• Published 23rd Feb 2015
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Daughters of the Sea - Mister E

Summergale. Former Captain of the Maiden’s Fancy. Former Queen of Equestria. Mother of Harmony and Discord. Saved from certain death by Twilight Sparkle and her husband, the Doctor, she must now make a new life for herself in modern day Equestria.

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Chapter 10: The Circus Comes to Town

The Circus Comes to Town

Over the next few days the crew of The Equine Spirit had given their entire focus to the task of being the best sailor ponies they could be. Awake before dawn they would sail out of the harbor with the tide, and would not return until sunset.

Therefore they were unaware, at first, of the changes that had been occurring to the seaside town upon which they berthed. Rumor had spread like wildfire, and confirmations of rumors had been hot on it’s heels. Before long everypony that wasn’t living under a rock knew that the griffins were coming to challenge the ponies to a sea competition. Gossips in Canterlot confirmed that the royal family, including it’s new members, would be in attendance, and further gossip from the other races confirmed that delegates from all over Equestria would be viewing the spectacle as well.

Ponies began to arrive at the city proper, booking up all the inns hotels, and pitching tents in the open fields. All this was even before the official announcement of when this competition was actually going to occur.

And where ponies went, their bits went with them. And anywhere there was a large accumulation of bits, there would inevitably arrive ponies to help them lessen their burden of carrying them.

Flim and Flam had already set about the sales of everything from hastily constructed toy boats, and action figures (which broke almost as fast as they sold them), to binoculars, and small flags to wave of every nations colors. (Just in case a griffin or diamond dog passed by. Even Flam admitted the likelihood of selling any of the Saddle Arabian flags was low.)

There were ponies hawking goods all over town, and the general atmosphere was one of a festival or carnival. At some point somepony would get the idea of setting up entertainment booths to pass the time, as ponies waited for the big event. Once that occurred, the entire town WOULD become one huge circus.

At least that was the thinking of the pony who was riding shotgun on a large, elaborately decorated wagon, as she and her companion sat paused atop a hill, overlooking the town.

“You see? The Great and Powerful Trixie knew this was a good idea. Trixie knew that ponies from all over would be drawn to this event. Now all Trixie has to do is find the ponies in charge, and persuade them that they simply cannot hold this contest without The Great and Powerful Trixie there to provide the entertainment.” The blue mare looked down on the unsuspecting town, with an almost predatory gaze.

“Iron Will is big enough to admit that Trixie was right... THIS time. Iron Will wonders however if things will go as easily as Trixie thinks. It seems to Iron Will that...” but his statement was cut off by a hoof gently placed on his lips.

“Sweetheart, you worry too much.” Trixie says, removing her hoof, and replacing it with her lips, as she offers her bullfriend a deep kiss. “The Great and Powerful Trixie has done this many times before. They want Trixie for their event, the NEED Trixie for their event. They just don’t know it yet. All we need to do is find the proper pony and help them to understand this fact.”

Iron Will looks down at his marefriend and smiles. “Iron Will likes your positive attitude. Iron Will is reminded once again why Iron Will fell for Trixie in the first place.” He says, as he gently strokes her mane for a moment before hopping down from his perch, and raising up the handles of the cart in his strong grip. “Is Trixie ready?”

“The Great and Powerful Trixie is always ready for a new performance! Forward my prince of the pitch! Let’s give these ponies a show they won’t EVER forget!”

Iron Will adopts a grin that matches that of his love, as he quickly begins to pull the cart down the long and winding dirt road.

Author's Note:

A very short chapter after a very long wait. But it's at the right place and the right time. The next chapter is in the works, and things will become... interesting.