that had reached us was that Fluttershy married Discord, the Lord of Chaos!” The griffin continued.

“Aye, that’s my son.” She says smiling. “This strapping young lad right here.” Summergale says clasping the draconniques to her side.

Giovanni looks up at Discord incredulously. “This? This is the Lord of Chaos? Our legends say that you are supposed to be twenty hooves tall!”

“I’m really short for my height.” Discord replies.

“And you supposedly shoot lightning from your nostrils.” Giovanni continues.

“Only when I have a cold.” Discord responds.

“And that you went on a crazed rampage throughout the griffin kingdom, where you cooked and ate our young.” the captain continues doggedly.

“I kept telling them, it was only fried chicken! Chicken! I even sent them the bones so their doctors could prove it.” Discord says in frustration.

“You mean the bones of the holy innocents that were placed in the alter of the cathedral of Ossifer?” Giovanni retorts.

“Oh by the beard of the sky stallion, they were chicken!” Discord yells.

Summergale, who was no stranger to any number of exotic dishes, had still never eaten meat of any sort, (well except for a few fish when food ran low during a merchant run). So she just had to ask...“So, what did it taste like?”

Discord looks at his mother a moment before facepawing himself, and then replies deadpan... “Mom, it tasted like chicken.”

Meanwhile Giovanni had finally begun to come to terms with who he was speaking to. “So you really are him?”

Discord simply nods by way of reply.

Giovanni’s face clouds up in anger before turning to address Summergale. “Madam, do you have ANY idea what this being has done?”

“Ach, I’ve been hearing about it non-stop ever since I got back. Discord, this, an Discord that. Apparently me son had grown to be quite the prankster until he got reformed.” Summergale says, looking up at her son and giving him a broad wink.

“Prankster! Prankster! Twelve hundred years ago, he forced the King of the Griffins to sing ‘I’m a little teapot’ nonstop for half an hour.” Giovanni says, the feathers on his head rising.

Summergale forces down a laugh.

“During a summit meeting.” the griffin continues, his rage increasing.

Summergale had become red faced, but still managed to hold it in.

“In a pink and blue polka dotted tutu.” Giovanni intones in a voice that heralds oncoming doom.

“Bwahahahaaa!” Summergale says falling to the ground and clutching her sides. Her laughter lasts for several minutes, before she finally manages “Son... son, tell me ye didn’t!”

“He lost a bet.” Discord says crossing his arms in front of him and tilting up his nose.

“He lost... he lost... bwaaahahaaaa!” Summergale says, rolling back and forth as tears leak from her eyes.

“This is no laughing matter!” Giovanni says stomping the ground with his talon. “You stole our king’s dignity! And you did it in front of the ambassadors to nearly all the races of Equestria!”

“Hey, HE was the one who said he was good at polo! We both agreed on the wager, and he lost. End of story!” Discord says, turning his back.

“He didn’t say ANYTHING about WATER polo!” Giovanni roars. “He nearly drowned! The whole team nearly drowned!”

“Oh they were fine!” Discord says with a wave of his claw. “If you want to feel sorry for anyone, feel sorry for my mount. He had the worst of it.”

“Wa-wait, Summergale says from the ground. Ye... ye mean ta say you were RIDING somepony? Fer WATER polo?”

“The duke of Prance.” Discord responds with a grin.

“Bwahahahaaaa!” Summergale says, as she is succumbs to another fit of laughter.

By now Giovanni has lost all semblance of composure. Without preamble he flies up to the roof of a nearby stall. “Attention everyone!”

“Giovanni,” Discord warns. “Don’t do this.”

“Listen to me everyone, I have something else to tell you!” Giovanni exclaims, as every head turns to face him.

“Giovanni, I’m warning you, you are going to cause a riot, Fluttershy might get hurt!” Discord says from below.

“Listen to me everyone. You remember the horrible, despicable creature that Fluttershy had gotten married to?” Giovanni says, a wicked smile playing across his beak. “Well, I’m here to tell you, that right now, even as we speak, that... that... I’m a little teapot short and stout...” Giovanni says, a look of horror spreading across his face.

“I warned you.” Discord says, as the hapless griffin extends one wing out before him while resting the opposing talon on his hip. He then begins to move with the song.

“This is my handle, this is my spout,” he turns his head toward Discord, his face filled with rage. “When I get all steamed up hear me shout...” by now all the others gathered before him are laughing uproariously.

Discord helps his mom to her hooves, and they go and collect Fluttershy.

“I don’t think the griffin kingdom will be extending the olive branch your way anytime soon, son.” Summergale says.

“True,” Discord replies. “But on the other paw, you know how much sailors like a good story. I expect this one to be making the rounds for quite some time...”

“Sorry about that,” Fluttershy says waving her new quill back toward the still laughing sailors. “Did I miss anything?”

“Naw Flutters,” Summergale says. “Just the captain and your husband swappin stories. Pretty boring stuff.”

“Oh, I see,” Fluttershy replies. “The captain sure seems to be able to hold a crowd, I thought I’d never get out of there.”

“Yes indeed.” Discord says smiling. “So nice of him to provide you with a means of escape. I must remember to thank him properly the next time we cross paths.”

Fluttershy looks up at her husband smiling. “You’ve come a long way sweetheart.”

Discord returns her smile, “Oh you have no idea.”