• Published 23rd Feb 2015
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Daughters of the Sea - Mister E

Summergale. Former Captain of the Maiden’s Fancy. Former Queen of Equestria. Mother of Harmony and Discord. Saved from certain death by Twilight Sparkle and her husband, the Doctor, she must now make a new life for herself in modern day Equestria.

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Chapter Six- Shipmates

Chapter Six

“No?” the rest of the mane six chorus, “but why?”

“I’m sorry girls, but there’s just no way I can leave on an extended sea voyage right now. Aside from my duties as a princess, I’m also a mother now, and Paradox is starting school next week. I wish it were otherwise. But there’s just no way I can go with you. You understand right?” Twilight says, looking at each of her friends in turn.

“Well of course we do,” says Applejack. “That’s the biggest part of bein a mom, is looking after her offspring. And Applebloom has been looking forward to having Paradox in her class ever since they met. From what I hear she’s going to be the newest Cutie Mark Crusader just as soon as Sweetie Belle finishes making her outfit.”

“Well, no need to worry,” Discord replies grandly. “I will be more than happy to represent the element of magic for this voyage.” He quickly changes his color scheme to lavender and pink, and adorns himself with an incredibly gaudy golden crown complete with jingling bells.

“Ah, son. I don’t think so.” Summergale says. “I’ve been meanin ta tell ye... I’m afraid ye can’t come with us.”

“WHAT?!?” Discord shouts as all the color drains out of his body and pools beneath his hooves on the polished crystal floor. “What do you mean I can’t come? You invite Twilight and all of her other friends, and you haven’t spent more than a few days with them since you got here, but your own son isn’t allowed to go? NOT FAIR!” He says, throwing his crown to the floor where it shatters becoming two carrots and a Parcheesi piece.

“Now son, calm down. It’s nothing personal, but just think about it. With you along, any time we come into any hardship, all you have to do is snap your claw, and it’s all smooth sailing.” Summergale says putting a hoof on his arm.

“So? What’s wrong with that? With me along it’ll be a breeze.” Discord says pulling away.

“That’s my point son. With you along where’s the struggle? The sense o’ personal achievement? It would be the same as skippin the whole trip and just wishing up the treasure right here.” She said looking up at him, trying hard to make him understand.

Discord raises his claw, preparing to snap and do just that, but Summergale quickly puts her hoof over his claw.

“I’m askin ye son, please don’t do that.” She says, her voice softening. “Please, all I’m asking is that ye let me do this my way. Not just for meself, but for all the ponies of Equestria. You remember what that griffin captain said. There are no ponies plying the wild sea anymore. Our whole race has been shore bound since the cataclysm. Think what it would mean ta them if we all grandly set sail, an then returned with the greatest treasure known to ponykind. It would give them courage, give them something ta rally around, give them some dignity as sailors. If we can do this, as regular ponies of Equestria, with no cheats, and no tricks, it’ll prove ta them an the rest of the world that ponies can be just as good o’ sailors as any other race.

Discord lowers his claw, and looks moodily at his mother.

“Discord,” Twilight says, “Summergale is right. When I was a little filly, mom and Cadence used to read me all sorts of fairy tales. Princes and princesses, fabulous monsters, knights and dragons. But even in the stories there never were any set on the high seas. We didn’t even let ourselves imagine crossing the sea anymore. If the other races didn’t come to trade with us, we wouldn’t even have any contact with them.” Twilight trots over and opens the window looking out toward the horizon.

“All this time there was a blind spot in the way we thought. A piece of our past that we never chose to examine. Summergale is the last of the great seafaring ponies. She’s been to places that ponies haven’t set hoof on in hundreds of thousands of years. Discord, she needs to make this voyage, for all of us. And it’s just as important that you and any other being of great power decline to go with her.”

“I-I understand. But, I don’t feel comfortable letting you go off alone. At least let me make a communication crystal so we can speak with each other, just in case... well... I mean Keil...” Discord trails off, a faraway look in his eyes.

His mother comes up to him, and gives him a tight hug. “No worries son, nothing like that will ever happen again. Ye can put a crystal in me cabin, an if worst comes ta worst, I’ll let ye pull us all back.”

Discord looks down at his mom, relief spreading across his face.

“BUT.” Summergale says shaking a hoof at him. “I don’t want ta see ya use ANY of yer magics, unless I personally ask ye to! An I want yer word on that.”

{Sigh}, “Fine. I promise not to use my magic to help you unless you specifically ask me to. Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. Happy?”

“Ecstatic.” Summergale replies. “Alright, now that that is taken care of, Twilight not withstandin, what about the rest of ye? Will ye join me on me quest?”

“A chance to be a living legend to all ponykind? Aw yeah, count me in!” yells an enthusiastic Rainbow Dash.

“Me too,” says Fluttershy in a more subdued tone. “After all, I am the first mate.”

“Ya’ll can count on me. Applejack chimes in.

“Well, if Applejack is going, so am I,” Spike says.

“Me too!” Pinkie Pie says, bouncing excitedly.

“Travel to exotic lands, learning about fashions no pony has ever seen? Why, I absolutely insist on coming along!” Rarity says, starry eyed.

“Excellent! Well, it looks like I got meself a crew,” Summergale says proudly, “all except for one final member, who should be here at any moment.”

“You invited somepony else?” Twilight asks in surprise.

“Aye, it’ll take her a little longer ta get here considering where she lives, but when I spoke ta her yesterday, via me son, she was quite anxious to accept my invitation to come with us.” Summergale replies. “An since Twilight won’t be able to join us, I think her particular style of magic will come in quite handy.”

“Let’s see, it’s a she, and she does magic, and she had to travel a long way to get here...” Twilight looks up in alarm, her eyes going wide. “Oh, no! It COULDN’T BE!”

Suddenly there is a loud knock on the front door. Summergale trots up, and opens it. “Ah, right on time. We were just talking about ye. Come on in and have some tea, we have much ta discuss.”

The new arrival trots into the room looking around at all those assembled.

“I believe ye know everypony here?” Summergale says.

“YOU!” Twilight yells, pointing a hoof.

Author's Note:

Sorry the chapter is so short, but I couldn't resist a cliffhanger. Let's see if I can surprise anyone. :pinkiehappy:
Rest assured I am working on a much longer chapter even as I speak...er, type.